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Venus Square North Node in the Natal Chart

Venus Square North Node in the Natal Chart

I got this request from a wonderful member of one of my Facebook groups. I have been lazy lately. I am a Libra Ascendant and we are known to be lazy. Venus rules us and you can picture Venus eating a bunch of grapes and lounging on a chair. Well, this article is about Venus, so I will move onto the subject at hand. What happens when Venus SQUARES the North Node?

First of all, Venus is the planet of love. It shows us what we love: that to which we are attracted. People are attracted to people, of course. People are, also, attracted to certain kinds of clothes, music, styles of home decor, hair styles etc. I think you get my point that Venus is the planet of that which we love and that to which we are attracted.

I will give some examples from my Venus—Gemini. I am attracted to words. I am attracted to a man whose words fall off his tongue like a waterfall. I was very attracted to Johnny Cochran from the OJ Simpson trial. He was not very attractive physically but his intelligence, wit and smooth verbal skills were that of which dreams are made for a Gemini Venus. The other TV personality to whom I was very attracted is John Gibson of Fox News. He looks like a rabbit but his words flow off his tongue like sweet sugar.

My point in giving these examples is that attraction is based on our Venus sign. That which one man finds attractive can be repulsive to another Venus sign. Venus, also, indicates how comfortable we are with our own beauty. Also, Venus tells us if we feel we are lovable/attractive ENOUGH.Hence, you can begin to see how much Venus does tell us.

Our subject is Venus square the North Node. The North Node is one’s PURPOSE. Hence, we need to study A planet or asteroid which aspects the North Node. In this case, Venus will make for a THWART to the native’s purpose. Let me give some examples. The native may find that the person she loves put stumbling blocks in her path to her life purpose. One example could be a woman who wants to be a doctor. Her boyfriend may tell her that he wants to marry her, but she has to drop out of medical school. Hence, love thwarts her life purpose.

Another example may be a person who cannot find her own value, even though her North Node “demands” she be confident. Let’s say her North Node’s purpose is to be model and she is, truly, beautiful and could be a model. Venus square the North Node would make her doubt herself.

Another example could be someone who wants to be an interior designer, but does not trust that she has good enough taste or style to do the job.

These are three examples that came to my mind quickly. If you have this aspect, please, chime in and help us all to learn more about it!

6 thoughts on “Venus Square North Node in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannKaren

    My 12th house Venus in Taurus is square my 10th house NN in Aquarius. I have been studying astrology since 1983 and am just beginning to have confidence in my ability to help people.

  2. amiannErika

    I have Venus square my North Node in 1 degree orb. I have Venus in Scorpio in the 10th house and North Node in Aquarius in the 1st house. How could this apply?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Something in you may war against you in your career. You may not like something about your career. You may feel you are not liked. You may have a theme of your career not appealing to you.

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