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The Ups and Downs of Your Venus Sign

People seemed to like my last article on the ups and downs of your Mars sign. I really aim to please, so here is another. Venus is the planet of LOVE. It shows that which we love in people and that which we love in clothes, music and other such things. Venus shows that to which we are ATTRACTED. Mars shows how we go after what we want. If you know the Mars and Venus sign of your beloved, you are off to an excellent start!

Aries Venus

Ups—–Very Aggressive Going After What He Wants

Down—May Peter Out and Become Passive After He Gets What He Wants

Taurus Venus

Ups—-Strong Deliberation Before Going After What He Wants. Remains Loyal To the Beloved. Excellent Common Sense

Downs—May Be Too Stubborn. Once He Makes Up His Mind, He is, Unlikely, To Change.

Gemini Venus

Ups–Excellent Wit, Big Reader, Friendly

Downs—Can Be A Tease.May Not Be Loyal

Cancer Venus

Ups–Loves Home and Family. Is Loyal

Downs—May Be Over Protective

Leo Venus

Ups——Very Generous. Has Wonderful Sense of Style .Full of Glamor

Downs—-Too Concerned With Appearance

Virgo Venus

Ups—Excellent Caregiver, Unselfish

Downs—Seeks Perfection in the Partner

Libra Venus

Ups–Very Refined

Downs- Too Sensitive to Smells and Tastes i.e easily grossed out

Scorpio Venus

Ups—Great Depth, Sensual

Downs–Can Be Obsessive when in Love

Sagittarius Venus

Ups—Fun Loving, Adventure Loving

Downs—Fears Commitment

Capricorn Venus

Ups—Looks for quality in a partner. Must Respect the Partner

Downs–The Venus Most Likely to Marry For Money

Aquarius Venus

Ups—Does not care about race or other outer layer qualities

Downs—Needs a lot of space

Pisces Venus

Ups–Very, Very Romantic

Downs–May Not Have the Right Stuff to Remain Loyal To One Partner

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