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Twenty Astrological Tidbits For the People Who Like Little Tastes

I love little tastes. I love the stores that have samples. I am going to one tomorrow, so I decided to give you some little tastes. I hope you enjoy these and learn some things, as well! The following aspects are for the natal chart.

1. Chiron Oppose the Moon may be freaked out by her own emotions. They may feel like aliens. They may feel scary and uncomfortable, as if they could bite her, if they get out of their cage. Her relationship with her mother was, likely, painful. However, she, likely, did not give up on it, but had eternal hope that it would resolve.

2. Venus Conjunct Mars is, always, very sexy. Period end!

3. Pluto Conjunct the MC has a powerful presence. He exudes a sense that he is in charge and he expects respect from others.

4. The asteroid Mania Conjunct the Descendant likely, chooses/finds partners who have mental/emotional issues. One of my clients has this. She is one of my most beloved clients and she knows who she is. We discovered this together.

5. The asteroid Chaos is what it suggests. That which it touches will, likely, be a chaotic sphere of life. If Chaos conjuncts Venus, the native will, likely, have storms/hurricanes in his love life.

6. Tantulus conjunct Venus. I was thinking about this the other day. The person I know who has this greatly desires true love, but it seems to be elusive. Tantulus tantalizes but does not allow obtainment of the desire.

7. Mercury in Scorpio loves to delve into the mysteries of life. They would, likely, read books, such as detective novels, crime novels or FBI Profiler books.

8. Venus in Gemini is, always( or always as I have seen) a flirt.

9. Venus in Virgo cannot stand offensive smells and tastes. They can make him physically ill.

10. Moon Conjunct Pluto, likely, had a smother mother.

11. Uranus trine the Sun is a genius.

12. Uranus Oppose Jupiter may like to shock people.

13. Many, many hard aspects to Jupiter may show lack of conscience.

14.Kaali Conjunct the Ascendant may get very drained in social situations.

15. Saturn Conjunct the Ascendant may have dental or bone problems.

16. Neptune square Venus may fall in love with the frog and think he is a prince until she is married and has two children and a mortgage. If you have this aspect, find people whom you trust and let them give their opinions of your prospective spouse BEFORE you marry.

17. Pluto Conjunct Venus may be too, too, too overwhelmed when in love. If he gets rejected, it may be very hard to cope.

18. The Unaspected Mars is Mr Temper Tantrum. This is worse in cardinal signs.

19.Mars in Scorpio is, always, sexy. I don’t care what else he has( You know I had to add that)

20. Uranus in the 12th House, likely, has hidden kink of which he is ashamed.

16 thoughts on “Twenty Astrological Tidbits For the People Who Like Little Tastes

  1. amiannShai

    I cant agree on the chiron moon opposition.
    I have it with my virgo sun, pisces moon.
    It seems to be more pain themed toward motherhood.
    Pain involving pregnancy and motherhood.

  2. amiannPheephee

    Venus in Virgo!! I have pretty severe Misophonia (hatred of specific sounds like chewing or mouth breathing or sooooo many different sounds). Very open and accepting on many different tastes but smell is particular.

    my Misophonia was has been most of my life and severe to the point where I cannot sleep in the same room as another due to the breathing sounds. I cannot eat with another without background music or tv. I get almost crazy, where I feel I have to reset my brain by physically shaking, by nose, skin sloughing, mouth or tapping movements.
    i am constantly on peoples asses about this which is not endearing.

    Smells….I am sensitive/allergic? to many perfumery. sadly.
    At work, as a dog groomer…. I am the one who has become the allergy dog sniffer. I can smell allergy coming off the dogs when my coworkers cannot.

    My venus is also Un-aspected by major planet.

    Anyways. Venus in Virgo is right and funny to see!!

    my best friend, who is also venus in virgo is also a Misophonia but not quite as extreme as me.

      1. amiannPheephee

        Ya!! I was re-reading my all my comments and I have made myself sound like a crazy loony bin person. haha
        On the outside though I look and seem and act perfectly normal. My friends say I am very quiet and serious acting. No one would know my crazy unless I tell them or get close to them.

        I think I just feel comfortable letting it all out on this site and just saying it like it is. haha.
        I would at some point like to figure myself out AND figure out what I am meant to do in this lifetime besides just having pleasure, maybe thats why I’m throwing all of my issues out here. My therapy lol

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I love your being here, P. When I do charts, I am told it is like 10 years of therapy. That is kind of my goal because the charts can show what 20 years of therapy really can’t, in my opinion.

  3. amiannJulia_Y

    “7. Mercury in Scorpio loves to delve into the mysteries of life”.

    Oscar Wilde, an Irish author, had this one. I’ve always found his writings mesmerizing. My Venus in Scorpio must be reacting, as birds of a feather flock together.

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Having Mercury in Scorpio wouldn’t displease me; I find these natives so boldly honest and confident that I can’t help respecting them. Mine is in Libra and is prominent in my chart due to numerous aspects. Maybe this is why I burn to understand the functioning of the world and enjoy learning?

        “19.Mars in Scorpio is, always, sexy. I donโ€™t care what else he has( You know I had to add that)”
        This guy en vogue, Jeremy Meeks, surely has this one. Went from a criminal to a model at the speed of light, and all I hear about him is “oooh!” and “aaaah!” from women trembling with desire. He freaks me out, but cannot deny that he has this “something”.

  4. amiannMoonlove

    First off thank you so much for your blog. Still trying to learn the ins & outs of astrology and it has really helped.
    Secondly love these tidbits! I used to be a “phone actress” if you know what I mean…. and my clients that I got to know well enough to ask for their info so I could pull their chart I totally saw the 12th house Uranus thing in so many of them.
    Also I saw some trends in the charts of other operators I got to know. many of us had several personal plants in the 8th in fire or water. We all had Mercury of course in the 8th and if it didn’t Uranus it would trine Neptune. Usually some really interesting ascpets and placesmenta to Persephone. But ehh who knows I’m still learning it all and figuring it out so I might be connecting some dots that aren’t even ment to be.

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