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The Worst Mars Signs

Our Secret Obsessions & Bad Behavior Can Be Found in Our Horoscope

Our Secret Obsessions & Bad Behavior Can Be Found in Our Horoscope

I look at the search words people use and this was one. Hence, I hope this article will be of interest to you. I will go from the worst to the best, in my opinion.

1. Mars in Cancer

This is mine, so I can diss it. Right? It is like you can diss your own heritage, but no one else can.*sigh* That is way far afield. Onto the topic. I am not politically correct, as you know by now. I say this to say that Mars in Cancer is much harder in a man than in a woman. The man has to pursue the woman. The man has more expectations to be the bread winner. The man needs to be a warrior more than does a woman. These are all areas in which the Mars in Cancer does not move with ease. I use the word”ease”.

I am a Mars in Cancer and I am very ambitious and, always, have been. However, all natural drives such as ambition, lust, greed, passion etc are difficult for us. We tend to be guilty creatures. We tend to be submissive creatures. Quite frankly, it is a rusty bicycle Mars. I call Mars in Scorpio a Jaguar Mars. If you have a Mars in Cancer, it is in the Fall position. This is, always, the hardest place for a planet. Each person has one or two, in most cases, so don’t worry. It is simply part of your life struggle . Knowledge is power. Hence, you Mars in Cancers peeps have a step up.

2. Mars in Libra

This bad boy is in the Detriment. His problem is not difficulty in expressing passion, as is our Mars in Cancer person. His difficulty is in making a decision. Libra is famous for his inability to decide. If you watch a strongly Libra person, you will see this. One reason is because he is adept at seeing both sides. Another is that he does not like confrontation. He can stand up when he must, but he, often, has to work himself up to the level of righteous anger that it takes. For the man with Mars in Libra, his indecisiveness may be more apparent,especially if he is in a power position such as a CEO or pilot. However, one can see it in both sexes.

3 Mars in Pisces

Pisces is a creative imaginative sign. It is the classic sign for a poet or a pothead. Pisces loves to escape. Hence, Mars in Pisces may not do what it takes to get that great job, education or woman. He, likely, needs a push from others. However, to really say this, one must study the whole chart, but one can get many insights from the single Mars placement.(Now, I sound like a Libra Mars)

4 Mars in Virgo

This Mars may lose the forest for the trees. In other words, he may get bogged down in details. This would be an excellent Mars for an accountant or secretary. However, in daily life, this dude may be a bit OCD. However you can eat off any surface in his house, so it has its advantages.

4 thoughts on “The Worst Mars Signs

  1. amiannPheephee

    Don’t mean to brag buttttt……….I have Mars in Cancer, in seventh house, intercepted!!!!!!!
    I don’t feel I have a Mars at all! I have no energy ( have chronic fatigue syndrome most of my life), no ambition or drive ( I have dead end job, live in my parents basement, am 42, no future)., no zest or vitality. Have been used and abused by men so often that I refuse to be in any kind of relationship at all ever again…. would rather be homeless and in poverty than utilize my seventh house ever again.

    Beat that!

  2. amiannPheephee

    O ya. I agree. Its a combo for sure of plenty of things.
    a sad Mars with nessus and in seventh. Dejanira is on my Juno….guess when my husband (now ex of course) starting emotionally and physically abusing me? After the marriage!!
    It was all good before the marriage and then BAM.
    I know the asteroids work!!
    also my chiron is in a rough spot.

    and theres a few other things I have no doubt. But I haven’t checked out too many asteroids yet in my own chart…

    Didn’t mean to sound like a downer so much as to have a good giggle about my silly Mars!

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