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Synastry Aspects You CANNOT Overcome

When I write articles like this I get hate mail. My favorite story *cough* is about Aunt Mildred and Uncle Hugh who lived together for thirty years and had this aspect. Did you live in their bedroom? Alas, such is life and such is denial. I like to face life square on. Hence, I will tell you the synastry aspects that I think make for unhappiness and why, of course.

1. Moon Square Moon

I have written about this before. One girl was classic for someone who had a personal vendetta toward me due to my stand on Moon square Moon. She and her boyfriend had this aspect. I do not change my mind based on harassment,as you know. She moved in with the boyfriend and he tried to choke her. Well, not all Moon square Moon relationships play out like this, but there is a basic lack of heart understanding. Any relationship is all about hearts. So, watch your Moon in all relationships.

2. Nessus Conjunct the Sun

This aspect can make for heated passion. Henry and Meghan have a strong Nessus synastry. I do not see how this relationship can last. I am putting that out there and you can see if I am right. Nessus makes for heat galore and swinging from the chandeliers, but when it is over, all of this passion can turn cold, at best, and very, very nasty, at worst. I have seen people torch the cars of their once Nessus love. To me, if I see a strong Nessus synastry, I would run—period end.

3.Nessus Conjunct the North Node

The North Node tells us about themes in the relationship. You do not want a Nessus theme. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse.

4. Nessus Conjunct the North Node

The North Node is the theme of one’s life. If a person BRINGS a planet or asteroid to the North Node person, the planet or asteroid becomes a theme of the relationship.Hence, please look carefully at that which conjuncts the North Node in synastry. I have an article on the North Node in Synastry. I will link it at the end.

5.Sado Conjunct the North Node

Someone in my family has this with me. This person was very sadistic to me. It hurt horribly. Since it was a relative, I had little choice in the matter However, if this were a current
relationship, I would run as far as I could. In the case of Nessus and Sado, I do not care how nice the person appears. The charts WILL play out. I should have this tattooed on my chest, along with “What are the orbs?”

6. Nessus Conjunct the Moon

The Moon is the heart. I cannot say this enough. Any intimate relationship is a sharing of hearts. Hence, if you see a “bad” asteroid conjunct your Moon, run. That is my advice. Many times, these bad asteroids make for passion, so if you can’t run, at least, don’t get married.

7. Sado Conjunct the Moon

As I said, I watch Nessus and Sado like a hawk. That which conjuncts the Moon affects the heart. That which conjuncts the North Node becomes a life theme.Sado is sadism.

8.Mars Conjunct the Moon

This feels so icky that I don’t think a relationship would progress very far. The Mars person, usually, feels compelled to attack the Moon person. I was the Moon with a female. I would not call her a friend,but I did try to be nice to her at first. After she attacked me for the umpteenth time, I attacked her back and she left me alone.

9. Mars Square Mars

This seems to give powerful attraction at first. This could be called a “sexy fighting” aspect. However, with time, this is more of a “fighting/fighting aspect i.e let’s tear each other’s necks off. I do not see a relationship going the distance with this aspect. I think people would kill each other first.

10.Chiron Conjunct the North Node

I was in a relationship which lasted a long time and we had this aspect. The theme of the relationship was pain.I did not know astrology at the time. Now, I would avoid a relationship with ANY bad asteroid or planet conjunct the North Node. Read my chest—–the chart will play out.

Here is the link to my article—The North Node in Synastry.

The North Node In Synastry

51 thoughts on “Synastry Aspects You CANNOT Overcome

  1. amiannBonnie

    I agree with the last one. Have no experience with square moon.
    But… most of my generation have nessus in cancer and pluto in libra.
    Ive seen it play out nasty as well.
    People judging.. ive done this, ive helped and they turned against me.
    Emotional exploitation.
    At the best, it’s accepting eachother’s differences / values or beeing in harmony.
    Family relations changes due to internet.
    Ive experienced exploitation of family members. Im aware of nessus. Some call you when they need something of you and you wont hear them again.
    Some are quite capable of doing their own thing.
    I had to learn this, always beeing the helping hand because i was raised that way. Even that it got in the way of my carreer so i could take care of my own family.

