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Ten Placements I Write About That Get People Mad and WHY?

Brad was nice enough to write to me and tell me I was loosing my edge, so to speak. Well, thanks Brad! I have the best people come to my website and comment!

!. Moon Square Mars

I have made a few enemies from this one. This dude does not like women. It is, usually, a kind of deep mistrust/dislike. He would be the last person to know, so don’t blame him when he doth protest too much.

2. Chiron Conjunct the Ascendant

Most people appreciate insight into this. This aspect indicates severe bullying, if the aspect is close(1-4 degrees). Some people will argue, but this is, usually, when they have a wide aspect, which makes bullying more ambient.

3. Mars Conjunct Neptune

These people may be “Cheech and Chong” types—–“Whatever, Man”. For those of you who don’t know Cheech and Chong, they had a series of misadventures while perpetually high. I have seen Mars conjunct Neptune people be very successful, but there is some area in life in which they have a very, very laid back attitude which is not “normal”, shall we say. Check the house of the conjunction for more information.

4. Aquarius Moon

I have gotten the most flak from my loyal moon articles. Well, I think people are very different when it comes to loyalty. I think some placements are low in loyalty, although one does need to look at the whole chart. I do not like certain Moon placements because I really don’t trust them, in terms of foxhole trust. Yes, I would trust them to loan them my spatula. One of these is Aquarius Moon. The Moon does not have the fast acting loyalty of a Cancer Moon(me). I am very big on trust. If I can’t trust you, I won’t waste time on you( Real enough for you, Brad?)

5.Libra Moon

Single placement wise, this is my least trusted placement. This is known as the Courtesan’s Moon because they can cut off their feelings. In a fox hole, they would, likely, use you for a human shield. Do you hate me yet?

6. Gemini Moon

These guys seem to get very angry when you say they are not loyal, but they may not have the inner strength to be loyal, unless many, many other placements show differently. These dudes are “Attention Deficit Disorder” to the max.

7. Pisces Moon

These dudes seem to lack the testicles to be loyal and steadfast. They, simply, seem to follow the path of least resistance. For my personal friends, I need people I can trust, so I don’t like to invest in people who won’t be there when a few snowflakes fall,so to speak.

8. Aries Venus in a Man

These guys need an aggressive female. If I see this one placement, I would have no interest in the person.

9. Bilk Conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, North Node or MC

Someone close to me has Bilk Conjunct the Sun. I have had to repel him on many occasions, on which he tried to take financial advantage of me. I do love him for OTHER things, but beware of any of the “lie” asteroids such as Lie and Bilk.

10. Nessus Conjunct the Ascendant, MC or North Node

I would, simply, be careful around these dudes. You don’t want to get on their bad side because there are a wealth of inner demons which can be unleashed and you don’t want to be the recipient.

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18 thoughts on “Ten Placements I Write About That Get People Mad and WHY?

  1. amiannPheephee

    It always makes me laugh when you say people get mad about what you say of the libra moon… Its soo true what you say!!
    I am a libra moon and my sister is a libra moon…we can cut OFF feelings like nobodys business especially when it comes to family/parents/siblings and in home. But also emotion in close contact and in public.
    Its not that we don’t feel per say, but we definitely don’t show.
    I’d like to say it was also thought by our emotionless parents…both moon in capricorns…..COLDDDDDDD in family relations. so cold and empty.

    Emotions do go to certain things, like I will cry non stop at spca and world vision commercials, and pets, but close contact with humans, I’m deadened.
    I remember instance when young where all the girls in my class were crying horribly at something that indirectly happened to us all…..and I just sat there with them and couldn’t figure out what the fuss was about. Like it was foreign to me and my friend (she’s a gemini moon and also cold). We just sat there stunned at the girls crying, not at the incident.

    The loyalty thing is also true….no matter what anyone else says. We are so scared or hate confrontation so much that we will drop and run rather than stand up and fight or say anything against it. We feel it inside,but it won’t come out physically or verbally. Its just a thing both me and my sister have.

    Also, I was a sugar baby to much older men for years….I could easily cut feelings for comfort/money/fun and the approval of men. In my younger years…I can’t do it anymore without disgust….so maybe we learn eventually about feelings???

    saying all that, our capricorn moon parents definitely taught us not to feel or show emotions especially. It was never okay, dangerous even.

    Sorry for the long post….just thoughts I wanted to get out.

