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What is “The Curse” ?

I think of this as I see the pain inside me, and outside of me. Most especially, I see my own flesh with it’s ugliness. I can’t bear to look. The ugliness comes from Adam’s disobedience. People laugh at the myth of the Garden of Eden. However to the intellectual man( and I consider myself one), we don’t deal in inane simplicities as some would like to think. It is easy to box the Christian away in a simple minded box. However, it will not withstand scrutiny. Some of the most brilliant minds are Christians.

Back to the topic, at hand. How do we describe the curse within the context of the human being? God sees people as saved or not saved. All else fades away, whether it be gender, race, religion, denomination, good deeds, bad deeds. These are nothing but earth bound concepts. All that matters is if you know Him.

So, to go from here to explain the Curse, is my goal. The human being has three parts, according to the Bible. He is Spirit, Soul and Body. That is it. You can understand man if you divide him, as such. The only part of man that is saved is the Spirit. The Soul and Body remain earth bound, one could say. Man may change in body and soul. However, man will always be an earth dweller with all that constitutes. In other words, every man will struggle with his ego and his body, as long as he lives on the earth. This is just how it is. That is why people should not expect individual Christians to be perfect. It won’t happen. It can’t happen.

So, the Spirit is changed at the time one accepts Jesus . One’s old spirit dies . One receives God’s Spirit. Yes, it is a miracle. Yes, we cannot comprehend it with human eyes. Man has a limited perspective. Hubris prevents man from accepting this. Man exchanges his dead spirit with Gods living one. What do we have now? We have power and love dwelling in this man. The human vessel of perishable flesh has the Spirit of God in it. That is why Christians are so different than other people. They contain God’s Spirit inside them. It is literal, not figurative.

Back to the curse. Man inherited the Curse by virtue of being a descendant of Adam. A baby did not have to sin to be born with the Curse. It is passed down to all descendants of Adam. That puts us in pickle. This is just how it is. You can understand the workings of it, if you study the Bible. I have written articles on it, but must limit myself to the topic, at hand. So, man is stuck with the Curse and God had to make a way for man to get rid of the Curse so man could come into Gods presence which is pure. The New Birth is the way that is provided to reconcile man to God.

Once a man becomes Born Again, he has a Divine Exchange where his old spirit is exchanged with God’s actual new One. This seems other worldly and amazing.It is.It is beyond man’s limited mind to understand. Miracles are out of time and space as we know it. At any rate, the ONLY part of man that is changed at the New Birth is his spirit. His body and soul remain bound to the Curse. Hence, even the best man will never be able to overcome his human tendency toward evil. This evil is within the heart of every man, even a newborn baby. This is where the Bible differs from many religions which say that a baby is born good.

The point of my article is that the Curse is in every man, Born Again or not. The Born Again man has access to God’s Spirit as It lives inside him. He, literally, has a power unknown to the non Born Again man. When the Born Again Christian can love his enemies, it is from this Power. When the Born Again Christian has a sense of power about him, it is from this Power. The Born Again person’s only goodness is this Spirit. Without it, he is a filthy rag, as God calls man. This is an anathema to many people. However, the Bible sees man in a very non exalted way. Man can overcome by the Power and Spirit of God, only, not in his own strength. man, left to his own devices, is a slave to the Curse.


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