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Bible Prophecy— Can The Bible Predict Specific Events Down To The Place and Time?

If God expects us to follow the Bible, He would make the Bible different from any book. . God does not want mind numbed robots. God does not want obedience when He gives NOTHING to warrant that trust in Him. God says that nature will show His handiwork. Take one physical function such as digestion. How could this happen without a creator. Take reproduction. Look at all the steps from attraction to a person to the creation of life. Are you going to tell me that two cells in a puddle had lightning hit them and turned in to men? God promises that if we seek Him, we will find Him. If we call out for Him , He WILL answer. In addition to nature showing the existence of God, there are hundreds of specific and exact prophecies in the Bible. These prophecies predict events down to the detail of specific cities and dates. Give me an example of any other book that can do this? I will write about specific prophecies in separate articles.





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