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Basic Basic Astrology–What are Orbs?

Orbs are the distance between bodies. We need to measure the distance between planetary bodies in order to asses the relationship between the two.Each planet has a place in space at any given time. It is measured by Hour: Minute: Second.We calculate the distance between the two bodies to find the orb. It is very easy. The explaining is harder than the actual process. If one has the Sun at 28 Degrees Gemini and Mercury at 21 Degrees Gemini, the orb is 7 degrees.

6 thoughts on “Basic Basic Astrology–What are Orbs?

  1. amiannJim

    Ami i always had questions regarding the orbs, i can understand the aspects harmonious and problematic ones , but i never completely understood the role the orbs play , i understand that depending on the orb is how strong the aspect it , but when is the aspect stronger? , when it has a smaller orb number or a bigger number? as far as i have understood , the smaller the orb number the stronger ( correct me if im wrong please ) , ohh and now that i think of there are some aspects im not quite familiar with , wich are the ones people barely mentions suchs as biquintile , quincux , inconjunct , wich i believe theyre not used as much since theyre not that relevant

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Jim
      When you think of orbs, think of the energy of a magnet. You can put two magnets together from varying distances. When they get close, the pull is strong. When they are farther away, the pull is less. That is how I see orbs. The closer the orb is to exact, the stronger the aspect and the bigger the influence in the person’s life. The wide orbs can have an ambient effect. I will give an example. Moon conjunct Mars can make for a hair trigger temper. However, if one has this at 7 degrees, one can control his temper most of the time. However, at times, he will let loose. The person with the exact conjunction will struggle with this 24/7 or close.

      As far as the other aspects such as Bi Quintile and Quincunx. These are very important and very meaningful. However, the beginner student should focus on the major aspects, first, and master those, before he goes on imo

      1. amiannJim

        i see now , thank you so much ami , i appreciate the analogies too 😀 , they make it easier to understand, so for us to say that an aspect has a strong or Relevant impact on the person charts , what would you recommend the orb number to be ? since you say with an orb 7 he would sometimes lose his temper , i would start considering orbs of 4 or less to be relevant ?(relevant as in a constant lose of temper in this example you used of moon and mars) , im curious to see your opinion

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Hmm Good question, Jim
          I like aspects to be exact up to 5 degrees. After 5 degrees, it seems to get ambient. The Sun and Moon are allowed a wider latitude, so perhaps 7 degrees. Orbs are something in which astrologers disagree. If you do charts, you will get your own sense of it. The more charts I do, the more I respect very close orbs.

          1. amiannJim

            oh alrigth , i understand ami , thank you so much for sharing your knowldge about making charts haha i doubt it , i can try and make interpretations to start being a little better at it , but that would take time , i mostly just wanna understand my chart , and if by anychance if i get to meet someone haha in a partnership way , his/her chart aswell, still thank you so much again ami 🙂

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I see, Jim lol
            Well, study my articles and ask away. I love Comments. They are like little presents I open when I come on my site.

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