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The Ups and Downs of Each Mars Sign

I write this article due to my bummy Mars. The person closest to me has a Sagittarius Mars. I can see how fluidly his Mars functions as compared to my rusty bicycle Cancer Mars. Of well, time for another article! For the planet Mars, it functions best in Scorpio and Aries. That is because the ENERGY of these signs work well with the ENERGY of the planet Mars. That principle can be applied to all of Astrology. Let’s check out the Mars signs!


Best Part—–Bold, Will Stand Up For the Underdog

Worst Part–May Be Too Rash


Best Part—Excellent Common Sense

Worst Part—Slow to Make Decisions


Best Part—-Excited About New Possibilities, Enthusiastic

Worst Part—–Changes His Mine When the Next Shiny Bauble Tempts Him


Best Part—Loyal as All Get Out

Worst Part—Stuffs Emotions into the Stomach


Best Part—Does Everything With Lots of Style

Worst Part—–May Be an Attention Hog


Best Part—Pays Great Attention to Detail

Worst Part—–Tries to Control Situations Excessively


Best Part—-Very Fair

Worst Part

Can’t Make Decisions


Best Part—-Very Sexy, Goes After Goals With Ease

Worst Part—Can Be a Stalker if Rebuffed


Best Part

Goes With the Flow, Loves to Travel, Loves Adventure

Worst Part

Averse To Fight When Needed, Too Nonchalant


Best Part

Excellent Long Term Goal Setter

Worst Part

Too materialistic


Best Part

Very Open Minded

Worst Part

Afraid of Commitment, Needs a Lot of Space


Best Part

Very Poetic, Very Creative

Worst Part

15 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Each Mars Sign

  1. amiannIwona

    My mars is in late degree if Leo. I love showing off. Also is in conjunction with Venus in 2nd house. Money is important to me only so I can buy clothing and other stuff which make me shine… I also like spending money 🙂

  2. amiannRebeca Eigen

    Excellent. My Mars is in Sag but it is conjunct my Moon and trine to Pluto. I am definitely not nonchalant when it comes to a confrontation. I’ll tell you exactly what I think if I am mad and you won’t like it.

  3. amiannBonnie

    Mars in libra..
    My excuses, Bit short of information.
    Had mars r (natal 11th) as a kid i saw a lot of injustice.. even studied for law suit.. i lacked confidence and persistence to carry through. Although i would be a good natural karma judge.
    In progression my mars is prograde in my 10th conjunct natal moon 6° position. I guess my mars functioned more on knowing about relationships and people.
    Saturn and pluto playing judge and jury there too…
    I used to be easy to turn my back away from liars. Know i can accept it to a degree or see through it and confront them or leave it be as long as it does hurt me personally. Got my mercury in 7th in trine with my mars libra.
    Other downfalls:
    I can loose interest in connecting with people when i dont feel connected.. strange.. but hey.. we all have our individual interests.
    It used to made me feel lonely.
    I used to show a lot of interest in people, helping, counseling..etc
    Never felt that same kinda compassion or understanding towards me.. kinda held me against them. Used to believe in give and take but learned the hard way not everybody shares the same values. My own ego can disolve in relation to others.

    I live my life with my man and childeren he’s got mars in scorpio.. stalker lol.. explains why he never leaves me alone.
    My son mars in aquarius = correct
    Very revolutionairy/ group ettic without loosing his individuality (can be a dictator lol). Mars 2nd opposite jupiter.
    My daughter mars in gemini = correct
    Always looking for the next new inspirational thing. You see her thought procceses working itself out, thinks out loud too. Her mars in her 9th house. Can be a bit edgy or bizarre at times.

    1. amiannIwona

      I think not just that is Virgo but also house placement counts..
      And 6th house naturally belongs to Virgo…. Also your ascendant may come to play as irs bug part if your personality

  4. amiannVivian

    Mars in Taurus and even retrograde

    I am here trying to give good common sense to a Sagittarius Sun with Mars in Cancer but he isnt listening to me

    at all

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