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Attention: All You Echo’s—— Fire Up Your Narcissus?

With paired asteroids, each is at either end of the pole. Healthy emotion is in the middle. With Echo, she is a mealy mouth. She has lost her identity. Her life is a singular search for Narcissus. She wants to love “the other” while she languishes because she cannot love herself. In present day language, she is the co-dependent and a severe case. She pines away for a man who will never love her. She tries desperately to get him to notice her. He cannot see beyond his own ego.It is all about him, in common terms. She will look longingly at him for the rest of her days unless she can figure out how to break the dilemma. The myths have keys to healing . In paired myths such as Echo and Narcissus, the answer is found in the opposite. Echo is too polarized in lack of identity. Narcissus has “too much identity” in that he cannot see beyond his ego needs. The answer is balance. Nature loves balance. Nature hates extremes. The emotional nature is no exception. Hence, for Echo, lost in longing, she needs to find the Narcissus in herself. She needs to look in her own mirror and celebrate her beauty. She needs to run down the street naked in all her glory because she is glorious.She needs to swagger as she enters a room. She needs to say” I am here. Let the party begin.” She needs to be outrageous. She needs to celebrate herself. She does not need a Narcissus on her arm to be somebody. You ARE somebody, Echo. You are just the last to know.

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