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Bella’s Question–Why Do I Feel This Will Be the Last Year Before the Rapture?

I will answer, from a personal basis and then from a Biblical one. To we, Bible believers, the Bible trumps all personal experience and personal experience must line up with the Bible for us to validate it. For me, personally, I got a sense, four years ago, that certain things would happen to me, personally, before the Rapture. When I “heard” this, in my gut, I put it aside and went on. It was about my personal healing and is coming true. Recently, I had the sense that this would be the last year on earth, for believers in Jesus. In addition, I have an increased passion to help people get saved. I think this is because the time is short. God is putting that urgency in to people who will listen. Those are just personal accounts and need to be taken as such.


The Bible tells us to look at the signs of the times. No one knows the date of the Rapture, but we do know the signs. We, also, know that God’s Judgement will not be poured out on believers , God’s children. As such, the Rapture will happen before Gods Judgement on the earth. I am not going to do a Bible study, now. I will, if people want it, however. If you request one, I will cite the verses. For now, I will do a lazy mans’ way and talk more in generalities.

There are certain events which the Bible foretells. The Bible is very specific. The last big event was Israel becoming a country. This was foretold thousands of years in advance. Bible prophecy students were waiting for it. The next event will be the Rapture. Then, will be the Great Tribulation. The Great Tribulation will be three and a half years of unprecedented peace. Then, God’s wrath will be poured out on the earth. The book of Revelation details this. It is a horror movie of the grandest proportions. However, no one has to go through the Great Tribulation, as one can be Raptured, beforehand.

I know this sounds like science fiction. People laugh. Events in the Old Testament foreshadowed coming events in the New Testament times and beyond. This is a part of God’s Divine Hand Print on the Bible. Why believe a Book which CANNOT prove it is Divine? The Bible can prove it’s Divinity to all who will study it with an open mind. That is what it takes, and all it takes. I feel that I have shirked my duty by not citing verses. If you want me to cite verses and do a Bible study, I will.

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