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Ban Depression—-Force Expression

Think about how alive you feel when you show someone your true heart. It is a high. Most of us have squished ourselves into a “one size fits all” suit. Astrology is the best tool to find your true self. It will show where you triumph with ease and where you struggle with shame and low self value . The chart will show everything: your parents, your childhood, your insecurity, your loves, your passions, your sexuality and your deepest heart. God gave us the charts as our blueprint with which to navigate this crazy ride we call life.

I know the charts are from God. Traditional Christians have thrown out many of God’s wonderful things, including the Jews, of which I am one. So, one must not look to traditional religion for answers. One must study for oneself. One must learn to connect with the still small Voice. It will get stronger, if one endeavors to befriend it. Then, It will protect one, as one goes on his way.

That was not the point of this article, which was how to ban depression. Force expression. Be weird and laugh. Find your own color. It will be an off beat color like magenta. No one was meant to be a cookie cutter person. Narcissistic parents forced the child into a mold, upon penalty of loss of love.Many of us live there: in this hole which is our prison. Depression will follow, as sure as night follows day. Start small. Be outrageous in a small way. Say what is truly on your mind. Tell the Emperor he has no clothes. Find a hobby you love and throw yourself into it. Most especially, try to love, as this may be the greatest risk. However, it has the most rewards, as love truly does feed the soul in a way that money, prestige and adulation never would.

Try some of these things and write me.

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