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Natal Chart of Jeffrey Epstein

I MADE A MISTAKE AND USED THE WRONG YEAR. I am very sorry. I will do a correct chart later today. I am going to leave this one up because I think some of my teaching points were too good to delete the entire thing, so please forgive me my error and use this article in that spirit. Later today, look for a new article with the correct information.

Jeffrey Epstein is the man of the day. Of course, this is not in a good way. I have to be honest. I have never seen him speak or move, which could change my things, but there is something about him that is very charismatic.

Let’s see what kind of person he is. First of all, I choose a Sagittarius Ascendant because he looks like a Sagittarius Ascendant to me. We have no time of birth, so this is a guess. So, one cannot rely on the houses, but one can rely on the aspects. Planet wise, the moon may change it’s degree to within six degrees either way.

Let’s see what we have here. According to my estimated time of birth, we have Venus conjunct the Ascendant.He is very handsome, so I may, possible, be correct in my choice of birth time. A Venus conjunct the Ascendant person is very attractive. That person is, also, very charming.

OH MY—-Moon in Scorpio fits like a hand in a glove. Moon in Scorpio is very intense. very sexual and very secretive. If we move the Moon 6 degrees in one direction, it becomes a Sagittarius Moon, which does not seem to fit him. In order to do his nefarious deeds, he would need a hidden, secretive kind of moon. That baby is Scorpio and really, only, Scorpio. My choice of time puts the moon in the 12th house, which would magnify his level of secrecy greatly. However, a 12th House Moon may be shyer than he is. It takes a lot of cajones to lure women to your house on the pretext of wanting a massage, so his moon may be in a more “open” house, such as the 11th house.

Now, for what hits me squarely in the face—a combust of Mercury and the Sun. YIKES. Many of my articles talk about this aspect and how it makes the native unable to see life from the perspective of another. I have seem these natives make dumb, dumb dumb decisions. They are very smart intellectually, but can be VERY emotionally retarded in terms of making very poor life decisions. I know people will get angry when I say this, but I am always honest with you.

Mars in Leo fits. He is very pretty.He is very stylish. He dresses with flair. He surrounds himself with beautiful women, which is classic for Venus in Leo. From the women I have seen with him, they are very attractive—no duds in the bunch.

Oh My—-His Sun combust Mercury is exactly opposite his North Node. Mercury, the Sun and the North Node degrees are at the 29th degree, which is the “frozen” degree. I have several articles on this. The 29th degree makes for constipation. Forgive the bathroom reference, but it is a good one for someone who is stuck. It is a terrible feeling to feel stuck as if you are up, perpetually, against a closed door with no escape. This is the sense of the 29th degree. I have never seen a Sun/Mercury combust with this degree. This dude was given many challenges and we have not even done asteroids.

He is low in air, so his Mercury/Sun combust becomes nuclear level bad. I am just being honest here. This guy feels very plugged up in terms of self expression. If we add the intensity, depth and weirdness of the Scorpio Moon, we can see how he may have gotten into this terrible situation. I am not excusing him for all you self righteous Nazis out there. I am just saying that this dude does seem headed for problems.

I have spent very little time on his chart, but I think these findings are relevant and interesting, so I will publish this article as is, even though it is very short.

13 thoughts on “Natal Chart of Jeffrey Epstein

  1. amiannTosin

    I’m looking at the Jupiter-Venus-Pluto. Venus-Pluto, the conjunction, not retrograde, is mucho sexuality, but I haven’t been seeing that corroborated on the web.
    I don’t know what the square is really, but Venus in Sag for this guy might indicate the silliness, or what does an adult want with little girls? Jupiter contacts amplify things.

    Thank you for doing this.

  2. amiannML

    This chart is incorrect. This is not his birth year. Changing this changes all his houses, his Venus, his ascendant, his moon, etc.

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