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The North Node Conjunct the Planets in the Natal Chart

People have asked me for this article, so here goes. The North Node is one major point in the chart showing PURPOSE. Each person has a “soul knowing” that he is called to some purpose. One will not feel satisfied until one finds one’s calling. The North Node is one of the major points in the natal chart showing purpose or calling. We will discuss planetary conjunctions here. However, note that hard aspects(squares, opposition and quincunx) from planets will make one’s purpose MORE difficult to ascertain. Easy aspects( trines, sextile and conjunctions) will make it easier to find. It is not one’s fault if one feels cast adrift. The concept of purpose is clearly shown in the natal chart, as is the difficulty or ease in attaining it.

North Node Conjunct the Sun

This fortunate native was made to shine. The native will, likely, learn the lessons of confidence and ego strength.

North Node Conjunct the Moon
This native will have great depth of soul and heart. His purpose is to show his heart to the world in some form or fashion. The person could be a loving mother or a poet. One would need to study the entire chart to see the specific gifts. However, this native will, likely, be gifted in the language of the heart.

North Node Conjunct Mercury
This native is called to show his mind/intelligence/intellect to the world. The manifestation could be anything from an actor to a teacher. However, when one thinks of him, one will, likely, think of his mind and it’s gifts.

North Node Conjunct Venus

This native was born to bring love and/or beauty to the world. The native may be beautiful, herself, or she may add beauty to the life of others through a career in interior design, make up artistry, plastic surgery, poetry or any number of careers dealing with the topic of beauty or the arts.

North Node Conjunct Mars

This native will, likely, have ambition and be a go getter when it comes to goals. He may excel in business or sports. We don’t know that from the NN placement, but we know that he will, likely, make a big success of himself.

North Node Conjunct Saturn

Saturn is the critical, stern parent. He is, also, the force that keeps us disciplined and responsible. When Saturn conjuncts the North Node, the person may be too serious. He may not know how to let loose and “play”. If this is your placement, know that you take things very seriously for a reason.

North Node Conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter is the fairy godmother placement. This native will likely be positive and upbeat. He will, likely, be popular and, also, tend to have good fortune and good luck.

North Node Conjunct Pluto

Pluto is the powerhouse planet. Pluto conjunct the North Node is a native who is destined to learn the lessons of power and how to wield power.

North Node Conjunct Uranus

This native was born to be different, usually in the best sense of the word. Uranus is the “out of the box” genius. Uranus is the trend setter. This native may be an inventor or an artist, but he will make his mark as an individual.

North Node Conjunct Neptune

I have read that this is not a fortunate placement. I have not seen this placement enough to know. Neptune is the planet of deception, illusion, creativity and spirituality, Hence, it covers a lot. I have not seen Neptune conjunct the North Node enough to say from experience how it manifests. If you have this, please comment, so we can all learn!

North Node Conjunct Chiron

Chiron does not do well with the North Node. Chiron is pain and no one really wants his purpose to be pain, but this is the case for some people, through no fault of their own. They will learn the lessons of pain. After this, they will, likely, be excellent healers for others.

42 thoughts on “The North Node Conjunct the Planets in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannSnoopy

    Yikes I’m a bit worried with all the transits in my chart right now- any thoughts / wise-cautionary or optimistic advice would be welcome 🙂

    North node this year is hovering on my Moon + Saturn Leo conjunction
    Uranus is hovering on my Aries South Node … (Hmmm … yes, I’ve had a few misses … cough)
    Chiron is hovering on my Pisces Mars (… yes, it’s been a hellova emotional/physical ride … )
    Did I mention Pluto is squaring my natal Pluto in Libra by 7 degrees?
    Uranus is transiting my natal Chiron this May (Yay! :-p) and Sun ….

    Oh and the full moon eclipse is happening conjunct to my moon this January …

    Oh boy … I’m usually philosophical about Mercury retros etc. and that awareness is half the battle won, but admittedly, I’m quaking in my boots …
    A blend of cautionary / optimistic advice would be great! Does anyone know anything good that has happened during these transits. Maybe I should hibernate all of 2018 ….

