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Simple Ways to Understand The Venus Sign of Your Beloved

My last article on Venus got me thinking, especially when people asked wonderful questions. YES, the Venus sign will be modified by aspects. Venus square Uranus will be afraid to commit. Venus conjunct Pluto will be very intense and jealous when in love. Venus square Neptune may see the partner in such an exalted form that she cannot see reality until she is married with two children. However, that being said, one must understand the nature of each Venus sign before one can move to more advanced Astrology, such as Venus aspects. In that spirit, let’s see if we can simplify the TASTES of each Venus. Venus is about tastes, likes, attractions/what we find PLEASING. It is very different for each person. To one person, a girl may be beautiful. To another, the same girl may be very average. This is sort of how Venus works, to take a very simple example. What I find attractive, you might find repugnant and vice-versa. Onto the Venus signs.

Venus in Aries

The most salient thing about this Venus is that it likes things that are full of adventure, speed, and high adrenaline. This Venus sign could fall in love with your picture if you seem like you are full of life and ready for adventure. This Venus would not be like Venus in Gemini, who wants to talk about books. Venus in Aries like a partner who seems full of life,full of vivacity. There is an interesting twist to this Venus. The men don’t like to chase, after the initial hard chase. The women like to chase, so know this if a Venus in Aries is on your radar. I have a funny story about a Venus in Aries guy. This guy acted like he had to have me or he would die. I was not really interested, but felt guilty. I thought I really was someone who could not be replaced *cough*.I had to tell him I was not interested. It took a nanosecond before he was giving his “line” of “once in a lifetime” attraction to someone else. I have to laugh.

Venus in Taurus

The main thing to remember about this Venus is that he is not flashy, but wants quality in a partner. You do not have to look like a model, but you do have to be honest and loyal. You have to have a “feet on the ground” feeling about you, as well. Venus in Taurus does not like anything flighty or “fly by night”. He does not need a BMW, but would rather have a well riding and sturdy Crown Vic. Two white Crown Vics were my favorite cars. It is like riding from the sofa in your living room, perfect for a Mars in Cancer, which is another whole story.

I will be back to finish soon! Sorry for the delay!

5 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Understand The Venus Sign of Your Beloved

  1. amiannJulia_Y

    “It took a nanosecond before he was giving his “line” of “once in a lifetime” attraction to someone else”.
    Maybe, that time, it really was the case? 🙂

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