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Five Spastic Placements

I am reading books by Kate White,a former editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. They are Nancy Drew books for adults.The main character, Bailey, reminds me of someone who is accident prone and chaos prone.She is a very lovable character,but I, always, add astrology to everything and so came up with the idea for this article. What makes for a spaz and why? On our way to our exalted topic, we need to acknowledge that there are different ways to be spastic. One can be accident prone. One can have a spastic mind. One can dress or look like a spaz. Do you hate me yet? If not, keep reading and add your own ideas on my Comment Form. I, always, answer there and appreciate each comment. Most are well thought out. Some are insulting. Some are loving, but it is all good because that is what makes up life. Onto our subject.

Spastic Placements

Mars Conjunct, Square or Oppose Uranus

Mars/Uranus in hard aspect was what motivated me to write this article. Do you know the people who fall walking off a sidewalk, crash their cars in the parking lot and trip over the family dog? Well, not to amuse ourselves over the misery of others, but there is a reason. Mars/Uranus would be a big culprit. Uranus has an unstable energy. Think of static on the radio. People with a strong Uranus are high static people. When Uranus pairs with Mars, the static is brought into the physical world i.e accidents. Hence, if you have this notorious placement, be careful, for Goodness Sake.

Mercury Conjunct, Square, or Oppose Uranus

Uranus makes for static in the mind. However, the static combines with chaos and electricity for a “not so good” soup. I feel really sorry for people with these aspects. The people are brilliant. I will say that and that is very important and good. However, the price to be paid is high. Mercury/Uranus makes for a genius kind of intelligence, too. It is kind of a creative genius intelligence. Someone close to me had the exact Mercury/Uranus square. He was brilliant in Geometry/Trig. In his high school class, he had over an 100 % average(due to extra credit). These natives are very smart, so that is the upside, if there is one, but if you have this aspect, find ways to slow down your old noggin.

Moon Square Venus

This aspect has a different flavor than those above. This aspect makes for kind of a spaz in “fixing oneself up”. I have Moon semi-sextile Venus in close aspect. I have a sense of fashion for myself. I have a sense of make up and the styles that look flattering to me. I thought all people had this, but they don’t. The Moon square Venus native is the kind of person you wish you could”fix up” i.e do a makeover. I don’t mean this in a disparaging way. It is simply that the emotional world and the aesthetic world are kind of at odds.

Venus in Aries in a Male

This placement can give a “caveman feel” to a guy. He may present himself like Fred Flintstone. You may be afraid to refuse him because he seems like he has such ardor for you. However, if you do, you will find that he does the same thing to the next cave chick. The interesting about this placement is that after he gets you, you have to start being the aggressor to get anything done. They don’t call Venus in Aries the Detriment position for nothing. Keeping in line with our article topic, this man is spastic in matters of love.

Venus in Aries in a Female

It is debatable as to if this placement should be on our list. This lady is not spastic but she is a gonad buster. This lady sees her man and pounces. This is the proverbial feminist. She doesn’t mind being the man.(Send your hate mail to my Comment Section)

I will stop this article at five, due to sheer laziness, but if you like this or if it gets you up from your armchair to send me a loud, rude and unflattering comment, I will write more.

8 thoughts on “Five Spastic Placements

  1. amiannEmn

    I have mars conjunct uranus, and to add to that it’s in Aquarius which I think may make it even more unstable. Yeah I am a clumsy person, especially when I was a child , broke a leg and an harm. I still have scars from the Bruises I got lol.

    I wandered could you maybe do an article about how certain aspects/placements affect our physical appearance/vibes we project? Like how a certain aspect or ascendant for example can cause to certain features/appearance traits/aura.πŸ™‚
    Thanks Ami

  2. amiannBartyBart

    I highly suspect that someone I know has venus in aries, a guy. We became friends, and as our friendship goes, I was unconsciously turned into an aggressive person around this guy.

    Lets call it “false bravado”. It means, appearing strong or courageous when you arent. Knowing this fact, I no longer pretend after realizing what made me act that way.

    I didn’t check his natal chart but he sure fits in the description, I assumed everything. Because I don’t know any of his birth details. Great post there!

  3. amiannVS

    Haha i have mars in leo on the mc opposite uranus in aqua on the ic so this aspect is pretty prominent in my life. I am so CLUMSY and I’m afraid of fire because usually I almost burn myself(i say almost bc I’m just so careful everytime that nothing too bad happens). I recently cut my finger a bit and thought of this aspect.

    Oh and btw i love your articles especially the ones on asteroids, I’ve learned a looot from them. It’s my first time to actually comment so i thought I’d say that as well

  4. amiannLaura

    Thank you so much for your blog!

    What about a man with Venus retrograde in Aries square Moon in Cancer? Can’t quite figure him out, the descriptions I have found seem to have nothing to do with him (probably because his Venus is retrograde)

    By the way, I also have Moon semi-sextile Venus (exact), and totally think he could use a makeover haha

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Venus sq Moon could be a person who is not really comfortable showing his love/and or his emotions. He may not feel comfortable finding his own style in clothes and even in things like house decor. Does that fit, L?
      Thanks so much for being here and making my blog a nicer place, Laura!

      1. amiannLaura

        The first part definitely fits, especially when it comes to women he’s supposedly interested in, myself included. I know one of his exes hurt him pretty bad, so this may be the reason.
        As for his style, he seems to be ok with it, but I would change a couple of things, asap πŸ™‚

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