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Basic Basic Astrology—What is Uranus?

Uranus is the rebel. If he wants to take off his clothes and run down the street naked, he will. Don’t try to get him to see reason. Don’t tell him that everyone is clothed. That will propel Uranus on. He may shed his pants as you speak, just to see the shocked look on your face. Uranus loves to shock. He rules electricity. Most of all, Uranus wants to be himself. He knows he is unique. He knows the mold broke when it made him. He is a one of the kind snowflake. He will wear plaid pants with a checked shirt, just because. Uranus will shine uniquely in the part of the chart in which he resides. There he will do his own thing. He may wear an evening gown with sneakers. He may paint it all black or all white. He may howl at the moon. He will do whatever he darn pleases. You will too, where you have your Uranus. Vive la difference.

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