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Basic Basic Astrology—What are the Hard Aspects?

The hard aspects are the square and the opposition.The square is 90 degrees. The opposition is 180 degrees. The square will be three signs away. The opposition will be opposite. The squares always square the same quadruplicity. The quadriplicity is a categorization. The quadriplicities are Cardinal. Fixed and Mutable. These give a lot of information about a person–a lot. They give it in an easy way so it is good to talk about the Quadriplicities.The square will always be of the same Quadriplicty. In other words, squares are always from Cardinal signs to Cardinal signs. They are always from fixed signs to fixed signs. They are always from Mutable signs to Mutable signs. The opposition will always be in opposite signs and the same Quadriplicity. For example Aries is opposite Libra but they are both Cardinal. Taurus is opposite Scorpio but they are both Fixed Signs. Gemini is opposite Sagittarius but both are Mutable Signs. You can look at the whole chart in this way. Remember, the chart is very very logical.

Back to the Quadriplicities. Cardinalsigns are the leaders: the take action sign. Fixed signs are the stubborn ones. They will move in their own good time. Mutablesigns are flexible but can have a weaker sense of self : a weaker self definition. You can see how the same Quadriplicity could lock horns. This can happen in the natal chart as well as in synastry. In the natal chart, one is stuck with this locked tug of war. That is my feeling. These energies will be locked until the day you die, as that is the nature of the square.Just by this one article alone, you may understand why some people rub you wrong.The signs which are squares to our stellium( 3 or more planets in the same sign) annoy us. You will understand many things which have previously been unknown by this small understanding of Astrology





6 thoughts on “Basic Basic Astrology—What are the Hard Aspects?

  1. amiannSurin

    Good night, Ami. I’m happy I could find your site. In real life, I can’t discuss about astrology coz my friends think that astrology againsts Christianity. But in my opinion, astrology tells me how great the way He works on me is and prove a quote “be careful of what you wish.” Coz once God answers and give what I wish, I have to take responsibility since so much aspects works for supporting the event.

    Ami, I have passed and faced so many hurdles, but I could overcome them through Christ. But, I’m so anxious now. I’m university student, in faculty of Biology. I’m so afraid that my graduation will be delayed. I’m at the 4th year, and there are many friends who are ready to graduate. I don’t want to disappoint my parents. especially I’m the only one who can be university student. My brother was, but he quitted.
    I found my Saturn as the lord of 9th house in Aquarius. I’ve read some articles about 9th house, they said that Aquarius in 9th house is great position, cause it can support the person to go abroad, and I love it. But, since there’s Saturn, Saturn will give delay effect. Beside, they said with Saturn in 9th house, I’ll face difficulty to finish my education, especially to reach the higher degree (bachelor, master, or Ph.D.), sceptical with religion, delay to go abroad, etc. I’m so afraid, so much. I’m not sceptic with religion, though I had a stormy days, up and down relationship with Him, but my relationship with Him is stronger and I’m trust in Him more. I don’t want to leave Him 🙁
    And I don’t know its good or bad, my MC in Pisces and Saturn sextiles my MC. My moon trines Saturn, Sun sextiles/trines Saturn, Mercury sextiles/trines Saturn. I have many aspects with Saturn, and I’m getting worried :'(
    Do you have any advice for me, Ami ? I’m so weak though I know Jesus says I don’t need to worry coz He’s with me. But, really, I don’t wont to break my family’s heart 🙁

    Sorry if I give too much words.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are not seeing Saturn right, my Friend. It does NOT mean you will not finish school. You are being too fatalistic about saturn. It shows a place in which you will mature and learn responsibility. I have it in the 2nd House and I have never had material worries. I am learning to mature from having my own income and that is Saturn, so please don’t let Astrology make you worry like this!!!

  2. amiannSurin

    Thank you so much, Ami. But, I’m sorry, I was wrong. My chart has no Sun sextiles Saturn. And I found Saturn square Pluto too.
    Last but not least, I’m so happy I could find your site. I learn many stuffs about Astrology here. Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Surin dear. When you talk about an aspect, put in the orbs so I can tell how intense it is. I am so happy you are here, too 😀

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