  2. amiannColdfire

    I find Libra moons to be VERY CLINGY !! No i havent gotten the signs mixed up . I know Cancer is supposed to be clingy but i find most people with Libra Moons to be clingy !! Atleast that has been my personal experience . Not once but quite a few times . I had a guy with a Libra Moon writing love letters to me with his own blood . Yes his own blood . He loved me but I did not kove him . When I clearly told him that , he went berserk !! He had wanted to marry me . He tried to committ suicide but did not succeed , he lost out on 1 year of studies and his parents threatened to sue to me for causing their son so much distress . It was a total night-mare . I am very wary of Libra moons . They get super clingy with me. My own mother has a Libra Moon and she is very super “attached” to me . I have a Gemini Sun , Pisces Moon and Sag ascendant . Plus Sun and Mars opposed Uranus . Freedom ! Freedom ! Freedom ! Selfish and uncaring though it may sound , but I really give a damn about anything or anyone when my freedom is seriously threatened. I honestly would not have cared either had the guy actually committed suicide. My Pluto also conjuncted his Moon in Libra . Maybe thats why ge was so “into” me and I dint care that much .

  3. amiannJulia_Y

    “2. Chiron Conjunct the Ascendant. Severe bullying”.

    Have this. Experienced. Believe it to be a particularly useful hard placement, as I was obliged by the circumstances to overcome shyness and assert myself.

    Ami, do you believe that one is given exactly what he/she is able to handle, and should handle, in order to get better with time?

    “6. Gemini Moon. These guys seem to get very angry when…”.

    We can ever get angry? 0_0.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is a great question, Julia. I don’t think people are given ways to overcome the struggles in the charts. I think God pushes us so we will come to the end of ourselves and choose Him, which is the purpose for this life, in my opinion. I should write an article on thwarts because many people have a certain desire and then something that blocks it, so the person is very frustrated.

  4. amiannCold Fire

    Ami , this guy could be having such a place like Moon conjunct Dejanira …but the thing is that I find ALL people men or women , with Libra Moons very clingy !!! Especially men , as I have had more interactions with men with such placements . They want me to “committ” to them somehow , in some form (not necessarily always in terms of getting married – committment as a friend or girlfriend. ) . Which I am very reluctant to do …even if I have liked them a lot , I cannot “committ” to anyone specifically like that. Maybe my Pluto in Libra conjuncts their Libra moons . But even with this strong placement like Moon conjunct Pluto and me being Pluto , my natal Uranus placements JUST do not let me “committ” to anyone . I am more “committed” to a cause for my own benefit or benefitting a large group of people . But never to any specific person , ever. Thats why I am SO surprised why Libra Moon folks who are supposed to detach from their feelings , behave in such a clingy manner with me !!!! Maybe its just with me specifically …Ugggggh !!

  5. amiannLisa Armstrong

    Libra moons – nah! Just so wishy washy. Not disloyal just unloyal. They don’t like to get too deep and what they say or mean today will be forgotten about tomorrow or if the going gets tough. They want an easy life and don’t want any deep, plutonian shit. I had an ex boyfriend with a Libra moon and he wasn’t just unfaithful but he would be and was unfaithful with my worst enemy. Just could not be relied upon. Also had a longstanding friend who just used to get through friends like nobody’s business – she was always out for herself.

  6. amiannSonya Kosloski

    I have moon in aquarius and my boyfriend has moon in libra. I truly believe natal aspects of our moons ( his in 4th, mine in 12th) hugely impact the air signs. We have fourth house and 8th house moon synastry and noon trine Pluto. I feel our souls are one. The connection so deep. Maybe it’s all the cancer in our synastry but no lack of feelings here 😋

  7. amiannVS

    Libra moon is the worst i agree…. They really are.. Fake :/ unfortunately I’ve attracted many of them and they never say it like it is, laugh with people then gossip about them, say sweet words to you just to have someone around. Wth. Gemini moons are funny in a sense… Not my cup of tea and pretty superficial but there’s this weird innocence about the ones i know that i can’t hate them tho i don’t want them close either.

    Pisces moons.. Man.. In combination with a fire sun… Especially leo… DRAMA QUEENS. Too emotional and manipulative for me

  8. amiannDanny Watts

    My parents are both Aqua Moon! I can’t stand that placement… So cold and distant emotionally for my Cap Moon. Libra moons are superrrr fake I have found. Gemini Moon talk wayyy too much for my taste.

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