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How Do I Tell The Difference Between a Gemini and a Cancer Ascendant?

I got this question in one of my groups.This kind of a question takes some time to answer. Hence, I am writing this article. You can, of course, apply the principles to similar questions using different Ascendants.

First of all, the Ascendant is comprised of both appearance and mannerisms. This includes mode of dress, body movement(graceful or not graceful, for example), manner of verbal expression(friendly or not friendly, for example), facial features and emotional expression(stoic or cries easily, for example). So,as a first step, one must understand the basic nature of each of the signs. It is fortunate that adjacent signs are very different.

In this case, Gemini is very different from Cancer. I am a good person to answer this question because I am a Gemini Sun, Venus and Mercury and a Cancer Moon. This makes me very different in different spheres. Gemini is very extroverted, friendly, and chatty. Gemini likes to do many things at one time, such as talking on the phone and giving the pet a bath, while stirring the soup.Geminis are very curious.They are excellent conversationalists because they truly want to know what makes people tick.

Geminis are not, usually, shocked by weird things. Our minds are very flexible and we are open to many avenues of exploration. When you talk to a Gemini, they can talk about most subjects with some understanding because they know a little bit about a lot. They are, usually, voracious readers. Physically, Geminis look impish and intelligent. They have a look of mischief about them. Charlie Sheen is a Gemini Ascendant and embodies this Gemini look.

Cancer is very, very, very different. Physically, they have a sweet, gentle and dreamy appearance. They, likely, have beautiful eyes. Their eyes are said to be as deep as the oceans. Cancer is not a gregarious Ascendant. They would not be the life of the party. The Gemini Ascendant may be. If not the life of the party, then the life of the “intellectual” party.Where there are interesting discussions, Queen Gemini is holding court.

The Cancer Ascendant is likely a warm, deep feeling person. They would have a kind of “homey” vibe about them, as if one could invite them over for a lunch of home made bread and soup and one could share family photos. They seem to love pets. Their homes are their castles. Their homes, likely, smell good and have many homey touches such as candles, family photos and many kitchen utensils and devices. They, likely, love to cook .Medically speaking, Cancer signs may have stomach issues. They displace their emotions into their stomachs. They are very loyal and tend to have a small group of close friends.

I hope this has helped to make the distinction between these two Ascendants.

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4 thoughts on “How Do I Tell The Difference Between a Gemini and a Cancer Ascendant?

  1. amiannRuth

    Hi Ami, what if someone has last degree of Gemini as Ascendant, which means the first house is mainly Cancer. I feel that they would be a bit of both. I had my chart rectified a few years ago, I practice Astrology myself, but needed to finally get an accurate time through rectification. The astrologer in question came up with 00 degrees Cancer Ascendant, and I have Gemini Moon, which would mean Moon rules the chart! Then when I was communicating online with someone recently, I was feeling that it could actually be Gemini 29 degrees, as they got me to look at the descendant sign in relation to my partner, and assess it that way, as there are many ways to look at it. If I have Gemini rising it would mean Mercury rules chart!
    By the way, I can relate to both rising signs the way you described them in your article. Sun is in Capricorn, by the way! Any insights would be appreciated. Ruth.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, this would take a lot of work, Ruth. The house of Chiron should fit. Does that change? The 29 degree ASC would make you feel stuck in your daily life. The OO ASC would make you feel energy, too.

      1. amiannRuth

        Hi Amiann,
        Thanks for your reply about Gemini/Cancer rising. Why would the house of Chiron make a difference, and it doesn’t change house. Also, why would 29 degrees Asc make me feel stuck in my daily life? 29 and 00 degrees are AP points, so I would imagine both would be significant! If my Moon wasn’t in Gemini it wouldn’t be so difficult for me to be 100% sure. Family is very much a focus of my life, but hey I also have 3 planets in the 4th, with Mars angular into 4th in Leo!! There are so many things that overlap in astrology sometimes, that it becomes difficult to be precise.
        Thanks for your insights,

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Because the house of chiron should be your biggest area of pain and we can help get the right time by seeing which house. The 29 degree is the frozen degree and the 0 degree is the energy degree.If we did your chart together and we spent time on it, we could prolly figure it out, but we would need time and I would need to get to know you a bit, Ruth. xxx

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