    Thanks again for your information!

  2. amiannBonnie

    Oh sorry i forgot.. i also have experiences with moon square moon… very nasty! That other person also had his maniac conjunct my moon pffff

  3. amiannJennifer

    Nessus is not an asteroid I have paid any attention to, but because of your post I decided to investigate. I have Nessus in Taurus forming a grand trine with my moon and sun.(within 1 degree) It is opposite my husband’s Mercury. (exact degree). I have been the subject of family abuse since my birth from my mother. She has passed now, and my husband has been a tower of strength for me, but we are never abusive to one another. It’s more like a healing power. we also have a double chiron moon conjunction. and my moon is conjunct (exact) his ascendant. Nessus I feel was the abuse of my mother and my father was my rock. On his passing it allowed her to escalate. Nothing I ever did was good enough, she always found a way to be hurtful and punish and abusive if not with words then her actions!! I believe she was narcissistic. I had to learn to step away, but it never healed. but it did give me clarity and allow me to grow and not be bitter but try to understand her.

  4. amiannSean

    Hi Ami … I always enjoy your no-holds-barred approach. It really is refreshing. I have my sun (Leo 13’16” conjunct my spouse’s Nessus (Leo 12’10”). It also turns out my spouse’s Venus is at Leo 11’44”. There are no Dejanira links or issues. We are a typical married couple with occasional issues, but we are really quite happy together. We both have our controlling moments that we talk out and resolve – certainly no abuse. Neither of us would put up with that foolishness. What do you think? I am hoping you will say that the orbs are too far apart for it to matter. But, knowing you, it will be brutally honest. 🙂
    Again, love that about you!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The Nessus person will be the abuser, so it would be her lol
      Thanks for saying you like my honest approach. You have to be honest or life is not worthwhile.

      1. amiannZoe

        you don’t actually know anything about that friendship. we were almost always together. you’re way too black and white. live like that if your beliefs give you comfort. i chose to live in the real world.

  5. amiann:/

    I’m wondering if you look at charts when you do email consultations for $25? I would really love if you were able to give me astrology related advice.. such as things you may notice that make an outcome likely or not. Even if you just pointed out a few things that I need to look into myself.

    My ex gets out of prison any day now.. 9 years early. If I send our synastry chart and explain the situation could you tell me what you see that’s relevant? So much of our sysnastry chart seems wrong to me and it makes me doubt myself completely

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, M. the charts take me a LONG time lol
      I have a one question chart for 89.99. That may work. I am not trying to rip anyone off. It is just super time consuming to do an excellent job for people and I won’t do less lol
      If you don’t do the chart, trust yourself. That is very hard for us to do, Love.

  6. amiannJanay Matthews

    My mean, critical, obnoxious aunt has Mars conjunct my Moon in Scorpio. My Chiron is also conjuncts her Moon and Mercury squares her Saturn. She called me a gollira thinking that I’m all that and said that my hair is horrible and nappy, I don’t have shit in life, and that no man would want me. She thinks that I’m a stinking primitive who needs to use men’s deodorant. She said that I have no common sense and attacks me lots of times. She has Cancer Moon square Pluto in Libra meaning that she lacks empathy and consideration for others in her emotions and she is explosive, critical, angry, and abrasive. I finally had enough, fought her back, yelled, and kicked door slammed her. My Chiron shot her down. She thinks that she is on the same leaugue as Beyonce even though she uses everyone’s credit and gets government assistance despite making the national average salary.

  7. amiannVivi Vox Nox

    I just found that I have Sado conjunct my Sun (exact) .. all this in Taurus 3H – opposite Pluto but trine Neptune/Uranus, Moon and AC

    Any thoughts on this ? :S

    I‘m a bit shocked to be honest ..

