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Mercury in the Houses

The Houses lend a LAYER of the sign that rules that house. I hope you are following me. For example, I have Mercury in Gemini in the Ninth house, which has the sign of Sagittarius on the cusp. Hence, I have traits of the sign of Sagittarius in the way I THINK and COMMUNICATE. I can relate to the sign of Sagittarius and feel I have a “vibe” of Sagittarius.

I have a stellium in the 9th House of the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the South Node, so it is not only Mercury which resides in the Ninth House. Hence the “Sagittarius vibe” will be stronger than if my ONLY Ninth House planet was Mercury, obviously. However, we are here to talk about the House of Mercury and how that affects you. Onto the article.

Mercury in the 1st House

This native will, likely, be bold and direct in how he expresses himself.

Mercury in the 2nd House

This native will, likely, carefully consider what he says before he says it.

Mercury in the 3rd House

This native will, likely, be naturally curious. He may be chatty, friendly and easy to approach.

Mercury in the 4th House

This native may be careful and cautious in how he expresses himself.

Mercury in the 5th House

This native will, likely, be creative and fun loving, which will be seen in how he communicates and expresses himself. He may be a natural actor.

Mercury in the 6th House

This native may be self critical of how he speaks and of his self expression. He will, likely, tell all the details when he relays a story or an incident.

Mercury in the 7th House

This native may tend to please people too much. He may have to really try to see what he thinks independent of what others want him to think.

Mercury in the 8th House

This native is a natural detective and a natural investigator/researcher. He may be able to suss out your secrets with little effort, so be careful.

Mercury in the 9th House

This native, likely, has a positive vibe and an easy going manner.

Mercury in the 10th House

This native may be rather serious. He is, likely, goal oriented and this would manifest in how he expresses himself.

Mercury in the 11th House

This native may be a “cause oriented” person. He may, also, be a natural leader.

Mercury in the 12th House

This native may hold back his thoughts, due to fears of looking silly and/or being rejected/humiliated.

7 thoughts on “Mercury in the Houses

  1. amiannKim

    Thank you, this makes so much sense..I’ve always had trouble understanding the signs in the houses and this was simple and now I get it (or at least this part 😅).

  2. amiannEl

    Here’s my Mercury story:

    My Mercury is my strongest planet, at 15 Gem in the 7th House conjunct DSC. I’ve recently discovered that Mercury started stationing retrograde a few hours before I was born. I didn’t know that planets stationing direct or retro was a thing, I mean I have studied natal retrograde planets since my natal chart is filled up to the brim with them but this stationing direct/retro thingie was a new variable I had not previously factored into my equation. After some burning of midnight oil and high-grade La-Z-boy internet research it seems there are other people with a stationary natal Merc who report having a photographic memory. While I can’t say anything conclusive about a possible correlation, it does hit home for me.

    By the time I was two-and-a-half, it was clear I was having developmental problems, especially pertaining to speech – speaking my own gibberish language. My parents took me to a research center at a large university, where I was diagnosed as being “border-line autistic” or at least on the autistic spectrum (this is pre-Rain Man, btw).

    My parents signed me up for speech/development therapy sessions at the university. For three days a week, my mother drove two hours round trip so that I could take part in the therapy. These therapy sessions, the other children there and those car rides with my mother constitute the earliest memories I can recall. After four months, the researchers wrote a progress report to my parents; while they did note that I was making progress, the report contained a couple of strange observations:

    1) I seemed to be “toying” with the researchers, often giving them correct answers to their questions during flashcard activities but avoiding telling them the answers they wanted or expected. For example, when they would ask me, “What is this (object)?” I would respond with a number. Finally they noticed that the flashcards were ordered within their deck with a small number in the upper-right corner – I was just telling them what number flashcard it was.

    2) I was showing signs of a photographic memory. They found that if I was in a room and then I had to leave the room while another person made slight to very insignificant changes to the room, I could return to the room, identify and “correct” all of the changes so it could be as it had been when I had left.

    After I had turned four, I had still not made enough satisfactory progress. With my parents a bit exasperated, they took the issue to our church’s pastor and deacons, who would then arrange a time when they could come to our house and lay hands on me and pray for me. By God’s power and love, a miracle happened. Right after that prayer time, I suddenly made huge leaps in my therapy and was deemed fit enough to start elementary school at my age level. A year later in elementary school, my parents dreaded what my kindergarten teacher would tell them about me during their first open house, but instead told my parents, “Your son is one of the leaders in the class, he can get the others to follow him.” When my parents recount this story, they always say their reaction was, “He’s…a leader?”

    And yes, as a 7th H Mercury people pleasing was a huge issue for me from ages 5-14 especially, and can still be even now. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents and thereby disappoint myself, and others trying to control me/mother me (unaspected Moon, hello) or tell me what to think was a major theme of my childhood. Eventually I grew to see through others’ manipulations and became confident enough to challenge the house-of-cards logic of others/authority figures. Now personally and professionally my daily challenges are with communicating skillfully in order to turn adversaries into allies and move toward win-win outcomes, no matter how manipulative, ill-intentioned or just plain dense others can be, because no one will want to work with me if I constantly leave their ideas and theories in intellectual shambles.

    And…my photographic memory is still quite strong and definitely my go-to trick professionally. Only my family and very closest friends have an idea of its extent, while I prefer to maintain a certain mystique in business or on stage.

    Much love,


  3. amiannBerry

    I have the dreaded Mercury Square Uranus, Mercury is in my 12th house of Scorpio, and Uranus is in my third house of Aquarius.
    I think outer transits that trigger my Mercury can make it worst, I have Jupiter with an exact conjunction to my Mercury and Mars conjuncting my natal Mercury.
    I also have my Mercury sextile my Venus in my second house of Capricorn, does that help ease the tension?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Not really, B, cuz they are two very different aspects, but you are prolly very charming in how you speak and you make people feel special with your words!

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