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The Importance of the IC and the Meaning of Planets in the Fourth House

In one of my Facebook groups, a member requested more information on the IC. I will provide a detailed study of the IC and its conjunctions. TThe conjunction is the strongest aspect in all of astrology. With the IC, I look at conjunctions only. Yes, other close aspects would matter, but one has to confine oneself to the most important things. If not, the chart would take weeks to decipher. As it is, a professional natal chart takes me four or five days to complete.

The IC is the angle of childhood. The IC shows is the nature and flavor of our childhood. Hence, it is a very valuable part of the chart. The sign on the IC shows us the flavor of the childhood. If one has Capricorn as the IC sign, one had a cold childhood. If one has Sagittarius, one had an exciting childhood. If one has Taurus, one may have had a stable childhood. However, it is not that simple. One must study the planets conjunct the IC as well as the planets in the fourth house. Then, one must make an exhaustive study of the asteroids. I have over 300 asteroids on my list, but that is not nearly all the asteroids available. Hence, one always needs to study more and add more if one wants to provide the best service possible.( I will discuss asteroids in a future article)

Let’s look at the planets either conjunct the IC or in the fourth house. First of all, if planets conjunct the IC at a close orb(1-3), the effect will be much stronger than if they are simply in the fourth house. However, the meaning will be the same. Let’s go.

Sun—–When the Sun is in the fourth house, the native was thought of as an important part of the family. The native shone in his early home. Maybe, he was an excellent student or a wonderful sportsman. He brought pride to the family

Moon—When the Moon is in the fourth house, the home had a warmth and a heart.

Mercury—When Mercury is in the fourth house, the intellect was important in the home.

Mars—When Mars is in the fourth house, there may have been violence in the home. Violence may have been verbal abuse, not physical.There was unrest in the home.

Venus–When Venus is in the fourth house, the native was loved

Saturn–When Saturn is in the fourth house, the home was cold. It may have been too strict or simply cold.

Jupiter—When Jupiter is in the fourth house, the native had a good childhood experience.

Pluto—When Pluto is in the fourth house, there was violence in the home and it may have been physical. The child was afraid.

Uranus—When Uranus is in the fourth house, the home was unstable and unsafe. The mother may have been mentally ill or addicted to drugs. These are just two possible examples.

Neptune–When Neptune is in the fourth house, parenting was not really available. The native is confused about what really happened in his childhood.

17 thoughts on “The Importance of the IC and the Meaning of Planets in the Fourth House

  1. amiannBonnie

    What if your 4th house is empty (besides asteroïds) and your ruler “uranus” is in the 1st house?

    My son has his sun (taurus) in 4th with mercury R, he had many years his speech was slow to develop. Bit of a hermit. Diagnosed with autism in his younger years.

    My daughter has capricorn in 4th with moon and lilith conjunct. Only by transits (saturn/ pluto), she got confronted with violence, but the violence was towards me, not her.

    What if jupiter conjunct asteroid “lie” is in the 4th close axis 5th house?

    Thank again for your informative teaching Ami

  2. amiannSam

    Hey Ami,

    I am currently in the middle of a very challenging combinations of transits through my fourth house. My homelife and living situation are being tested.

    I just wanted to let you know I found this post helpful and timely, even though much of it is about natal charts.

    Thanks for letting God use you.


  3. amiann:)

    I think the exact aspects to the planet at ic also affects the flavour of childhood. For example, I had moon at ic in cancer, taking aspects from Pluto Scorpio and Uranus Aquarious (inconjunct). When I was at 5, my house collapsed due to a big earthquake while we were on vocation. Two years later my parents got divorced. Although these were difficult memories, I was always loved and protected by my mom and her family.

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