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Astrowizard Asteroid–24626




This is an interesting little asteroid. People who love Astrology with a purple passion may have it prominently. Someone told me I have it conjunct my ASC, exact. It is funny that I was always jealous  of people who found their passion because I never had. I had many things that fascinated me but not that I could live, breathe and eat. Once I found Astrology, I found the field for which I was created. Check out Astrowizard in your charts and let me know where it is.

This will be fun!

41 thoughts on “Astrowizard Asteroid–24626

  1. amiannTiffany

    I have it in my 10th house in Virgo at 10 degrees not aspecting any major planets. Mean anything?

    I’m also curious as to what the asteroid Antares means?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Why don’t you research Antares and come back and tell me, Tiffany. I think it is a fixed star. No, your Astrowizard is not touching anything so not a major theme for you. This does not mean you don’t like Astrology, just that it may not be your life’s work

  2. amiannTiffany

    I’m trying to learn all I can about astrology so I can use it in my career in psychology. I believe they work hand and hand and by me being able to disect psychology and astrology and by being a rare natural INFP personality this would help a great deal.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, I have a Master’s Degree in counseling. My favorite thing about my practice is when I do a chart for a client and they request counseling as happens quite a bit. Then, I know the person inside and out and counseling is a whole other ball game. It is much more helpful to the person.

  3. amiannEnaid

    Hi Amiann !

    Interestingly, this asteroïd is conjunct my North Node in Aquarius 🙂 I don’t know what it can mean but it seems pretty good to me. 🙂 What do you think ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. amiannMarble

      Same here, Enaid! Astrowizard 12°31′ and North Node 12°09′ Sagittarius. ASC almost 4 degrees away from those. I can identify with your story about finding own passion, Ami. 🙂

        1. amiannMarble

          Yes, it is! And what’s the most important, it’s a tool that has helped me to understand my attributes better and accept who I am (NN/Astrowizard in 1st house). -> helping ahead in life.

          1. amiannMarble

            It’s still hard to tell… All I can say is that couple years ago I was completely lost about my calling and now I know every step is actually where I should be. I was using energy to fight against myself, instead of going forward in life. I have gave myself permission to be soft and vulnerable, which has probably been the best change so far. I hope I’ll be able to help people, but where I’ll go, God has better plans than I do. 🙂

  4. amiannShen

    I checked. I didn’t found it relevant me. But when I was searching on it. Then, I found another asteroid accidentally, which it relevants me in astrology. It conj my sun (a bit wide) 4 deg. orb

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Astrology is a tool God uses and I do draw people to Jesus with that tool. Of course, most people will not find Jesus and I understand that. I am called to love the best I can. God does the rest, Lon dear!

  5. amiannmarion


    I found asteroid ‘Manas’. Means ‘mind’ in sankskrit. With my man #1 we have his Manas conjunct my Manas exactly (in my house 5 and his house 5 as well). With man #2, his manas conjuncts my moon exact (in my house 7 and his house 1).

    I think i know the deal (projecting based on rest of astrology + known real life facts as well).The first one may not go beyond romance. But the second one may go all the way. Fingers crossed…..:)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am gonna add this. What is the number? Manas–how cool. I don’t think the exact conjunctions matter if you were born close in time cuz everyone has them but the one to the Moon is super important. Do you feel like you understand his heart?

  6. amiannmarion

    And my ‘astrowizard is conjunct one man’s ascendant and other man’s descendant within 2 degrees. No wonder i am obsessed with both their charts……

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      How long does Manas stay in one place, For the Moon/Manas, this is very big. For the Manas/Manas, you need to see how long Manas stays in one place. Thanks for the number! I will add it to my list!

  7. amiannLeocassandra

    Having Astrowizard conjunct ASC ruler(Venus) in 11th house can be name prominent? Also conjunct my Mars(because i have tight Venus/Mars conjunction)

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