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Mars In Synastry—-Attraction or Annoying as Heck?

It is an excellent question because Mars can be a little confusing when it comes to synastry. Let’s explore each planet because great passion and great attraction can be the result of some Mars aspects and great annoyance and even repulsion can be the result of others. Remember that this is an article on synastry, which is about relationships–comparing natal charts. Let’s explore Mars in combination with various planets and angles.


In this case, it seems to be a powerful attraction on both sides. However, if the rest of the chart lacks simpatico, it can be an aspect of annoyance, felt by both people.

The Mars person would, likely, give confidence boost to the MC person. However, if the rest of the chart shows hostility between the two, the Mars person could be seen as aggressive.


This would, likely, be felt as an assault in some way. The IC is a very tender spot. I find that Mars does not feel positive when it conjuncts tender spots in the chart, with the exception being Venus.


This would, likely, be an aspect of attraction. The Mars person would, likely, show passion to the DSC person. The DSC person would, likely, enjoy it.


In this case, this aspect seems to be felt as a power play, hence, likely, brings hostility.


In this case, the moon person, likely, feels attacked.


This aspect is instant attraction felt by both people.


The Mercury person, likely, feels attacked by the Mars person.


In this case, the Saturn person may demean the Mars person for pushing him too hard. The Mars person may feel the Saturn person is a “stick in the mud”.


This is an aspect for powerful attraction. The nature of the aspect is very important here. With the conjunction, there is powerful attraction but it can be that kind of attraction that is on the verge of “violence”, the kind of aggressive attraction, if you know what I mean( and please do, so I don’t have to explain it) With the hard aspects, they are aspects of violence, so be careful. With the trine, it is, likely, powerful attraction but it can stay within boundaries.


The Mars person could bring needed drive to the Vertex person OR he could bring unwanted aggression. One would need to see the nature of the rest of the chart to see which it would be.

Mars /North Node

This aspect would have the same interpretation as the above.

3 thoughts on “Mars In Synastry—-Attraction or Annoying as Heck?

  1. amiannNena

    How about mars/mars? I have it in square with my boyfriend and my sister.. what I noticed is that when i stay a very long time with this person I get frustrated for no reason!

  2. amiannLine

    Hi Amiann
    If Mars conjunct the IC is a harsh aspect, how would it feel if you had a Mars/ Venus conjunction happened on the IC in synastry? I mean if the one person had Venus conjunct the IC and another persons Mars was in tight conjunction to it.? 🙂

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