  2. amiannAshley

    I have north node conjunct neptune… I don’t know what my purpose is. I want to help people. My spirituality is growing, but lately I’ve also felt like I’ve lost my mind in a way. I’ve been finding it again but.. it’s been a challenge. I got sober two months ago, and then started hearing voices, and thought I could read people’s thoughts and project my own. Thought I might be psychic, but I really think it was more psychosis than anything. It’s been scary for me.

    Wish I could help more with this placement.

    1. amiannAfroGoddess

      I appreciate the author for this discussion 🙏🏾…I too have NN Conjunct Neptune and Definitely, I could see addiction confusing your (our) gifts with this placement. Your capacity to enjoy and explore altered states is innate, you don’t need substances. You CAN hear people’s thoughts and project your own, which means you must be highly responsible with these gifts lest you abuse them and be abused. Develop a spiritual life and cover yourself energetically and psychically with prayer and good thoughts. I am constantly protecting my thoughts and training my vibration toward bliss. (check out my comment below btw) If you don’t feel loved and aren’t being loving than you are more vulnerable to psychic attacks both from your own self and others…when you get loved and clear, there is more discernment and less cloudiness and confusion…Follow and adhere to the traits of your Northnode sign. You’ll find that when you feel confused usually the traits of your Southnode sign are at play. Abraham Hicks and Real Love by Dr. Greg Baer( books) helps me a lot. Along with honoring my ancestors and asking them for help and associating with archetypal Indigenous Energies ie Orishas aka Dieties or Saints 😇 Hope this helps 😉 #yourgiftedtrustthat

    2. amiannMegan

      Hi ashley. I have this placement, we are subtle to possession so please be pretty careful! Esp when intoxicated or feeling low as that is when the grab hold of us. I thought I was super physic and spiritual too, turns out I am but I was doing it all wrong and invited the wrong guests. Call on Jesus Christ when scared, if the energy is of bad energy it will dissapear with the sound of his name.

  3. amiannPriscilla

    I have an almost exact Neptune NN conjunction within a 0°18” orb. By itself I think it might mean something different, but since I have a Uranus-Neptune conjunction, I’ve heard that that is the “Atlantian soul” conjunction; so with both of those conjunct my NN I think my purpose here has something to do with the atlantian legacy and teachings. Just found out that I’m also a Lyran Starseed, who were supposedly the original inhabitants of Atlantis. It’s all very interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t find much information elsewhere about Neptune and Uranus conjunct the NN.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t believe in past lives, P, so cannot speak to that but Neptune conj the NN may bring problems, in that people may be deceived. Uranus conj the NN is an out of the box person.

    2. amiannTamara

      I have the North Node conjunct Uanus Neptune too in the 1st house. Are you born in 1991? There is not much information on the internet about this conjunction with the North Node. The connection with Atlantis is very interesting. How did you found out you are a Lyrian Starseed?

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        I don’t have Uranus conj the NN. I have it conj Jupiter lol
        For you, your life may have abrupt beginnings and endings and you will likely be someone who does not follow the crowd.

  4. amiannS.A.

    I have Neptune conjunct my north node. What’s is so fascinating is my story is similar to the first woman’s comment! I’ve been sober almost 2 yrs and since then I’ve discovered I am psychic and ran with it. I get visions and other stuff. I’m also a professional psychic tarot reader and do quite well. I abused substances for 20 yrs and was lost in a fog of deception, most certainly. Real troubles that I won’t go into but I will say it involved jail and institutions. I’m a very kind and healthy person it’s all so crazy I was ever such a wreck! We are talking INTENSE. Anyhoo. 😉

  5. amiannVS

    I have mercury and venus conjunct nn in virgo idk what to make of it (speak beautifully? Teach with grace?) but I’m happy with these planets :’)

