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Basic Basic Astrology—-Easy Aspects—The Sextile and the Trine

The Sextile is a 60 degree aspect. This would be exactly two signs apart. The Trine is a 120 degree aspect. This would be exactly three signs apart. The energy flow is easy and harmonious with these aspects.Hence, the planets work well together in the natal chart. The trine is an easy gift.The sextile has to be worked on to unearth it. However, it does not take very much work as it is accessible. In synastry, one can see how people will relate to each other by seeing which planets in one person’s chart sextile or trine planets in the other person’s chart. Again, we take the nature of one planet in Person A’s chart and see how it relates to the nature of the planet in Person B’s chart. That is the bare bones for synastry. I will give a few examples.

Person A —- aspect——–Person B

Moon trine Venus

In this example Person A’s deepest emotions will be beautiful to Person B as Venus is what we find beautiful.


Person A ——aspect——- Person B

Venus trine Pluto

Person A will love the passion and primal nature in Person B. Person B will find Person A beautiful.


The sextile would be exactly the same but not quite as accessible.

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