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Venus, Venus, Venus—–Our Attractions

Venus is that which we love: that which we find attractive and pleasing, quite simply our TASTES. If you want to find that which a person finds attractive, really study his Venus sign. You have to understand the meaning of the 12 signs. Each one is very different. Each one is like a different animal. A zebra is very different from a cow. A dog is very different from a giraffe. Some people think cows are beautiful and hate cats. Some people love dolphins and hate elephants. Each person has very different tastes. Venus teaches us about the tastes of anyone to
whom we have interest. Let’s study some of the Venus signs. I will concentrate on what they find attractive.

Venus Signs—Taste

Venus in Aries

This Venus likes things that are bright and eye catching— FAST and snappy. He likes instant gratification. This Venus would, likely, have to be attracted to you at first sight. Also, he will,likely, make a mad dash for you from across the room. I can see this Venus falling in love( so to speak) with a picture. However, with the Venus in Aries men, after the initial chase, they want you to chase them, which can make for a lot of confusion because he may go from Attila the Hun to Mister Rogers. The females are the most aggressive of the female Venus signs.

Venus in Aries would like a RED sports car–the brighter the better. He would like a girl who is athletic or, at least, adventurous. I picture Pamela Anderson in her red Speedo .He likes to do exciting activities like sky dive. His home is probably brightly decorated. It may have simple lines, such as Ikea. His home is, likely, not his castle. His life is more likely lived in the exciting outside world.

Venus in Taurus
This Venus is in it’s Home. That means he does” love well”,so to speak. He has excellent taste in everything, from the opposite sex to toothpaste. He is a refined person and likes his partners to be, as well. This Venus does not like coarse humor or off color jokes. His tastes are simple. He, likely, appeciates furniture with refined lines and clothes that are in good taste. This Venus focuses on the inner person, so be as good as you can be( and be well mannered).

Venus in Gemini

This is me. We love words and we are flirts. This Venus likes light things, from furniture to humor. My house is all bright colors and flower prints. You feel as if you are in a garden. Venus in Gemini is stylish and likes partners who have some sense of style. They don’t need to be a model for GQ, but they can’t wear black shoes with white socks, either. Venus in Gemini loves intelligence and wit like a sugarholic likes Ding Dongs. She will fall in love with your mind, so if this is not your strong suit, you may need to look for another Venus, like Aries, who wants to drive your sports car.

Venus in Cancer

This is a rather rare Venus sign, from my experience. Donald Trump, one of my role models, has it. He is classic for loving his children, which is a hallmark of this sign. Venus in Cancer loves all things that have to do with the home. He/She is attracted to people who have a warm heart. This may not be immediately evident but the heart is what is in play for this Venus. He wants to curl up with you and forget the world.

Venus in Leo

This Venus defines “glam”. He/She wants an attractive partner. Looks are very important to this Venus. You have to be well groomed, too. He likes someone whom others will admire. If any Venus wants to show off a partner, it is this one. He holds himself to the same standard, if that is any help. He likes a glam girl, rather than the girl next door, who would appeal more to the Taurus Venus.

Venus in Virgo

This Venus looks for perfection. Watch out that he does not cheat when you show your less than perfect side. That is a major drawback with this Venus. They may put you on a pedestal, but when you fall off, they may not be able to see that you are human, not the divine goddess they had, previously, thought. This Venus likes refinement in the partner. He does not like coarse humor.He, also, is very, very sensitive to tastes and smells.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is in it’s Home. Hence, it has some of the loveliest traits of any Venus. It is very refined and very well mannered. The partners he chooses must be the same. He does not like coarse jokes coming from his partner. He may utter obscenities, depending on the rest of the chart, but you should not. His personal taste in clothes is tailored and well made. He likes quality in clothes, home decor and his partners.

Venus in Scorpio

If any Venus would be attracted to a Goth, it would be this one. He likes all things dark and substantial. In furniture, he may like the dark, heavy woods. In clothes, he may like black everything. He is attracted to depth. However, this Venus is very, very sensitive to rejection, so please, bear that in mind. Venus in Scorpio takes break ups very hard, even though he, likely, would not let you know. I am telling you!

Venus in Sagittarius

This Venus likes to have fun, fun, fun and keep it light, light, light. If any Venus would run from commitment, it is this one. The men love legs, shoes and boots.This Venus likes adventure. He loves a partner with a good sense of humor. He is, surprisingly, moral, although you would not know that by his actions, usually. This Venus would like clothes and furnishings that are upbeat and have a “happy vibe”.

Venus in Capricorn

This Venus likes quality, quality, quality. If there is one Venus who would marry for prestige( and money), it is this one. Venus in Capricorn likes classic everything—from clothes to home decor. She will, always, look well dressed and “rich”, even if she shops at yard sales. Venus in Capricorn must respect those people in her life. If not, they will not remain in her life.

Venus in Aquarius

I don’t like many Aquarius placements, such as the Sun. I feel the Aquarius Suns tend to be pompous/holier than thou. However, Aquarius is wonderful in Venus and Mars. This Venus likes a partner who has her own life. He does not want a clinging vine: someone who makes her whole life about him. He wants an equal in every way(mostly, but that is a whole other story). Venus in Aquarius may dress like a hippie or with a kind of eccentric style. This seems to be more the case with the women than the men.The way to trap this Venus is to be light in heart and have your own life. The way to lose him is to cling.

Venus in Pisces

This Venus is in the Exaltation. That means that he is a super star Venus. He is very poetic and romantic. He can make your heart beat faster with his words. My favorite Venus in Pisces guy know who he is, although he is mad at me, now *SIGH*. Come back, Dan!
Venus in Pisces is, unlikely, to play games when he is in love. He takes love seriously. He wants to bare his soul to you—-and a beautiful soul it is!

5 thoughts on “Venus, Venus, Venus—–Our Attractions

  1. amiannJulia_Y

    “Venus in Taurus…has excellent taste in everything, from the opposite sex to toothpaste. He is a refined person and likes his partners to be, as well”.

    My Mum’s portrait. She is also Leo rising, so her love for quality has always been combined with Scarlett O’Hara’s thirst for gorgeous fabrics, intricate jewellery and luscious hairstyles (and these can’t be low-quality, by definition). How she hates anything scruffy! My Dad’s wardrobe is completely chosen by her tiny, always perfectly manicured hands.

    “Venus in Pisces…is very poetic and romantic”
    The only men I know, who in the evening wear purple silk shirts and a diamond earring. And during the day, sky blue T-shirts with tender looking big-eyed rabbits.

  2. amiannPeepl

    This is a rather rare Venus sign, from my experience. Donald Trump, one of my role models, has it.
    Really! my ex psychopath narcissist husband has it too, one of your role models! Your tastes says a lot, anyway you have a fun/entertainment blog.

    1. amiannJulia_Y

      And why can’t Trump be a role model? I find it respectable that he made it in business and in life, although he could have rested on his father’s laurels.

      “psychopath narcissist husband”
      Peepl, what about the aspects to his Venus? Placements/aspects of other planets?

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