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Ten Aspects Which Reveal TRAITS

This article derives from a conversation I had today. My family member told me that he could not change due to his chart. Well, that is a debatable subject but there are certain aspects which reveal traits. Let’s look at some of these.

1. Mars Conjunct Venus

One of my friends tells me that he can’t go on a simple errand without women throwing themselves at him. I do not feel the same way about him, but that is what “makes horse races” as they say. However, he does have an exact conjunction of Mars and Venus in Taurus. Exact conjunctions are, somewhat, rare. They tell us to pay particular attention. To put it simply, this aspects gives oodles of charisma.

2. Mars Conjunct the Moon

My family member and I were talking about a man with an exact conjunction of Mars and the Moon in Gemini. This man has a temper which seems to flow like electricity from his very pores. In other words, he seems as if he is very prone to quick, flashes of anger. Also, this aspect is a dislike/mistrust of women. Don’t try to make them admit it .However, watch and you will see that this is the case.

3. Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer equals loyalty. That loyalty can be to a fault. Moon in Cancer will stay true to a loved one in the face of betrayal and other assaults. However, if or when you reach their limits of tolerance, they will cut you off. Cancer is a cardinal sign which does equal strength.

4. Ascendant in Scorpio

This native does not like people to “know his business”. A classic example of this is Jackie O. She said she did not want “little people” to know her business *Sigh* This sentiment may be repugnant, but the Ascendant in Scorpio does not like people to know more than he deigns to tell them.

5.Pluto Conjunct the IC

This native grew up with violence. It is a sad aspect, but one that does make a lasting impact on the native.

6. Pluto in the 12th House

This aspect denotes a repression of primal impulses. This native tends to stuff anger and other human passions, in other words.

7.Pluto Conjunct the Moon

This native, likely, had a smother mother. The closer the aspect, the more intense was the “smothering”. In turn, the native may have intense emotions.

8. Unaspected Venus

This native is a charmer. Check the charts for this one because it is rare.

9. Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant

Many fine actors seem to have this. I think James Gandolfini( Tony Soprano) had this. The native is, usually, very attractive, but they may have an amorphous sense of self i.e has a hard time feeling a a solid sense of self.

10. Sagittarius Ascendant

I think this makes for a very attractive native. They have an appearance of a horse, often. Also, they look like they are very graceful and would be excellent in the arena of sports or dance. Princess Diana was a Sagittarius Ascendant. Beyonce looks like one, as well.

PS I put on a pic of Daryl Hall because he is so darn handsome and I think he has an Unaspected Scorpio Venus. Also, I think he has a Leo Ascendant, which is classic for a leonine appearance.

20 thoughts on “Ten Aspects Which Reveal TRAITS

  1. amiannJulia_Y

    1. Mars Conjunct Venus… can’t go on a simple errand without women throwing themselves at him.

    Remindes me of a man, Mars/Venus conjunct in Gemini, as described by his close friend: “Not handsome, but always popular with women”.

    10. Sagittarius Ascendant

    Nicolas Cage, my celebrity crush since childhood.

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Haha, you hit it right on the nose πŸ™‚

        As for Daryl, am surprised that he is a Libra with Moon in Aries… To me, looks more like a Scorpio, cunning, hard and somewhat distant, “above the crowd”. Meanwhile, three personal planets in Scorpio… An interesting mix.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          His Moon may be in Taurus, which would make sense because he loves to build houses and he seems like a warm, loving person as are Taurus Moons. We don’t know his time of birth, so he could be either Moon, Julia.

  2. amiannKathy

    Every time I see Pluto conjunct moon, had a mother that smothered. Sorry, the furthest from the truth. Mine is 1 degree apart, so close conjunction.

  3. amiannanna

    kind of turn it off me. You said you put a picture of someone whom you find “darn handsome”..I think that is a very subjective opinion since unaspected venus or not , I don’t find any of those 2 guys really wow or handsome. So, proving my point whom we like or not is very subjective and not determined by the aspect. Saying that it doesn’t mean that the aspects are not playing into someone’s
    looks, but are not the only factors for it….

  4. amiannJenny

    I like this post!
    New to this website πŸ™‚

    Can you do another article like this one?
    For example ascendant in Pisces, moon in Gemini, venus square mars, venus in the 9th, venus square uranus … ☺️

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      Hi Jenny, I am a Moon in Gemini. As are Jake Gyllenhaal , Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey, Barack Obama, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Lawrence, Dita von Teese, Goldie Hawn, Kate Beckinsale (and many more). We have alert, youthful eyes.

  5. amiannT

    I have 6 close friends who have mars=venus, 2 people are exact conjunction, 2 people have it with retrograde venus. I, myself have it, not exact. Yes, they re always close to other sex.
    However, most of them just have 1-2 loves. They are close to other sex as friend

  6. amiannTina

    I have cancer moon and totally agree with what you wrote it!
    I know a guy with Pluto conjunct moon in Scorpio, he is intense, mysterious, I feel that I still don’t know him completely even knowing him for years.
    I was wondering if you can write about quincunx aspect on transits, how could manifest, personal experience with it.
    Thank you ami!

  7. amiannLiv

    Hi Amiann,
    My birth day is 4 Mar 92 23:57, Sydney Aus – I have three of the aspects you described, Mars conjunct Venus though not exact, Pluto in 12th house and Sagg Ascendant at 29 degrees. Pluto is retrograde, and square Mars/Venus/Saturn stellium in Aquarius. I have problems with feeling attractive, but prefer the company of males (in some ways) yet am also mistrustful of myself in the romantic sense. I feel that maybe I will need to wait a long time, maybe even a decade, before I am trustful enough of myself, and before the timing is right with someone else, to form an intimate parnership

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      Hi Liv, I am not Amiann but know a guy who shares the same birthday and rising sign.

      He held the same speech a year and a half ago. Wrong time, no confidence, waiting for someone special. Now he says that not only he FELT he was unattractive; unattractive he WAS, indeed. It just stroke him like a lightning bolt. If nobody wanted him now as he was, why would anyone want him as he was now several years later? So he went to the gym, learned to speak, to spark interest, and now he has a far better social life and is happily dating.

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