  6. amiannAfroGoddess

    I have NN Conjunct Neptune Conjunct Mars in Sag all in the 3rd house…also a mutual reception between my Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Sag. I have never heard of NN Neptune being an unlucky position. I feel quite guided by leaning toward the traits of Sagittarius my NN sign and I’ve never been let down. I follow gut instincts and guided actions daily. I trust my intuition. I definitely can read others energy and project my own, however I am more responsible with these gifts these days, since having an awakening a few years ago especially through the teachings of Real Love 💗…I feel like a Jedi Monk Goddess Priestess. I possess easily and am easily moved by energy, emotion and spirit (I noticed you don’t believe in a lot of things, so disregard possession if that’s not your thing) …I would offer that Neptune alongside NN is a tremendous blessing especially if the traits of the north node sign are adhered to as guideposts…it would be prudent to have an intentionally rich spiritual and prayer world, so that ones psychic energy can be protected and not just scattered and invaded. I have to be careful of Energy transference and being drained. So I mind how I Exchange energy with others. At this point, I limit conversations where people are manic and repetitive…I may hug them, wish them well and go…I carry a mat around and place it on sitting surfaces so as not to exchange too much energy…sometimes I even have people who are handing me things, place it on a surface and then I’ll pick it up. I recently initiated as a priest in an Indigenous System Of Spirituality and many of the practices like daily prayer and spiritual bathing make soooooo much sense as I use them to purify and protect my energy so that I can be a healing clean vessel for myself and to others. The best manifestation of NN Conjunct Neptune, I would say, is as an accepted (by ones own self) Loving Spiritualist who is here to usher in Heaven on Earth 🙏🏾 I hope this helps someone…Many Many Blessings

  7. amiannBarbara

    i Have north node conjunct Neptune and Uranus. I do find that sometimes i don’t know where to go or what direction to take with my life. I have many talents and gifts. I am talented with arts pretty much any type of art. I love singing, dancing, drawing, acting,etc. anything artistic i love! I find that i can connect with people very easily. People describe me as weird. haha i am very quirky but people like it they always tell me not to change. I also have a desire to help people to inspire them to give them something that will free them from their mental patterns. The only thing i don’t like is the confusion that i have around what i should do with my life. My north node is in Capricorn in my 5th house. So i know when i put more structure and responsibility in my life everything starts to make more sense, but its hard to maintain that sometimes because sometimes i just want to have fun and let go and just dance and sing and smoke some weed. Anyways, I find that this does help me read people. I get visions and random revelations and Eureka moments. ITs really weird for a long time i thought i was crazy because i could sense people’s intentions and feelings. But i always thought it was in my head until one day i decided to experiment with it. I started asking people about the things that would come to mind and i ended up finding out that everything i would think or feel was something that the person was going through. sometimes i can see the people involved with issues that i have never met. Its really weird sometimes i will know about events before they happen. I get crazy dreams and omg Deja-vus are just insane. sometimes they last for minutes and they go exactly as i dream it but the cool thing is i can make different choices but its crazy how long they last.

    1. amiannNadine

      Hi i have NN conjunct Neptune also.. And I am also psychic as hell. I used to think it was along the lines of manifest what you think but then I realized I was seeing things before it happened.. I also know exactly what is going on with everyone around me almost..and I took the myers briggs test and found i was INFJ type which is rarest in the world. I have the same as Martin Luther king Jr, Mothere Theresa, Ghandi and Adolf Hitler of all people I wonder what their NNodes were up too

