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Basic Basic Astrology–What is Venus?

Venus is what you find beautiful. Think of an Art Museum. Some people like water colors and pastels. Some people like somber, ponderous art. Some people love sculpture with it’s exquisite detail. Think of music. Some people like refined classical music. Within classical music, there is the lightness of Mozart, the heaviness of Wagner, the complexity of Bach and the emotive nature of Opera.One is attracted to one’s Venus Sign.

One loves in a Venus Sign way, also. One can love in a heavy emotive way such as a Scorpio Venus. One may pour intensity in to one’s lover, emotionally and sexually.One may love as a Gemini Venus, lightly as a butterfly.One may love as a Virgo Venus, wanting purity in one’s lover.One may love as a Capricorn Venus, wanting quality such that one can respect one’s lover. One may love as a Leo Venus, wanting charisma and glamor in his lover. Study your Venus to see what you love and how you love.

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