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Where are These Two Asteroids in Your Chart?

Asteroids are for those who are intrepid explorers. One has to see how the asteroid functions in the chart. After such experimentation, one can trust the meaning of the asteroid. Then, one can move onto another asteroid, so that in time, one understands many asteroids. One has to really love astrology and the asteroids, in particular, to embark on this rather long journey.

Today we will look at two asteroids. I do not have much experience with them, so we will help each other. The first is Melete(56). Melete is the Greek word for anxiety. I did find it conjunct the Ascendant of someone who does suffer with anxiety.

The second asteroid was prominent in the transits for the day of death( if it was his day of death) for Jeffrey Epstein. I was starting to write a new article and include it but I got waylaid. This asteroid Myrrha(381) is one for “perverted” sex. I know that no one is allowed to call anything perverted in this day and age, but some things are. Two perversions would be sex with animals and sex with children.

In the case of Epstein, I think transit Myrrha was conjunct his natal Jupiter or it was the other way around. However, Jupiter enlarges what it touches. If it is something bad, it will make it worse. So, Epstein’s perversions were highlighted in this chart.

16 thoughts on “Where are These Two Asteroids in Your Chart?

  1. amiannMegan

    I have Melete in the 12th house. It’s square Sun, opposite Mars. Anxiety has been a life-long struggle for me, but with God’s guidance, I’m persevering and growing 🙂

  2. amiannHolland Bailey

    wow this is interesting. My deceased brother-in-law was molested when he was 9 years old. i just looked at his chart… he has his Myrrha in his 12th house and it is semi-sextile his Sun (11th house) and trine Pluto (7th house). I’m still not sure who did it… I think it was someone close to the family. Would that Pluto give me any insight into that?? Pluto is of course in Scorpio LOL wow.

  3. amiannBonnie

    What does it mean having myrrha in the 2nd house?

    I have it in my 3rd house i was molested by a few of my cousins.
    I checked the draconic charts too to see if it conjuncts my natal. In draconic myrrha is in my 3rd house (aquarius- my uranus R 1st house saggitarius), conjunct my natal pluto R in 12th house.
    Both charts show melete 1° orb of my ascendant in 12th house. Yes i suffer anxiety too but hide it or its worse when im alone.
    My new partner has in 9th house, he admitts during during travel or learning something new he feels it.
    His asteroid lie hits my myrrha..
    I had some experiences with him that were shocking, he said he couldnt resist me and calls it passion.
    He has myrrha in 2nd house (gemini), in his draconic its conjunct his neptune in 8th house..
    When i read his chart objectively you would say there was something going on in his upgrowing youth (maybe with his sister, he is denying it). But his nessus is in his 4th house cancer 14° conjunct my N.N.
    His sister was molested by a family member he claims and later admitted she was gay..
    So 2nd house would say.. he values it? Or uses it to get resources?? Need some guidance here..

  4. amiannVivian

    I just have melete in 5th house inconjunct venus and pluto

    and Myrrha in cancer twelfth house inconjunct Jupiter and ascendant and semi square venus and opposite uranus and neptune

  5. amiannToadie

    Melete translates to “study”. This asteroid was named for a Greek muse. She was one of the three original muses and the muse of thought and meditation.

  6. amiannStella

    I was actually diagnosed with a rare anxiety disorder called selective mutism when I was a child, and anxiety has been a huge theme in my life. I just checked my chart, and what do you know… Melete is right on top of my ascendant, conjunct my north node.

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