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The Parents of Jeffrey Epstein( As Seen in the Natal Chart)

There seems to be little available on the childhood of Jeffrey Epstein.In fact,there seems to be little biographical information on him at all. He does not appear in any videos, except the recent one with Donald Trump(which is being used in the tawdry attempt to besmirch an innocent man, our beloved President Trump) so Epstein remains a mystery. The chart does show us everything we need to know, so let me try to tackle his early home.

We do not have an accurate birth time. I estimated a birth time in my other articles based on his appearance and some of the house and planet placements. He looks like a Sagittarius Ascendant to me. However, when trying to ascertain an Ascendant with no birth time, I like to look at videos of the person. The video would show his mannerisms. A Sagittarius Ascendant is very graceful a la Princess Diana.

It has been a nagging thought in my head that he may have Sphinx conjunct the Ascendant. Jeffrey looks exactly like a Sphinx. Does he not? For this article, I am going to put Sphinx conjunct the Ascendant. That would give him an Aquarius Ascendant. Physically, I could make a case for an Aquarius Ascendant.

You are going to laugh when I tell you this. You know who I think of when I think of an Aquarius Ascendant? Ernie on Sesame Street. Aquarius Ascendant natives seem to have some sort of a weird forehead and strange face shape. For all of you who are insulted, I am not saying you are unattractive. Each sigh has it’s own traits.

Now, onto the meat of the chart. The Sun is the father and the Moon is the mother. I think Jeffrey Epstein had a father who was a literal demon from hell. I have seen many charts. I have never seen a Sun with so many terrible asteroids piled up like a “ten car pile up”. In fact, Epstein’s Sun has the worst group of asteroids conjunct it that I have ever seen to date. Many make diametrical oppositions to each other, making Epstein’s ego VERY ERRATIC. Some are these asteroids are “plain bad” when ALONE. However, when it combination, they are Chernobyl.

First of all, I think Jeffrey was the victim of his father and the victimization was bad. I get this from Dejanira conjunct the Sun. I think Jeffrey’s dad was very explosive. I bet he would explode with rages. I get this from Pholus conjunct the Sun.

When Jeffrey’s father was angry, I bet some level of doom descended. I get this from Aphophis conjunct the Sun. To summarize, I think Jeffrey was badly abused by a person who had out of control rages. These rages resulted in very dire things for Jeffrey. I think Jeffrey feels like a victim, even though that may not be apparent to us as bystanders.

Jeffrey has the Sun square Saturn. This aspect tells us his father “rode his back”. In other words, his father carped and criticized Jeffrey for not being “better” or “more”. In simple terms, this would be a father who demanded “straight A’s” all the time.

Jeffrey has Sun square Neptune. The dad was absent in some way. The father may have abused alcohol. The father may not have been home very much. The father may have escaped while he was at home. At any rate, Jeffrey did not feel his dad was available to him.

I wish I could say his mother was better. I did not do the asteroids for the Moon because we don’t know the exact degree of the Moon. However, we can see that his Moon squares both Chiron and Uranus. Either of these spells a doomed relationship with the mother.Both are very deleterious.

The Moon square Uranus is a mother who was bizarre, severely absent or unsafe in some way, such as being mentally ill, for one. The child could never overcome the barriers to the that his mother put forth.

The Moon square Chiron is deep pain with the mother. This, also, translates to pain upon dealing with his own emotions.

I think he had two parents from hell. Also, the nature of his relationship with his mother tells us how he feels about women, in general. Women represent pain to him. Women are not stable, in his eyes. Women are not safe to trust. This kind of man could prey of weak, young girls. They certainly are “safer”.

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4 thoughts on “The Parents of Jeffrey Epstein( As Seen in the Natal Chart)

  1. amiannGia

    Thank you for doing the work on this. Ghislaine is a Capricorn. Lady Narcissist and Epstein as an Evil Aquarius make sense. I can’t locate Mark Epstein’s date of birth anywhere and I feel that it’s a missing link. Can you help with this?

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