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TenSad Placements and WHY?

When I do charts, I get sad, sometimes. I am going to write about placements that either I, someone close to me or some of my clients have experienced. These are not the only “sad” placements, but they are ones that I have, personally, found sad. As always, I hope that this can help you learn in a way that is interesting.

1. Kaali Conjunct the Ascendant
Someone close to me has this placement. He is an extroverted person but gets very drained by people. Hence, he tends to eschew social interactions. This loss of energy is not his fault. Kaali is the energy body. It is not a good placement to have one’s energy body close to the Ascendant. It is better to have Kaali in a more internal spot.

2 Aphophis Conjunct Mercury
I found the practical meaning of Aphophis from doing charts. I am not an egghead astrologer. I have to understand the placements from my heart before I can use them. That is why I do charts as I do. I want to understand from the owner of the chart how HE perceives his placements. In this case, Aphophis produces chaos in the mind.The person I know has a very hard time learning and concentrating on subjects, even though he is very intelligent. Once again, it is not his fault. It is the hand of cards he was dealt, so to speak.

3. Aphophis Conjunct Venus
This is in the chart of one of my beloved clients. All of my clients are beloved. If I do not resonate with you, I won’t do your chart. Hence, I love all my clients and, usually, have long term relationships with them. In this case, love seems to be something that turns chaotic, through no fault of his own. It is the nature of the chart energies.

4. Nemesis Conjunct the Moon
I have this and it is sad. My mother was my secret enemy. In the case of this aspect, it is very hard to trust women, in general. One’s relationships with women seem to turn sour. How this happens, I am not sure. It is, probably, simply the chart energies and not something of which one has conscious control.

5. Chiron Conjunct the North Node

Chiron causes so much darn pain. God knows what He is doing in making the charts, but with my small, human, peanut brain, I would like to obliterate Chiron. I would like to make every planet Jupiter, the fairy godmother. In the case of Chiron conjunct the North Node, the person seems to have a theme of pain in his life, through no fault of his own.

6.Unaspected Moon

Hard Moon placements make me very sad. I am a Cancer Moon and am very emotional. If you tell me a sad story, you will see tears in my eyes. The Moon is one’s deepest heart. In the case of the Unaspected Moon, the native was not mothered. She was not nurtured.

7. Saturn in the 12th House

This placement seems to be a person who feels left out of life. This native may sit on the sidelines of life while watching others interact,but be afraid to join.

8. Pluto Conjunct the IC

This is, likely, violence in the childhood home. The native may never really get over this trauma.

9. Sado Conjunct the IC

I just realized I had this last week. I, rarely, do my own chart. I have it exact and I was kind of shocked. However, my mother was sadistic, so, once again, the chart never lies.

10. Dejanira Conjunct the Moon at a Close Orb(1-4)
If I had to say the top saddest placement, it would be this. I have never seen a case in which the child did not have serious childhood abuse, usually sexual. My heart breaks when I see this placement.

10 thoughts on “TenSad Placements and WHY?

  1. amiannBrad

    Before the great apostasy of doom, your posts addressed real items. Now, they just seem to reference random asteroids. I don’t say this meanly – just – where is the Ami that was always so insightful? Who cares that you were off base on a prophesy? No one! It literally states in the Bible that no one will know when the Armageddon will occur. Please return to your insightful and keep-it-real posts. I – and everyone – love those!!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Brad, I can tell you are real and I appreciate it greatly. What do you mean exactly. Please, give details so I can really understand what you are saying xxxx

  2. amiannE

    Apophis less than 1 degree conjunct sun? I’ve been thinking for years of getting an ouroboros tattoo because it resonates so deeply (I’ve lived and experienced the void and rising continually from that “nothingness” a great deal), so to see it conjunct my sun makes a lot of freaky sense. Also have chaos conjunct NN. Much of my life has been spent making peace with the void and chaos and using them to my advantage, or just accepting it. Buddhists have sunyata, and also say everything is in continual change/flux, even though everyone has a natural desire for things to stay exactly the same. It’s impossible for this to be so.

    And with uranus conjunct my ascendant… ! haha… 😉
    Not all sadness, but something to learn how to love and live with.

    Also Sedna conjunct NN. Have been betrayed by many men and others in my life. Another thing where these things make one stronger (but not before becoming jaded and distrustful for years…).

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