  8. amiannNadine

    3 rd Neptune conjunct my NN in sag in mutual reception squared Jupiter in Pisces 6th but also in a skipped step(Jeffery Green coined this phrase)with SN and NN. So Yes i definitely have my purpose playing coy with me. I was also hoodwinked through narcissistic abuse by my twin brother and mother. Which nearly destroyed my life literally yet it did figuratively only. Overall I take responsibility for choices I’ve made and my life is a mess. I have failed at everything this world deems as successful, yet feel I have made leaps and bounds on my spiritual journey. You see alongside, being my worst enemies my mother and brother were also my best teachers. Albeit the lessons they taught could of been in lue of the abuse. Furthermore, grant it i have failed in the eyes of the masses I consider myself a success in many schools of thought and my success lies in my mind which i hope to express through the written word. I may be a poor hermit but I have shoveled volumes of psychic debris off of me and one day I will give back what i raked in. So it comes down to one thing for me where do I value my lifes’ purpose is it either in my bank account (which is non existent) or is it in the banks deep in my mind where revenue is building. I like to think the journeys i have gone under and past though have not been so vain that my worth is based on money.. I have a stelluim in the 2nd house hence the values as a core principle for 2nd house is in taurus triple Scropio sun ven and mar with uranus mercury libra. Pluto in first. My stelluim is mostly trine my jupiter but my moon and Saturn. Are out of the equation. I think this may be irrelivent then. Hmm mostly I have been deceived all my life and to this day i can be tricked. Oh my NN is 10° from my IC .. I’d love feed back.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If you wanted to ask me a simple question, I would try to help answer but this question would take a great deal of study to answer well, Love.

  9. amiannRami

    Hi Ami
    Aphrodite conjunct NN in natal is the same as Venus conjunct NN? I have it. It means that I am bringing beauty to people? Thank you.

  10. amiannIslam Mageed

    Neptune conjunct North node is related to illusion if alone or bad aspected. It can bring spirituality to the community if the other planets are well aspected in the birth chart. With Sun ,Venus and Neptune conjunct north node while aspected with Jupiter this signifies a birthchart of a Prophet.

  11. amiannMiniBubble

    Neptune conjuct NN in 7th H (3 orbs) Neptune is conjuct my DSC and Uranus all in Capricorn.
    I hate this so much. I am completely lost in my life and it’s getting worse and worse. No purpose. Neptune is so bad. I don’t know what this combo wants from my life. It just makes me a loser.
    Anyonw who knows about this? Please help.

    1. amiannKieera

      Hey MiniBubble, I have the same – I’m Cancer rising, so neptune, uranus and north node all conjunct in 7th house Capricorn, and they also conjunct my descendant/oppose my rising sign like you. So I understand what you’re feeling just from this combo alone. When’s your birthday? we must have really similar birth charts for sure! You sound like me when I’m having a bad day, lol 🙂

      You have to summon the energy of “the boss” or “the manager” from within. This I heard recently from another astrologer and it really makes sense. It’s about a mental/psychological posturing of the mind. An internal energetic stance that enables you to take charge and ground yourself, helping you to keep going with life in a more centred and confident way.

      The north node in Capricorn is so much about stepping out of being in a child-like vulnerability or confusion, being tossed around by moment-to-moment feelings, and instead, just taking the reigns of our lives both emotionally and practically by tuning into goals we set for ourselves that enhance our ability to take care of ourselves out in the world, and seeing the longer-term picture of why we’re doing what we’re doing, instead of being over-concerned with constant comfort and security 24/7, avoiding anything that might temporarily interrupt that.

      Focus on going forward instead of being caught up in the murky waters of the present and past..

      Having it in the 7th house seems to be about being responsible in our interactions with other people, being clear and mature, and utilising the connections we have with others to assist us in furthering ourselves, instead of isolating ourselves and retreating into an overly-emotional loner cave. Which typically makes us feel worthless, hopeless and hazy-minded.

  12. amiannJoody

    I have NN conjunct Uranus/Ascendant exact trine to Jupiter/Chiron in 5Th house. Of course I didn’t know this when I was growing up. I just felt odd, like I didn’t fit in, but I knew I was gifted with high intelligence. I discovered astrology when I was 23 years old. It explained so much. My life has been exciting, challenging and eventful. I am a published writer and college professor. I embrace my unique look and individuality and my writing is never like anyone else’s. I’ve had to learn compassion and tolerance through numerous friendships (Uranus trine Jupiter), coming to understand other people and myself much better.

  13. amiannAlice

    Hi~ I have NN conjunct Neptune (10th house). For me, it seems to represent manifesting ones dreams –as well as being challenged to see through illusions.

