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Question About Nessus–The Asteroid of Abuse

Hi Ami,

I also have Nessus conj. NN. I notice you have not given an interpretation of this here though, and I would be interested to hear if you have gained any more knowledge on it?

I don’t think it has been in dispute that the Nessus myth is typically about power, control and abuse. I think the many rich discussions we have had regarding Nessus on Lindaland have been trying to understand who is responsible for the abuse.

Whether the native is a victim or a perpetrator, appears to be the hottest button in these discussions.

What I know for a fact is that I have not, do not, and would not abuse others.

I have Nessus connections in a few key relationships and no issues around abuse, control or power have arisen. In fact, these relationships have created a lot of healing, learning and happiness for all parties.

I feel that we must look beyond the abuse, to the message, the learning and the healing.

I am genuinely interested in how you differentiate between victims and abusers in charts where there is a prominent Nessus Ami?

I get this question in many forms. Many people are very angry when I write about Nessus. I can understand that. Who wants to hear bad things about their chart? I am very dedicated to being honest. I will not lower my standards for integrity. I will share what I think is right, regardless of who gets angry or who does not like me. It is simply the way I am when it comes to Astrology. I won’t compromise. Now, of course, I am not, always, right. If I change my opinions, it will be from doing charts.

I do charts in a unique way. I spend four to five days on a natal chart. I have many reasons for this. One is that I want to talk and learn from the owner of the chart. Also, I like to meet new people and share and bond. Thirdly, I want to do as thorough a job as I can. Fourth, I am a natural counselor( Jung conjunct the Sun), as well as a trained counselor. Counseling is a part of how I do charts. One client, an English actress, told me that my charts were like ten years in therapy. This is really what I try to achieve. Honestly, I do not believe talk therapy does much good. I have not seen anyone change for the better. I have seen many people, including myself, get worse. I do believe that the natal chart can show one his blueprint. This is what I endeavor to do. It is very hard work for me, but my clients seem to really, really appreciate it. That makes it very rewarding.

I got off on a tangent, perhaps. My point, however, was to say that the natal chart is a BLUEPRINT of you. I will not fudge in any form or manner when it comes to that sacred blueprint and I do believe it is sacred. I believe God gave each person his chart. I believe that God chose each placement on the chart of each person. Hence, one’s chart is not one’s fault. However, it is like finger painting over the Mona Lisa to abrogate any factor in the chart. This is why I will not change my stand that Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. It incorporates the energy of the abuser.

Onto the question.

3 thoughts on “Question About Nessus–The Asteroid of Abuse

  1. amiannBonnie

    Ive got NN retrograde and only nessus on it with a specific person.
    My natal nn is conjuct his mc.

    I used to be a girl who would treat people the same way as they did to me or gave them instand karma.
    After ive got kids ive done also reiki, mindfulness etc.. became softer natured.
    But having nessus in cancer i also know some people can take advantage of your good nature, those people are out of my life now.
    My natal has nessus cancer in 25 in progression 26 degrees.
    My natal NN is 16 with astroide hopi on 17 degrees.
    My progressed hopi is now on 26 degrees…
    I can cut emotional ties to people.. is that what it means?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would have to really study this to give a good answer, Bonnie, but I would not have a close relationship with a person with Nessus conjunct the NN or any of the angles(ASC, MC, IC or DSC)

  2. amiannPheephee

    I have Nessus…conjunct my mars…..I only wish I had the power!!!!!!

    Very sadly, my mars is in Cancer……in the seventh house… interception!!!!!!!!

    I don’t have a mars really at all. ever. for anything in my life. ever. Hence, I barely live at a survival level with no drive, no energy, no ambition…

    you can guess who in my life does have it though… mars was stolen from me at birth i think lol.

    I would give anything in the world to have a strong mars, or even just an okay mars, even with nessus conjunct…..just to be able to ‘do’….anything.

    anyways, I guess that was a bit off-topic lol…but not too much I hope.

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