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Ten Astrology Tidbits——Easy Way To Understand Ten Aspects

Astrology Tidbits——Easy Way To Understand Aspects

1. Venus In Hard Aspect( Opposition or Square) To Neptune

This native may be deceived in love: deceived by wanting perfection. This may happen again and again. Find someone you trust and have them scope out your intended. Listen, too! Neptune/Venus in hard aspect is what I term, “The Prince Turns Into the Frog”. If you have this aspect, it is not your fault, but now that you know, you can get help.

2. Unaspected Mars

This bad boy(or gal) may look like an angel but has an explosive temper like the devil. Comb the natal chart of your intended and breathe a sigh of relief if his Mars has some aspects. The worst Mars for this aspect is the Cardinal, then the Fixed, then the mutable. The earth signs may be the most likely to be physically abusive. The Air Signs may be most likely to be verbally abusive.

3. Unaspected Venus

This aspect is charm, charm, charm. My heart throb Daryl Hall has an Unaspected Scorpio Venus. No wonder he is so Yum.

4. Neptune Trine Mercury

This aspect confers writing ability on the native—-a natural, gifted writer.

5. Mars Conjunct Venus

Super, super, super sexy and charismatic.

6. Uranus Trine the Sun

Pure brilliance. This man is a natural inventor and innovator.

7. Mars Conjunct Uranus

This native may be accident prone, through no fault of his own. He may, also, be impulsive and explosive with his anger.

8. Venus Trine the Ascendent

Very Attractive

9. Moon Conjunct Mars

May have had a very hard relationship with the mother that was filled with contention and argumentativeness.

10. Pluto Trine the Sun

A natural leader: a person who has strong, primal energy and a powerful presence.

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