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The North Node Conjunct the Planets in the Natal Chart

People have asked me for this article, so here goes. The North Node is point in the chart showing PURPOSE. Each person feels he was called to some purpose . One will not feel satisfied until one finds one’s calling. The North Node is one of the major points in the natal chart showing purpose or calling. We will discuss planetary conjunctions here. However, note that hard aspects(squares, opposition and quincunx) from planets will make one’s purpose more difficult to ascertain. Easy aspects( trines, sextile and conjunctions) will make it easier to find one’s purpose. It is not one’s fault if one feels cast adrift. The concept of purpose is clearly shown in the natal chart, as is the difficulty or ease in attaining it.

North Node Conjunct the Sun

This fortunate native was made to shine. The native will, likely, learn the lessons of confidence and ego strength.

North Node Conjunct the Moon
This native will have great depth of soul and heart. His purpose is to show his heart to the world in some form or fashion. The person could be a loving mother or a poet. One would need to study the entire chart to see the specific gifts. However, this native will, likely, be gifted in the language of the heart.

North Node Conjunct Mercury
This native is called to show his mind/intelligence/intellect to the world. The manifestation could be anything from an actor to a teacher. However, when one thinks of him, one will, likely, think of his mind and it’s gifts.

North Node Conjunct Venus

This native was born to bring love and/or beauty to the world. The native may be beautiful, herself, or she may add beauty to the life of others through a career in interior design, make up artistry, plastic surgery, poetry or any number of careers dealing with the topic of beauty or the arts.

North Node Conjunct Mars

This native will, likely, have ambition and be a go getter when it comes to goals. He may excel in business or sports. We don’t know that from the NN placement, but we know that he will, likely, make a big success of himself.

North Node Conjunct Saturn

Saturn is the critical, stern parent. He is, also, the force that keeps us disciplined and responsible. When Saturn conjuncts the North Node, the person may be too serious. He may not know how to let loose and “play”. If this is your placement, know that you take things very seriously for a reason.

North Node Conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter is the fairy godmother placement. This native will likely be positive and upbeat. She will, likely, be popular and, also, tend to have good fortune and good luck.

North Node Conjunct Pluto

Pluto is the powerhouse planet. Pluto conjunct the North Node is a native who is destined to learn the lessons of power and how to wield power.

North Node Conjunct Uranus

This native was born to be different, usually in the best sense of the word. Uranus is the “out of the box” genius. Uranus is the trend setter. This native may be an inventor or an artist, but he will make his mark as an individual.

North Node Conjunct Neptune

I have read that this is not a fortunate placement. I have not seen this placement enough to know. Neptune is the planet of deception, illusion, creativity and spirituality, Hence, it covers a lot. I have not seen Neptune conjunct the North Node enough to say from experience how it manifests. If you have this, please comment, so we can all learn!

North Node Conjunct Chiron

Chiron does not do well with the North Node. Chiron is pain and no one really wants his purpose to be pain, but this is the case for some people, through no fault of their own. They will learn the lessons of pain. After this, they will, likely, be excellent healers for others.

7 thoughts on “The North Node Conjunct the Planets in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannSnoopy

    Yikes I’m a bit worried with all the transits in my chart right now- any thoughts / wise-cautionary or optimistic advice would be welcome 🙂

    North node this year is hovering on my Moon + Saturn Leo conjunction
    Uranus is hovering on my Aries South Node … (Hmmm … yes, I’ve had a few misses … cough)
    Chiron is hovering on my Pisces Mars (… yes, it’s been a hellova emotional/physical ride … )
    Did I mention Pluto is squaring my natal Pluto in Libra by 7 degrees?
    Uranus is transiting my natal Chiron this May (Yay! :-p) and Sun ….

    Oh and the full moon eclipse is happening conjunct to my moon this January …

    Oh boy … I’m usually philosophical about Mercury retros etc. and that awareness is half the battle won, but admittedly, I’m quaking in my boots …
    A blend of cautionary / optimistic advice would be great! Does anyone know anything good that has happened during these transits. Maybe I should hibernate all of 2018 ….

  2. amiannAshley

    I have north node conjunct neptune… I don’t know what my purpose is. I want to help people. My spirituality is growing, but lately I’ve also felt like I’ve lost my mind in a way. I’ve been finding it again but.. it’s been a challenge. I got sober two months ago, and then started hearing voices, and thought I could read people’s thoughts and project my own. Thought I might be psychic, but I really think it was more psychosis than anything. It’s been scary for me.

    Wish I could help more with this placement.

  3. amiannPriscilla

    I have an almost exact Neptune NN conjunction within a 0°18” orb. By itself I think it might mean something different, but since I have a Uranus-Neptune conjunction, I’ve heard that that is the “Atlantian soul” conjunction; so with both of those conjunct my NN I think my purpose here has something to do with the atlantian legacy and teachings. Just found out that I’m also a Lyran Starseed, who were supposedly the original inhabitants of Atlantis. It’s all very interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t find much information elsewhere about Neptune and Uranus conjunct the NN.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t believe in past lives, P, so cannot speak to that but Neptune conj the NN may bring problems, in that people may be deceived. Uranus conj the NN is an out of the box person.

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