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The Moon In The Signs

Nathy requested more articles on Astrology. Please request things .It is my pleasure to try to accomodate them. The moon is ones deepest heart, ones deepest core. When one is relaxed, playing with a dog or a child, one is acting from one’s moon. When one is in love, one shares one’s moon with one’s lover. Picture that core place, inside you. That is your moon.

Moon in Aries–very bold, will stand up, will protect loved ones, may jump in with both feet and worry about outcomes later

Moon in Taurus—the “teddy bear” moon, has a kind and tender heart, is happy with simple things like a hot meal, a comfortable chair and plenty of hugs

Moon in Gemini–this is a hard place for the moon. It makes the person restless, with a feeling that one can’t stop and just relax. It is a high strung moon.

Moon in Cancer–the best place for the moon. It is in its home. It is tender, protective and nurturing. The person may be psychic. He feels psychic intuitions in his gut. He is very loyal to those he loves.

Moon in Leo– a lovely place for the moon. The person is a big kid. He may want to be the center of attention, but he will do it in such an endearing way that people won’t mind. He is generous . He loves to buy special presents for his friends. He puts a lot of time and effort in to JUST the right present. If you have a Leo moon friend, you know what I mean.

Moon in Virgo–you could call this the “picky” moon. One could be critical with this moon. It is a prickly place to have the moon, as if one were wearing an itchy sweater and one is not able to take it off

Moon in Libra–this moon finds it hard to make a decision because it sees all sides. It second guesses it’s emotions. The person may think, instead of feel. As such, the person could seem cold.

Moon in Scorpio–is one of the hardest places to have the moon. The moon gets very passionate , which is not the moon’s natural inclination. This moon may be jealous, very possessive and obsessive in love. This moon can hold a grudge longer than any moon placement.

Moon in Sag–this moon can be restless. It loves to travel, see new places and meet new people. The hardest problem with this moon is the feeling that one must be on the go, always learning and exploring. This moon finds it hard to settle down with one person and in one place.

Moon in Cap–this moon is one of the hardest places to have the moon. The moon likes to be tender and naive. It does not like to be on guard , feeling it must be cagey or cunning in order to survive . This moon may rationalize cheating and conniving more than other moon placements. This moon is wonderful if they are care for you. They will fight for you. If not, it may be the most dangerous moon as it may be the coldest, most cynical and self serving moon.


Moon in Aqua -this moon can be detached. When in love, this moon may seem as if they do not care. They may not like strong emotions in other people..They may think , rather than feel. This may not be the best moon if you want a warm, sympathetic ear.

Moon in Pisces–this moon is very, very sensitive. It can be psychic. It’ will be psychic through dreams and visions, not as Cancer, which is through gut feelings. This person will be very kind and feels things very deeply. If they do not appear to be this way, they are. This moon can give too much to people. This moon has to watch out for depression and emotional problems because they can fall in to the dark places more easily than other moons. Pay attention if your Pisces moon friend talks about things such as suicide.





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