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Bad Boys Series: Casanova and Cupido

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People seem to like my bad boys series. In that spirit, I will add two  more baddies. These are different in shade and subtlety. You will find that the asteroids have subtle meanings. This makes for a great deal of precise insight into the native. These  two asteroids illustrate this.

Casanova(7328) likes to make conquests. The only opera I ever liked was Don Giovanni by Mozart. I had to write a 30 page paper on it in college. Hence, I learned to appreciate it. It was the story of a man who could seduce anyone. He could seduce nobility and the commoner. One woman loved him and she was shown the list of women he conquered by his servant in one of the most well known songs in the opera and in all of opera called The List.

Don Giovanni. was the opera version of Casanova. Don Giovanni, like Casanova, had no feeling for the women. After the conquest, they became burdensome.  Such is the situation with the modern day Casanova.  In common parlance, it is all about the chase.

I have not seen it fail that a man with Casanova conjunct the ASC or Sun will be a Casanova.  I would go far as to say that this would include the North Node and Mars, too. Look up your guy’s charts, Women. If you are a guy, come on up and admit it 😀

The List from Don Giovanni. Take a listen to the perfect song for Casanova.


Cupido(763) differs from Casanova in his intent to deceive. The differences are subtle. Casanova lives for the chase. Cupido has more intent in the matter. He is seducing you while he knows he is just using you, in a cold blooded way. Casanova is all caught up in the chase. Casanova does love you during this time, if one uses the term love  loosely. Casanova could have a love or sex addiction, in common parlance.

Cupido is just a cold blooded predator who knows what he is doing from the beginning to the end. The key phrase for Cupido is knowingly deceptive. Keep this in mind when you look up the Cupido asteroid in your favorite guy’s chart. Again, the most dominant placements for this to play out  is Cupido conjunct the ASC, Mars, Sun or North Node.

21 thoughts on “Bad Boys Series: Casanova and Cupido

  1. amiannShen

    His Cupido exactly conj his moon.
    And both of these also conj his Dsc. (3 deg. Orb)
    does this effect?
    woman should go away from him

  2. amiannMelanie

    OHHH boy!
    My seductive-manipulative cheater ex has Cupido conjunct the ASC exact! I had to guess his birth time after the fact (He always made excuses/gave me false info), I’m convinced I got it right finally! Sneaky Gemini rising didn’t want me to get any dirt on him, just in case the whole Astrology thing worked out haha.
    Ami, I’m convinced I have another sociopath’s chart for you.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Are you famiular with a website called “Evil Sits At The Dinner Table?
    I’m a bit confused, and could use your help.
    When I first began to surf the net, I was looking for all the Casey Anthony information I
    could find. I came upon this blog site called “Evil Sits At The Dinner Table.” It shows the
    photograph of a duct taped child.
    The woman who runs it goes under a single name called “Alethea.” It’s suppost to be a
    child abuse site.
    Alethea claims to be a Christian. She is a VERY irate woman, especially with people she
    disagrees with. Her story, is that when she entered her 20’s and 30’s, she began to suffer
    from debilating physical symptams. She sought help with traditional medicine to no avail.
    Then, she found a Frenchwoman hypnotist, (I forgot her name) that regressed her back,
    and she uncovered a lot of abuse by her mother. (So she says.) She then got into an
    incestitous relationship with her father. She defends this by saying, it’s only natural that one
    would go to the opposite gendered parent for help.
    She completely believes in mermories recovered by hypnosis. She buys into the whole thing.
    She even believes in Satanic Ritual Murder, even though that was disproved, years ago.
    She is completely in the palm of this cultish Frenchwoman and reccomends her to everyone.
    Like many others, she absolutely DETESTS Casey Anthony. When Dr. Keith Ablow wrote
    the book, “Inside The Mind Of Casey Anthony,”(Which claims that Casey was a victim of
    abuse,) she,-and her fellow bloggers-unleashed a firestorm of critism on him-“All her
    defenders want to sleep with her!”
    When I posted on the site, she disagreed with almost 100% of what I wrote.
    I said, “Forget about the past. Now is the only time.” This absolutely enraged her, and her
    followers. They ALL ganged up on me, and said I had no sensetivity to their “inner child’s”
    plight.” See, they even had the jargans down right.
    She ended up deleting almost 100% of my “sympathic postings” about Casey, and-you guessed it-accussed me of wanting to have sex with her.
    Intrestingly, a young woman posted and said her name was Casey Marie and she also had
    and out-of-wedlock-child. “I married the child’s father. Now I have a good job. I often wonder
    what seperates me from Casey.”
    I explained that “Casey” and “Marie” each come out to 13 in Chaldean numerology, so she
    would have struggles. I also told her some things about Casey’s chart, and she said, “Look,
    I HAVE TO TELL ALL MY FRIENDS, that murder is O.K. because of my Astrology chart!”
    She wasn’t aware that that statement PROVED the validy of Chaldean numerology!
    Her cornerstone of “C” is shaped like an open mouth, so she has to “tell” all her “friends!”
    These poor, poor people are unaware that some of us know more about them, then they know
    about themselves!
    Anyway, I wanted to ask: Do you think Alethera and her husband OWN the “Evil Sits At The
    Dinner Table blog company? Do you think Alethea is a wealthy woman who has a lot of time
    on her hands, so she can sprout off on her peculiar blog site?
    I have seen many different blogs on various topics under the company banner of “Evil Sits At
    The Dinner Table” but Alethea’s in the only one that uses that actual title.
    She is a total fanantic about her views, and accused me of being in support of molestation.
    I stopped posting there.