  14. amiannGeorgia

    Hi, I have NN conjunct Neptune and Jupiter (stellium). Jupiter sits in 9H (7 degrees from NN) and NN/Neptune (exact less than 1 degree) are conjunct MC and in 10H. It’s taken me a long time to work this out. I have been spiritual my entire life, even as a very young child. That plays out in my values and approach to life. But it’s the ‘purpose issue’ that I question. I believe that the house and sign provide clues to purpose (where energy is directed) and the aspects to other planets the avenues for that energy to manifest. In my case Jupiter in 9H is a ‘manifestation planet/placement and happily sitting in its natural house). The Other strong aspect is mercury sextile the stellium. I do have a talent for writing and have decided to develop this. I also think that individuals with Neptune conjunct NN should be consciously responsible with drugs and drinking alcohol and control it rather than allow those substances to take control.

  15. amiannVivian

    I have saturn and venus both conjunct north node. its the worst – the saturn part

    I feel so heavy like life is really rough especially when it comes with what I should be doing.

  16. amiannJolene

    I have conjunction of NN with Uranus in 2nd house and with Neptune from my 3rd house. I do not know if that 3rd house cusp has anything to do with it, but I feel completely lost on my professional level. I like being alone with my thoughts and I have very vivid dreams. I have an urge to be successful but I feel traped in my mind so most of the time I’m just sitting and stressing. I’m a double scorpio with sun and mars conjuncting my ASC and also pluto and mercury in the first house. In 10th house I have jupiter, moon and venus. It is sometimes very hard to be present. It seems like I’m always thinking about something else, most of the time I worry about everything. I’m practicing “living in the moment” technique but it is hard. I can’t just listen and be in the moment when my mind has already saw every gesture, sensed whether the person is lying or sad or happy or anything. And I hear what they are telling me but I receive it with much more attention and then I’m strongly holding on to they words and I often feel like a fool because many people will say something they don’t really mean. So I’m trying to move from people but in order to have successful career I need to learn to be present. If anyone have a suggestion how I would be beyond thankful!

  17. amiannDee

    I can only give you impressions as I don’t know signs degrees and aspects etc. but for what it’s worth – your asc and first house are loaded with energy particularly sun mars and Pluto. With so much energy to burn I think sport and exercise could be beneficial or perhaps a competitive pastime (games) if you are not particularly sporty. I can see your 10th house is also a focus but possibly those 10th house plants are square to your first house planets. This creates tension but also opportunity for you. Have you chosen the best career for you? Scorpio loves to research and Jupiter in the 10th could point to academia with the moon and Venus also there maybe creative writing ? Where you could release your impressions into characterisation and story telling?
    As for dealing with all the feelings you get I think maybe you are already ‘too present’ in the moment and that focus of being more present may be counter productive. Where is beautiful stabilising Saturn in your chart? And aspects to Saturn. Your Saturn energy can be used to settle and stabilise your Neptune in 3rd and the mars and Pluto in first.

  18. amiannLisa

    I have North Node conjunct Neptune in the 8th house. It is a calling to embrace and Be the higher side of Neptune. To align oneself with the Divine which requires walking the straight and narrow.

  19. amiannCarmon Elliott

    Really appreciate your sharing info about planetary aspects of Natal North Node(Btw, do you prefer Mean NN or True NN?). Like you I have a conjunction of my natal NN and Jupiter. However, they are part of a stellium that includes my natal SUN and Cazimi Mercury as well, all within the 19th degree of Pisces, 3rd house(My Jjupiter is 20 degree 12 minute) while NN is 19 degrees of Pisces, 3rd house-Placidus. Despit this positive configuration, I have the tension of “bad” aspects. My St3ellium is part of a “finger of fate”, with the Pluto-Neptune Sextile. So I got four over-lapping “fingers of fate” constituting a challenge to my positive aspects. Furthermore, I got a “magic sguare”, with both maleifics.opposing each other, squaring a chiron-Uranus opposition. Throw in a Neptune in Libra opposition to my Venus in Aires. And that’s my conundrum.

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