      1. amiannViviVoxNox

        Actually I am shocked. Maybe it’s so close to my sun that i didn’t even notice ? Like, that it’s very natural to me ? Tbh I have more masochistic tendencies but maybe that’s just what I thought

        Thanks for your reply

      1. amiannViviVoxNox

        My Lilith (AQU and Venus (TAU) are both on 12 deg .. additionally Sedna and Eros are on 11 degrees (TAU).

        So these aspects would matter, right?

        Idk about my mother‘s Lilith rn

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          YES, they would matter, Viv.Be careful of betrayal by men particuarly cuz you are very sexy and attractive to men and they could think of you as just a sexual object. I am not saying they will or do but they could

  8. amiannViviVoxNox

    Thanks so much !

    Just wanted to let you know as I am very active in astrology communities on Reddit I have created a subreddit specifically dedicated to r/asteroidastrology

    The link is on a post on Lindaland

    Would love for you to join if you are interested ! <33

    I feel like asteroids don’t get enough love yet but more and more people are interested ..

        1. amiannViviVoxNox

          I think it’s Hu_w_rl_A !

          I did the post that I linked you 🙂

          Reddit is pretty cool as an app and I really recommend the subreddit r/astrology !

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Thanks Vivi! If I don’t come, please don’t take it personally. I find it hard to manage my own website sometimes lol xoxo

  9. amianncoldfire4321

    Hi there . I have Venus conjunct Nessus in synastry with someone I am having a very long term affair with. I am married and so is he . I am the Venus , he is Nessus . I also have Venus trine Pluto natally and my Pluto trine his Nessus . Anytime I have even felt that he is even remotely trying to “show me up ” in some way indirectly, I get extremely revengeful and give it back to him in spades , in a similar way . I feel that I am the one with the power in this relationship . And I am very clear with him that its either my way or the highway . He can leave anytime he doesnt like it . He seems to accept all this pretty well . Nessus may attempt to abuse but he is really no match for good old Pluto . This is my observation.
    Your take on Nessus trine Pluto in synastry ?

  10. amiannAbby

    I met this really awesome person, and I found out our moons are squaring each other. Knowing that scares me, but so far it’s been really good. Do you think other aspects could help the square? We have moon trine mercury, merc. trine merc., sun trine sun, venus sextile venus, venus trine mars, asc sextile moon double whammy, asc. trine sun, and a few others. Anyway, sorry about the long comment but I’d love to hear your feedback!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t think anything much can combat Moon sq Moon in something like a marriage. If you are just dating or something like this, you may be OK but for a deeper relationship, I , personally, cannot see it working.

  11. amiannMia

    There was a guy who i wanted to work with and then i was warned about him through multiple psychics so i confronted him about it and decided i didnt wanna work with him and it hurt him a lot. Idk what to do. He has dejandra conjunct his moon and my nessus is right on his moon. I feel soo badd. I didn’t intend to hurt him l. I just wantes to protect myself from some potential karmic situation i was warned about. Idk what to do about the situation. I don’t wanna be an abuser. He has some good aspects with me as well but also has his saturn on my venus in aries so. Idk what to do or what this even means. He’s asking i pay money now so there’s definitely a lot of hate going on now and idk. Idk if i should apologize or stand my ground or ignore the situation.

      1. amiannMia

        Because we were making music together and i recorded some piano tracks. Like an intro. I honestly don’t think its fair. My intro was like 2% of the entire song. I told him that didnt make sense and he said “it doesn’t matter you still made me believe we were actually following through with it which put me in debt with him.” Idk. “Him” being the other guy we recorded with. It wasn’t like his friend was even charging him though so I’m confused. We we’re just 3 people working on some tracks together. Idk. He’s really upset. This wasn’t a thing before. Like his nessus is conjunct my chiron so idk. Maybe we’re just bringing something up for each other.

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