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SQUARES To the North Node in the Natal Chart

The charts are my teachers. My clients are my teachers. In my last few chart readings, I got more insights into square to the North Node. The North Node is so very important. I have a close Pluto trine to my North Node. I have found that this aspect has played out for my entire life.

There is a “Force” guiding me to my path. I have, always, felt this. I know people are brought to me and situations open up for me. Pluto is POWER. The trine represents EASE. The North Node represents PURPOSE. In this article, we will discuss squares. People, often, tell me they feel lost——- a lack of purpose. This means that the Nodes do not have good aspects, basically. I am making a simple statement here, but it is a profound statement.

Squares to the North Nodes are THWARTS to one’s purpose. The person with many squares to his North Node will know that what I am saying is correct. Let’s look at some specific squares to the North Node.

Sun Square the North Node
The Sun is one’s ego. One’s level of confidence can be seen from the Sun. One’s persona in the world is shown by the Sun. One’s THRUST in life is seen by the Sun. For example, a person with a strong Sun placement will appear confident, calm and in charge. Now, if a person has a Sun square to the North Node, his thrust in life may be impaired.It may be muted or thwarted.

Moon Square the North Node
The Moon is one’s heart. If one has a Moon square to the North Node, one’s heart may be opposed to one’s life purpose. For example, if one’s life purpose is to be a stay at home mom, one may feel pressured to have a career by one’s cultural group, for example. Hence, we have a thwarting of the heart.

Venus Square the North Node
I just wrote an article on this aspect and will link it at the bottom.

Mercury Square the North Node

Mercury is the mind. This includes the manner in which one communicates. It includes the topics of study in which one is interested. Mercury square the North Node may result in a person whose communication style or intellect capabilities may thwart their purpose. For example, a person may want to be a TV news reporter, but has an issue with stuttering. This is a simple example, but I hope it illustrates the point.

Mars Square the North Node

Mars is drive. Mars indicates the manner in which one goes after one’s goals. Mars depicts one’s sexual drive, too. If Mars squares the North Node, one’s drive may interfere with one’s purpose. For example, one may need to be very competitive to get into law school, but one cannot discipline one’s mind enough to meet this goal.

Saturn Square the North Node

Saturn is discipline, responsibility and working on a long term goal–step by step. Hence, the native with the Saturn square may struggle with sticking to a goal until completion. He may struggle with growing up and accepting adult responsibility, as well.

CChiron Square the North Node
Chiron is the planet of pain. Chiron square the North Node may allow for pain to interfere with the native finding his life purpose.

Uranus Square the North Node

Uranus is the planet of anything “out of the box”. For example, the person with a strong Uranus is a rebel. This native can be “weird” and be alright with it, which is unusual.
The native with Uranus square the North Node may not be able to use their individualistic side to meet their life purpose.

Pluto Square the North Node

Pluto is one’s personal power. One’s personal power may not be able to be utilized in the pursuit of ones’ life purpose.

Neptune Square the North Node

Neptune is the planet of creativity and that of deception, too.Hence, Neptune square the North Node may not allow the native to utilize his creativity to meet his life purpose. Also, the native may not be able to SEE his life purpose clearly.

Jupiter Square the North Node

Jupiter is the planet of luck, timing and good fortune. If one’s Jupiter square the North Node, one may not have good luck in the pursuit of one’s purpose.

Venus Square North Node in the Natal Chart

27 thoughts on “SQUARES To the North Node in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannAlyosha

    Well well well…
    My North Node is in the 10. house Sagittarius , there’s no squares but an opposition with Saturn,
    Because what you post about NN and squares is very close to me I think that this is due to
    North Node closeness to MC (13 deg) and because MC have squares :
    1. MC is in exact conjunct to Neptune
    2. MC and Neptune have square with Jupiter and Mercury (Mercury and Jupiter are conj. in Pisces)
    3. MC and Neptune have opposition with Mars
    4. MC and Neptune have square with Pholus
    5. MC and Neptune have square with Vertex

  2. amiannBonnie

    Natal chart have saturn r libra 17° in 11th house square N.N in cancer 16° 9th house.
    Sun Taurus 13° close ? Sextile? to N.N.

