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Ten Single Aspects in Synastry that Can RUIN an Entire Relationship

You gasp at this title. Well, there are certain aspects that are that detrimental that I would not start a relationship, even if the rest of the chart was stellar( or pristine). Some I have experienced personally. Some I have seen in clients. I do not like to write theoretical Astrology i.e writing about things that I have not experienced. However, one must do this because one cannot experience everything. However, I, always, have more confidence( and force) when I have been burned by the aspect *SIGH*

1.Chiron Conjunct the North Node

I was the North Node. He was the Chiron. I think the relationship is much more painful for the North Node person because the Chiron person BRINGS the pain. It is not as noticeable to him because he lives with it daily. I have to be blunt or why waste your time reading? In this case, there were so very, very lovely synastry aspects. My Ceres Conjunct his Sun, exact. We have some lovely Venus aspects. However, a life theme of pain is a life theme of pain. That is what I mean by a single aspect ruining an entire relationship. After this, I met a person who had an amazing synastry with me, including his having my Jag position—Mars in Scorpio. In this case, my Chiron was conjunct his North Node. I would never want to be that level source of pain for someone, so I walked away from the relationship before it really started. To me, you never, ever, ever, ever mess with the charts. I would allow an orb of up to 5 degrees.

2. Nessus Conjunct the North Node

I have not experienced this. However, I have seen Nessus play out in synastry enough times to know that it would bring a theme of abuse to the relationship. The Nessus person would bring the abuse to the North Node person. I would allow an orb of up to three degrees.

3.Nessus Conjunct the Sun

I was the Sun. Nessus is a fierce beast when he touches a personal planet or angle. The dude may be good with everyone else but will tear the flesh of you *sigh*. The Nessus person was driven to abuse me like a person bites into a Big Mac in a McDonald’s drive through.

4. Nemesis Conjunct the Moon

I really hate Nemesis. It is a secret enemy. Betrayal hurts soooo much worse when it is by an unexpected source. The Nemesis person will break the heart of the Moon person.

5. Nemesis Conjunct the North Node

Once again, the North Node conjunction will show us a theme. I don’t know who wants secret betrayal?

6. Pluto Square Mars

I would not run from a relationship with this in it B-U-T, there is, likely, going to be some level of very heated interactions. This is an aspect for violence. I don’t think actual violence has to take place, but it will, likely, be close, and likely, cross the line, at times. I would not run from this one aspect because I am not SURE it has to be that bad. I am not convinced the way I am about the others, but I could be wrong and it may, always, bode violence. I have not seen it enough to make that statement, though.
It is a very passionate aspect, too, so has that sexy fighting kind of thing *sigh*

7. No Moon Aspects in Synastry

If I saw that, that would be the end of the relationship for me. The Moon is the heart. People bond heart to heart. If I had to die by firing squad to say one aspect that could mitigate this, I would say Moon/Mercury in good aspect—conjunction, trine or sextile. However, it would have to be very close(1-3 degrees)

8. No Venus Aspects in Synastry

Venus is taste and a “liking” for something/someone. If there are no Venus aspects, there will not be an understanding of tastes. You would be surprised how many things factor into taste——- attraction to the “mannerisms” of the other person, clothes, tastes in activities, music likes and humor, for a few.

9. Bilk Conjunct the North Node

Bilk will play out. How could you marry someone and think they are waiting to take advantage of you? *Shudder*

10 Saturn in Synastry

Saturn is a true double edged sword. Saturn keeps people together like glue. However, in close conjunctions, oppositions or squares(1-4 degrees), the Saturn can break the gentle spirit of the planet person( Moon or Venus, for two examples) due to a constant, carping criticism. Venus and the Moon are very sensitive planets in the natal chart. The Moon is the heart. Venus is one’s love nature.

6 thoughts on “Ten Single Aspects in Synastry that Can RUIN an Entire Relationship

  1. amiannAmanita

    I have just started to look at astrology and synastry, and found that my partner’s moon is unaspected by me (or by my planets at least). I was really sorry to read what you’ve said about the unaspected moon! As for him, his sun is in exact square both to my sun and moon, so I guess that explains why he makes me feel so whole in a way, like if an important piece falls into place because he’s part of my life. And yet, I often struggle with the feeling of being “undernourished”, sensually and emotionally. I used to think it was only “me”, having a moon in Capricorn, that I had to learn to nourish myself. Now with this new synastry info, I wonder if there is some “reality” to it, if I’m actually not being loved…? Or if I can’t really give his heart anything? (in my own chart I have Venus opposite Neptune,too. He’s really committed, in a very «stable» way. So maybe I just need to work this out for myself, like an inner journey.)
    The only possible aspect might be that my ascendant is 3 degrees away from his sun/moon midpoint. Could that count as an aspect to his Moon? That’s the real question – the rest is just for reference, since you’ve encouraged people to write from their hearts.

  2. amiannJennifer

    My boyfriend and I have Sun opposite moon. Very difficult for me, as the moon. Been together 5 years, but it’s been rough. Keep trying to make it work, but it will only for awhile. Constant roller coaster

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Go on and put the asteroid number for Nemesis in the extended choice section. I have all the numbers on the list–The Asteroids I Use. Put this in my search in, Karen.

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