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Planets Oppose the MC

I see this as a search word term. I like to write articles on subjects people want. That is what is is about for me. The angles(The Ascendant, IC, Descendant and MC) are very crucial in any natal chart. The angles strongly define the person. That which touches the angles strongly affects a person. Let’s study some planets( and, perhaps, asteroids) which oppose the MC.

11 thoughts on “Planets Oppose the MC

  1. amiannPheephee

    I am always wondering about planets opposed midheaven and planets opposed ascendant!!

    I am always bothered by the ‘happy positive strong’ placements of planets on the MC and Asc which oppose the IC and DC…..soooo my thought has always been there has to be downsides to to those ‘great’ placements because they are opposing major angles of home/family and other.

    and so of course, vice versa…planets opposed to midheaven or ascendant can’t be all ‘bad’ or all ‘weak’, according to me. I don’t know. I’m conflicted about it.

    So my whole point here is, I would love to hear your views on all of it!!
    Thanks, love hearing your thoughts.

    1. amiannPheephee

      Of course, I don’t mean you specifically. I mean almost all other astrologers love mc and ascendant and really take down the placements of IC and DC.

      Also, I have Chiron on the IC exact. its the most exact aspect I think I have in my chart and it sucks arse both ways lol.
      It has affected my childhood and family life and home in horrible ways….but then I’m pretty sure its also whats affecting my adult non-existent career life and my outer reputation and societal ways…..which is pretty much zero.
      not to be a downer!! its not for pity I write this, its just fascinating and true stuff.

  2. amiannYvonne

    I have sun conjuncts IC and opposing mc. Don’t think I can get along with any of my bosses! But my sun is strong and is at Aries point! Sextile Jupiter and Uranus conjunction. My mc is Pisces so Jupiter is co ruler! As result I work in IT. I feel good at home but since my chart ruler moon is exaltation in 10 the house I’m also career oriented. Go figure…

  3. amiannAmy

    How about Juno conjunct 0 degrees IC? Does it necessary mean the person will meet the wife thanks to family members/meetings? Or that parents will play big role in him getting married? Strange position…

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