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The Intellectual Man and Satan

Satan is a topic that causes eye rolling of the highest order from the intellectual man. A little man with a pitch fork, you ask? You ask rightly as some Christians have acted foolishly and given the name of Satan a hilarious connotation. However, the way I describe Satan is not funny. Was it funny when Amy Winehouse was driven to death by addictions? Was it funny when terrorists blew up the World Trade Center? Is it funny when someone commits suicide? You get the point. Even the most savvy man would acknowledge the existence of evil. You must admit there is darkness within the human soul which is played out on the world stage. This is Satan. Satan is a spirit. He is not a little guy with a pitchfork. He is the spirit of darkness which plagues every man within his own desires. Hence, how does the intellectual man consider Satan? Just as there is a force of love and beauty, there is an opposite force for death and destruction. This force is Satan. When one conceptualizes it this way, it is easier to swallow as each man’s experience will confirm it’s inherent truth.

God is love.This simple sentence describes God fully. We, in our limited states, cannot understand God’s Love. Jesus is a manifestation of God’s Love. The earth itself is a manifestation of God’s love.The oceans stay within their borders. The trees provide fruit and flowers. The earth provides food. Our bodies are more magnificent than the most highly technical machine. God shows himself through the natural world. Even the most hardened man must admit this fact. Where do we go from here? God is love.If you remember that, you will know with which force you are dealing—God or satan. There are two warring forces at work in your life and in the world. You may say that this is too simple of an explanation.It is simple but simple things are not necessarily wrong. Love is simple. Love is also very complex. Follow love and you will find God.

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