  4. amiannmeg

    Althea has the best blog on line about CSA and has helped MANY people who have gone thru the horror of being introduced to sex against their will ,as young children. Most people with any common sense or VICTIMS/SURVIVORS of childhood sexual abuse…know that get over it and forget the past are hurtful and IGNORANT . Time heals all cleansed wounds…not open ones. So There ya go.
    I am disgusted by Casey Anthony too…like many coherent people are. You don’t need to post on
    blogs about CSA if you have no clue.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Meg
      What is CSA? Lon brought the subject of Casey Anthony to me. He has a heart for her and I believe God prolly put that in him. I have a heart for some people who others despise. I don’t have a heart for Casey Anthony. I feel she is a sociopath, most likely. She may have been made one by abuse or was born one. Her child is in Heaven with God, now. That is the peace in the story.

  5. amiannScorpRising

    I’m a girl and have Cupido conjunct my Mars. I also have a Pisces moon and Venus in Virgo and I’m very sensitive when I’m attracted to someone or in love. Definitely never been a player :p. I thought I’d try it in my chart but I think this aspect may apply mostly to men :p

  6. amiannAsuka

    Cupido and Casanova both conjunct my Sun in the fifth house… I also have Nessus conjuncting my Natal Venus (also in 5th house). I’m female, but would these aspects make me a I cheater? lol
    I also have Ixion conjuncting Black Moon Lilith… I sound like bad news…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow A and Welcome
      I think you may be a cheater. Yes. However, Nessus conj Venus seems to be someone who IS abused, rather than the abuser because Venus is a passive planet unlike Mars where the person is likely the abuser. I don’t use BML so can’t say about that lol

      1. amiannAsuka

        Thank you for your comment, Amiann! Any chance Cupido and Casanova conjunct my Sun makes me a sexy woman? or more like a sexy man? lol If these aspects make me a cheater, then the least they could do it to help me radiate sexy vibe haha

        The thing is I have never cheated. I have a lot of love asteroids in my fifth house as well as my Sun and Venus there, and the ruler of the eighth house in the fifth, I have never cheated (never acted on it). I must have tremendous self control 😉

          1. amiannAsuka

            Thank you again Amiann for your comment. I’m glad that would help me radiate charisma, but I really don’t see it Lol Anyway, I have sent you an E-mail with my photo attached. Enjoy Lol

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