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Synastry Aspects You CANNOT Overcome

When I write articles like this I get hate mail. My favorite story *cough* is about Aunt Mildred and Uncle Hugh who lived together for thirty years and had this aspect. Did you live in their bedroom? Alas, such is life and such is denial. I like to face life square on. Hence, I will tell you the synastry aspects that I think make for unhappiness and why, of course.

1. Moon Square Moon

I have written about this before. One girl was classic for someone who harassed me about my stand on Moon square Moon. She had a personal vendetta toward me because she and her boyfriend had this aspect. I do not change my mind based on harassment. She moved in with the boyfriend and he tried to choke her. Well, not all Moon square Moon relationships play out like this, but there is a basic lack of heart understanding. Any relationship is all about hearts. So, watch your Moon in all relationships.

2. Nessus Conjunct the Sun

This aspect can make for heated passion. Henry and Meghan have a strong Nessus synastry. I do not see how this relationship can last. I am putting that out there and you can see if I am right. Nessus makes for heat galore and swinging from the chandeliers, but when it is over, all of this passion can turn cold, at best, and very nasty, at worst. I have seen people torch the cars of their once Nessus love. To me, if I see a strong Nessus synastry, I run—period end.

Nessus Conjunct the North Node

The North Node tells us about themes in the relationship. You do not want a Nessus theme. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse.

2 thoughts on “Synastry Aspects You CANNOT Overcome

  1. amiannBonnie

    I agree with the last one. Have no experience with square moon.
    But… most of my generation have nessus in cancer and pluto in libra.
    Ive seen it play out nasty as well.
    People judging.. ive done this, ive helped and they turned against me.
    Emotional exploitation.
    At the best, it’s accepting eachother’s differences / values or beeing in harmony.
    Family relations changes due to internet.
    Ive experienced exploitation of family members. Im aware of nessus. Some call you when they need something of you and you wont hear them again.
    Some are quite capable of doing their own thing.
    I had to learn this, always beeing the helping hand because i was raised that way. Even that it got in the way of my carreer so i could take care of my own family.

    Thanks again for your information!

  2. amiannBonnie

    Oh sorry i forgot.. i also have experiences with moon square moon… very nasty! That other person also had his maniac conjunct my moon pffff

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