    To explain in astrological jargon, i was never picky to help anyone who crossed my path (saturn r).
    Overtime now at 36 i am learning.
    Not everbody had a good influence on me. I realize now it was me.. if somebody was depressed or in a dark place i tried to help. Sun in 7th house is a hard place. Feeling one with your environment and feeling responsible for anything and anyone.
    I had a hard time the past few years.
    My progressed sun in gemini 18° 7th house (trine with natal saturn) was conjunct with asteroïde “hel 949” thats how i experienced it as well. Thanks to astrology knowing now i had to make clear boundaries in who i helped, nurtured or take care of (cancer 9th house N.N).
    In progression venus (5th house) is close 11° to natal sun. I lacked self love and worth.
    Realizing its hard to help someone who doesn’t even love themselves.
    I don’t mean it in a selfish way but to do with selfworth/ dignity. And learning to let go in love hoping for the best towards the other. You can only do so much as a human beeing.

  3. amiannJulia_Y

    NN square Mars. The only thing I can think about so far is that any business is my business. Today I control this hyper-responsibility way better than before.

          1. amiannadele

            hmmmm…..he is very romantic but it think it doesn’t flow out of him naturally….like he is stalled. he tends to do nothing about it. we also have square venus-venus, mars-mars, moon-moon…..i might swell just give up.

  4. amiannadele

    my crush has moon and venus in pisces square their north node in sag, I don’t stand a chance. I can never tell if they like me. they are very sensitive but don’t show it.

  5. amiannSaraf94

    North node conjunct sun Exact in scorpio 1st house,,, square my mars in leo 10th house,, i always thought it was a good thing but i don’t know 🤷🏻

  6. amiannLiv

    Hi Amiann,

    How would you describe Pluto conjunct Juno in Scorpio square North Node in Aquarius?

    This is a natal placement for one of my friends. I have Sun and Moon conjunct Juno in Pisces.

    My Anti-Vertex is conjunct this person’s Pluto-Juno conjunction.

    Also, although I do not have this person’s birth time, my natal Nessus may be conjunct the other persons natal Moon. I have read some of your posts about Nessus – that only very close aspects should be considered with asteroids, and also that Nessus will signify the temptation to abuse, which can only be overcome through spiritual growth.

    Do you or other readers have any insights about how to bring wisdom to my own attraction to and intentions towards, or hidden motivations with this person?

    Thank you!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Pluto sq the NN can thwart finding one’s purpose. Juno is a rather small aspect.
      I would have to really study the charts to answer more, my Friend. I am sorry xoxo

  7. amiannDayChay

    My NN in gemini in its (exaltations) conjunct IC opposite sun and square to pisces AC !! idk what does it mean.. how would you descibe it? but i know SN conjuct my sagg sun both conj MC gave me a HUGE confidence, Thanks to god 3>

  8. amiannVivian

    I just have one

    Moon Square North Node but it seems powerful

    along with Venus conjunct North Node and Saturn Conjunct North Node.

    I am kinda scared now to be honest. I feel lost with what I really should be doing with my life.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am not pushing my charts. I don’t do that or need to do that but your chart will show you the way. What are your gifts? If you don’t need me, that is fine, but you should study your chart and pay attention to gifts

      1. amiannVivian

        @Ami Gifts would be trines ,correct?

        Sun Trine Moon orb: 5 °
        Moon Trine Mercury orb: 1 °
        Pluto Trine Chiron orb: 6 °
        Neptune Trine MC orb: 0 °
        Mars Trine North Node orb: 2 °
        Mars Trine Saturn orb: 2 °
        Venus Trine MC orb: 5 °
        Uranus Trine MC orb: 4 °

        I will have to go into each indept but thats them. 8 trines.

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