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Uranus and Neptune Square Chiron in the Natal Chart

WHAT Does Chiron Do To Other Planets(and Angles) in the Natal Chart

WHAT Does Chiron Do To Other Planets(and Angles) in the Natal Chart

I got this question from a lovely lady in a Facebook group. First of all, we must look at the identity of Uranus. Who is he? What does he do? Uranus shakes things up. If everyone is doing a waltz, he is doing the Boogie–Woogie. If everyone is wearing a tie, he is wearing a Speedo bikini–red. Uranus makes movements different than the norm—outside the norm. He does it because he sees things differently. Uranus is not trying to “be a jerk”. I would leave that to Eris, who loves to annoy for the sake of annoying. Uranus really does want to make a statement about the sheepish nature of society and man.

Neptune, on the other hand, is the planet which makes things amorphous. This can be wonderful in the arenas of creativity, such as music and poetry. Neptune is wonderful when one wants to see the positive side of life such as flowers blooming, birds singing and puppies licking your face. We need Neptune to blur the ugly lines of reality. However, too much blurring results in escapism. I hope you can see how all the planets are in a balance. God made the world such that there is a delicate homeostasis in everything, from the body to the solar system.

Chiron is the planet of pain. One can understand one’s pain if one understands one’s Chiron.That is the simplest way to put it. We need to look at the house of Chiron, first of all. That will give us buckets of information. Then, we can look at aspects. That brings us to the purpose of this article. We are discussing Uranus square Chiron and Neptune square Chiron.First, lets look at Uranus/Chiron.

Uranus square Chiron is, likely, pain with being”out of the box”, going against the grain of societal dictates. This can be very painful. We all struggle with being a member of society and being an individual.The square encapsulates the pain in this struggle.

Neptune square Chiron is, likely, pain with letting oneself go. Neptune demands one lets oneself explore the world of no boundaries. This can be scary. I am learning to sing. That typifies letting oneself move out of one’s self imposed shell. For this square, the person, likely, finds it hard to let go and let creativity flow and shine.

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