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More Revenge Aspects

People seem to like this topic. I did not get my usual number of “fake people” who say they never want to take revenge. That is a relief. I hate it when these politically correct peeps harass me. You should know, by now, that I am not politically correct, so go read someone who is. Most people out there are, so you have enough to choose from. *Sigh* Onto the subject. I won’t say “delicious” revenge, just revenge.

1. Nessus Conjunct the North Node

The North Node shows life purpose. Nessus likes to get into the “business” of others. If you don’t stay on his good side, he could get into your business and blab it all over the place or do something equally heinous. I like to stay on the good side of these kinds of placements if I can. Sometimes, you can’t.

2. Nessus Conjunct the Moon

I am not sure if this one gives abuse or gets it or both. However, from what I have seen of this placement, they can be very, very vengeful if crossed and they get “crossed” very easily.

3. Sado Conjunct the Moon

I am close to one of these and it is not by choice *cough*—no sir–eee. This person may not appear sadistic at first glance. The Moon is a rather hidden planet. However, people close to her know. Lord, sadism is one of the worst things one has to endure, so watch the charts for this placement. If you don’t have it in the natal chart, it could “hit” you in synastry.

4. Sado Conjunct the North Node

Again, remember that the North Node shows the nature of the life purpose of the native. Hence, sadism is not a life purpose most people would choose. I would run if I saw this placement in the chart. I would run from anyone–friend, dog groomer, romantic interest(YEA) or anyone. One can never outsmart the charts, even though politically correct people argue the point.

5. Sado Conjunct the IC

In this case, the native, likely, endured sadism as a child. This may make for a wilting flower or an abuser. However, in either case, these “bad” asteroids may make for someone who has a kind of inner strength and fortitude. I have seen that with both Nessus and Sado, so don’t toy with someone with either asteroid in a prominent place in the chart.

6 thoughts on “More Revenge Aspects

  1. amiannEmn

    Hi Ami.
    I wanted to ask you- I have a pluto square ascendant aspect but it’s very wide- almost 8 degrees. Does it actually count? In all the sites Where I calculated my birth chart they didn’t count it. But I know pluto’s Energy is very intense and strong , and with the ascendant, which is very public and seen by others, it seems to me that it might still affect it. What do you think?
    XO, E.

  2. amiannLinda

    Hi Ami,
    Someone has got her Nessus conjunct my name asteroid in the 8th House in the natal chart. I never understood why she is hostile towards me. I felt a lot of abuse, jealousy, revenge and whatsoever. I never could explain why she has this attitude to me. Untill I discoverd this placement. I noticed also that my Pluto is conjunct her Black Moon in synastry, also in the 8th House i.e. a kind of intense fear. Also very close to her Nessus. So now I am keeping her at great distance. Unfortunately she is a family member.
    Nessus conjunct your name asteroid is also a revenge aspect. Be careful with this placement and watch out!

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