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Search Words People Use To Find My Website

I think you are going to like this. I can see a list of the search words people use in the search engines. I get updated lists during the day. Some are very funny.One was the following—My vagina is whistling. Is this normal? Some are things one would never think of. Others are things that we all have wondered. All in all, I am excited to start this new series. I think you will like it too.Today,so far,the search words are the following:

Mars square pluto sex appeal

Am I oversexed

North node Square Uranus Synasrty

Mars square Pluto sex appeal
In synastry, this is the classic aspect for violence. Will violence always happen when a couple has this aspect. I would say yes, at some level. However, there is a raw sexual passion that comes with this aspect too that is part of the attraction in the first place, so if you have this aspect in synastry, be aware of the pitfalls.

As far as if a person with this aspect in the natal will be sexy? I think he may exude a kind of dangerous sexuality, although now I need to watch for it, to, because I have not, up to this point.

This was a great question, actually!

Am I Oversexed

This is a great one because people will ask things annonymously that they would not to an actual person. This is an excellent question. Once again, Astrology has the answer.Some people are much more sexual than others. Some people are much more musical than others. Some people have much better common sense than others. Some people are much better cooks than others. I am a Cancer Moon and I can take a simple plate of veggies and make them melt in your mouth. I am an excellent cook because most Moons in Cancer are. I am, also, very creative—Mercury trine Neptune. I say this to say that the charts are our blueprint.We really cannot take credit for our talents. We need to thank God.

As far as the original question, yes, some people have a much, much higher sex drive than others. One could see the intensity of the sex drive in many ways. One would be a strongly sexual Mars, such as Scorpio.Pluto can make for a strong sex drive, particularly Pluto in aspect to Mars. The asteroids really show us the level of sexual drive. If a person has Lust conjunct the North Node, for example, watch out. He be a sex machine.I should write an entire article on this because I cannot think of more asteroids for strong sexuality, at the moment, but get my list of asteroids and many should be obvious.

North Node Square Uranus synastry

The North Node is a VERY important point in the synastry chart. The NN calls one to one’s purpose, so if anything thwarts that, it does not bode well for the relationship. In this case, Uranus is the out of the box, creative genius planet. One person, the Uranus person, will somehow dampen/thwart the path for the NN person to find his goals. One bad aspect to the NN will not ruin a relationship, but people should know what they are dealing with, so that they can combat it, the best they can. One can not really combat it, but be aware of it.

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