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Twenty Astrology Tidbits——Easy Way To Understand Twenty Aspects

Ten Astrology Tidbits——Easy Way To Understand  Ten Aspects

Ten Astrology Tidbits——Easy Way To Understand Ten Aspects

First of all, I wanted to title this,”Twenty Non Politically Correct Astrology Tidbits”. If anything is going to doom our culture, it is political correctness. No one can say what is really on their minds because some whiny baby will get his feelings hurt. Please leave if you want your feelings massaged. If not, stay tuned. This is going to be fun, simple and most of all REAL *sigh*

!. Sagittarius Ascendant

Looks like a horse. I say this in the nicest way because I think this Ascendant is one of the prettiest and most graceful.. Think of Princess Diana, who has a Sagittarius Ascendant. Think of Beyonce, whom I think has a Sagittarius Ascendant. Some people who look like a horse are not, particularly, attractive. Think of Marilyn Qualye. However, Dan was pretty enough for both of them and Marilyn was, probably, loaded.

2. Leo Ascendant

Leo Ascendant looks like a lion. often with the lion’s mane. I think Darly Hall is a wonderful example of a Leo Ascendant, with those beautiful blonde tresses. We do not know his exact time, but he does exemplify the Leo Ascendant. He enjoys performing, too, which is classic for the Leo Ascendant.

3. Venus Conjunct Mercury

Lovely manner of self expression. I have recently done some charts for these natives and they, always, make me feel very special with their lovely words.

4.Eris Conjunct the North Node

These natives seem to be put on earth to be annoying. I know that sounds terrible, but I think it is true. Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.

5. Aphrodite Conjunct the North Node

These native bring beauty into the world. It may be in the realm of the arts or, simply, their lovely manner of self expression.

6. Mars Conjunct Saturn

These natives may find it very hard to reach goals because they shoot themselves in the foot.

7. Venus Conjunct Saturn

These natives have a hard time feeling they are worthy of love.

8. Mars Conjunct Neptune

These natives may day dream themselves out of that good job. They may rather sleep or get high than wake up to the alarm clock every day.

9. Venus Conjunct Chiron

These natives may be hurt in love, time and time again, through no fault of their own. It is the chart energies.

10. Seventh House Stellium

This is one of the harder stelliums because the life purpose of the native is tied up with another person. People can be funky, as we all know. I really don’t like planets in the Seventh House for this reason.

11. Saturn in the Twelfth House

These natives may feel as if they are, always, on the outside looking in. They may feel left out of groups and activities.

12. Unaspected Saturn

This natives have a great, great deal of integrity. I love this aspect. Someone close to me has it.

13. Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant

Very, very powerful presence with penetrating eyes.

14. Pluto Conjunct the Sun

Lots and lots of primal and tensile strength. Look for the House placement to see in which life arena this plays out.

15. Neptune Square Mercury

This native may be a liar. I am not saying will. I am saying may.

16. Mercury Conjunct Mars

I love this aspect. These natives are very honest, forthright and direct in the manner of Simon Cowell, who has it.

17. Moon Trine Venus

Charm out the whazoo. Loves women and they know it and love him back.

18. Saturn Conjunct the Ascendant

Did not have the chance to be a carefree child. Had to grow up early. Also, may have dental or skeletal problems.

19. Sun Conjunct the Descendant

May look for his identity in his partner. May give over his will to the partner.

20. Venus in Gemini—Flirt!

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