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Four Simple Ways to Understand Saturn

Astrology is a language. Think of the PARTS of a language. One must learn each part and put them together. The same is true for astrology. One must learn the meaning of each house, each sign, each aspect and each planet. It is a daunting endeavor. One must really want to learn astrology in order to go through this process. I am a natural teacher. I feel satisfaction when I can break down a complicated subject into simple parts. Hence, I hope I have done this with the planet of Saturn.

1. Saturn is the planet of restriction.

I will try to explain restriction in simple terms. If you want a piece of cheese cake and someone puts a lock on the refrigerator, you are restricted from getting the cheesecake. If you want to buy a dress that costs a hundred dollars and you have ninety dollars, you are restricted from buying the dress. Keep this in mind as we move on.

2. Saturn allows for hard work to give us what we want.

In the case of the cheesecake, we may beg the person who put the padlock on the refrigerator to take it off. We may make a deal that if we lose ten pounds, he will remove the lock. We WORK for what we want. In the case of the dress, we may work overtime to get the extra money to buy the dress. Hence, we have WORKED and STRUGGLED for that which was our goal.

3. Saturn leads to maturity

If one works hard for a goal, one matures. This is a simple fact of life. Saturn allows for mastery in the house in which it resides. The house is more important than the sign.

4.Practical Examples

If one has Saturn in the house of communication—the Third House—one may have a stutter. One may work very hard with a speech therapist to remove the stutter. I saw an amazing man on The Voice—– Harrison Craig. He had a stutter since he was a child. He became a singer. When he sings, he sounds like an angel. Listen to him on U Tube. This is classic for overcoming the planet of Saturn in the Third House. I have not looked at his chart. This is just an example.

If one has Saturn in the Ninth House, one may be restricted in higher education. One may have had to leave school to earn money for one’s family. One may continue one’s education, but at a slower pace. Hence, one will get a fine education through struggle. This is another example of Saturn.

I hope I have helped to explain the planet of Saturn. As I said, I think house is the most important factor with Saturn, more so than the sign. The sign does matter, of course. Everything matters in the chart. After the house, the aspects are second in importance and then the sign.

32 thoughts on “Four Simple Ways to Understand Saturn

  1. amiannAmy

    Very interesting about Saturn. I have sun square Saturn and moon square Saturn natally plus Venus sextile Saturn and Saturn resides in my 11th house.

      1. amiannAmy

        Yes my mother was very critical of me and always denied my emotions – suppressed them… my moon is in the eighth house, so I’ve had a difficult relationship with her.

        Do I find groups scary? I’m not really sure if I did – I suppose I must have. I don’t hang around in a group of friends, better one to one for me. I suppose I am a bit of a loner – that’s very Saturn!

  2. amiannVivian

    Yea I have Saturn in Sixth house of Capricorn so thats Saturn in Capricorn

    My Saturn is conjunct Venus trine Mars, sextile Pluto and squared to the Moon.

    Not sure what to make of them in that combination but I try to look at them seperately

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Maybe health issues but they can get better and you are attractive but may have a mother who was hard on you. You may never feel you look good enough, also xoxox

      1. amiannVivian

        @Ami yes my mom is hard on me and I have for a long time tried to live up to her expectations but she is too perfect and her expectations are a bit harsh. She had Moon and Jupiter in Virgo with Jupiter conjunct Pluto and her Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

  3. amiannRebeka

    I have Saturn in the 8th in Sag, sextile Sun and opposite Moon. My mother was physically very unfit to bear a child. She had several miscarriages before me and one still birth. She struggled a lot to keep me alive but I had had multiple near-dead experiences as a baby. She says I survived because of my strong will (Capricorn mars) and my guardian angels (Jupiter in 12th). I know she loves me a lot, but I’m also aware of her dark side and manipulative nature from a young age. That makes it hard to let my guards down when I’m with her (her Saturn conjunct mine). I’m not really afraid of my own death but scared of dead bodies. I’m also not afraid of soul-searching and real conversations, but I’ve learnt it through my mother that they are often just tools manipulative people use to mind-fuck you. She used her sexuality to manipulate men too and later regretted it, so I didn’t want to be like her in that regard either – and sex works better for me in a stable relationship. That’s how it worked out for me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you so much Rebeka, for sharing your heart. Your mother sounds like she has Medusa in her chart. Welcome to my website family, too. I am so glad to have you xoxo

  4. amiannJak

    Hey there Ami! Great easy to assimilate article – so your job done perfectly! šŸ™‚ Impeccable timing btw as minutes before I was commenting on the Saturn placement of someone I know!
    Just wondering if you always see the house as more important than sign, even with personal planets? And also what would you make of Saturn in 6th house Taurus, trining both Pluto and Mars?
    Thank you and hope all’s good with you šŸ™‚

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I love when you comment, Jak. I feel a lot of warmth coming from you to me! Well You have excellent discipline and can control your passions well like rage, jealousy etc
      As far as house, for the generational planets like Saturn and Chiron that stay in the same sign for 2 years, sign is less important. For personal planets sign is prolly more important than house.

  5. amiannKenneth

    I agree with your assessment of Saturn and understanding it’s overall restrictive influence. There is also a consolidatory side that if applied allows us to be more in control of our fate through understanding one’s ambitions, priorities, and work structure. I think Saturn brings order to an otherwise chaotic world–often generated by Jupiter’s expansionism, and just like when the planets were originally formed, Saturn halted Jupiter’s expansive growth towards the Sun.
    The transits of Saturn are often more challenging for those of us with natal personal planets that have a hard aspect to Saturn, meaning we have work harder to achieve our goals, and become more responsible. Saturn can sometimes make us a little more conservative.

  6. amiannSusan

    I have Saturn in my 4th house. It conjuncts my Venus and Uranus, squares Jupiter and ASC, opposition to Chiron and trine Mars.

    I have always felt restricted in my family. I am of mixed races and I never fit in any culture. I was, and still am to a certain extent, never accepted by these communities and they let me know that I wasn’t invited. I was primarily with my mother growing up and she never stood up for me or defended me. In fact, some of her friends and co workers were shocked that I existed because she never mentioned she had a daughter. I struggle with my identity and heritage. I am interested in them though. I love reading and learning about history, especially WWII and the 1940s. In learning about the past, it makes me feel some connection.

    Both my parents have an Aquarius moon, which happens to be my Sun sign. They both have difficult relationships with their parents and maybe didn’t have the skills to be parents. I was ignored by both but they did it in different ways. My father was in and out of my life which was hard. Whenever I did see him growing up, we usually had good times together, but it was infrequent. Sometimes I didn’t see him for years, then he would popup randomly.

    1. amiannKenneth

      Wow Susan, you have described a classic Saturn in the fourth house situation. If you feel there is a need to let go of all the negative baggage of the past, hypnosis and hypno-meditation may assist in releasing some of this. Try to be open to the numerous techniques that will allow your inner love to radiate in a powerful and consolidated way. In time, you will be able to discover strength, stamina, and feelings of worthiness within yourself. If you succeed in this, Saturn in the fourth house will become a secret benefactor. Once you have reinforced your sense of self-esteem and value, nobody will be able to take it away from you.
      A lot of times the fourth house also signifies past lives, so when someone pushes your button and there is no logical reason why you react the way you do, it could be that your response stems from a past life.

      1. amiannSusan

        Thank you for your comment, Kenneth.

        I will definitely look into that. I was in therapy for awhile, but never found it beneficial or helpful. My childhood was filled with physical and emotional abuse as well and it’s hard to overcome. I deal with facial tics, anxiety disorder, etc and have been looking into alternative methods to stop some of these behaviors. I hate that it has so much control over my life.

        1. amiannKenneth

          I can somewhat relate to the challenges of Saturn as it is close to my Ascendant and squares my Sun in the Fourth house. My father committed suicide when I was 9 years old, and I was the only sibling that saw him pass. Focusing on personal growth has resulted in significant benefits for me and hypnosis and hypno-meditation has been extremely helpful, whether by a spiritual healer or audio tracks with a healing message.
          If you feel that bad luck is dogging you through life, it is important to have a more perfect faith which will allow you to rise above any trouble; One way of doing this would (symbolically) be performed by facing the Sun (an emblem of the Collective Spirit) and say:
          “I am a part of the Collective Spirit. I am indestructible. I am eternal. I am infinite. That which is finite and part of the world of matter cannot touch me.”
          I sincerely wish you well in your journey…

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