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Bible Prophecy On the Eve of the New Year

576812_378188112241383_261675019_nIt is not quite the eve of the new year but close. I am not going to quote the exact Scriptures. I am going to give a sense of what I see in the world scene and how it relates to Bible Prophecy. I have been studying Bible Prophecy for twenty years. I never thought I would actually see what I studied.

I know that is strange to say. I thought it would be off in the great distance. I wanted it to be off in the great distance or I wanted not to be here to see it. Alas, I am here and I see it. Bible Prophecy is screaming out from the newspaper headlines. It is screaming for all to see but few will see it.

Where do I start?

All nations will turn against Israel. Israel is always God’s timepiece for Prophecy. Israel is God’s nation. The Jews are God’s people. Of course, the Gentiles are grafted into the Jewish root, but the root supports the branches.

God will never turn away from Israel and all individuals and countries who hurt her will pay. You can count on this. You can take this to the bank. The verse I will quote refers to Israel and the Jewish people. God may be slow to act, in human time, but He will do everything He promises and this Old Testament promise will play out in the life of both individuals and countries.

I will bless those that bless thee. I will curse those that curse thee.

At this present time in history, much of the world is turning against tiny Israel, a sliver of land amidst her enemies. These people are blinded. If they were not blinded, they would see. However, many people are blinded because they are too proud to submit to God. Anyone who calls on God will find Him. That means anyone of any group of people or any persuasion at all. That means gay people. That means drug addicts. That means Muslims.That means anyone doing anything against God. That means all of us.

We all sin. Pride is sin. Jealousy is sin. The means may be different but sin is sin. No one can come to God covered with sin. That is the purpose for Jesus coming to the fallen earth. Hence, God is there for anyone at all. He will come to you if you call on Him. He will take the blinders off your eyes. We all have blinders of various sorts.

I really don’t want to talk about myself here but I feel I am supposed to. One of my closest friends was telling me about a pastor who died of a heroin overdose in a bar with nude dancers. My friend seemed to think how could this man do this? I can’t judge. I feel that my sins, if you want to say that, are as great as anyone’s. My 21 year old son committed suicide. People tell you it is not your fault but it is. Don’t bother telling me it is not. I don’t want to hear it, with all due respect.

I judge no one because I could not keep my son safe. I talk about Moon trine Moon. My son and I had this. The closeness of people with Moon trine Moon is not experienced with any other aspect. You will know if you have had this. I say this to help you understand my relationship with him. I can never judge another person.

People may see my articles on gay marriage and think I am judging. I am not. I am saying what the Bible says. I will go to my death thinking that my sins are as bad as the worst person out there. I say this to someone who thinks that person is him.

I don’t really like to bring up my life because it hurts and I feel bare but I want you to know that you are not alone. You have a friend in me and a place on my website or my Forum. My life is sold out to God. I lost most everything when I lost my son. I was changed forever. The purpose of my life is to make it mean something. My life means something if I can help someone find God.

I got far afield of my topic which is Bible Prophecy. I will continue. People thought Nazi Germany was the worst thing that could happen to the Jewish people. The Bible says otherwise. The Bible says that the WORST thing that will happen to the Jewish people is yet to come. What could it be, I wondered? It is Islam. It is the rise of Islam and all the people that will follow, tacitly or actively. It does not really matter.

Each person will make a choice.Will they follow Islam and the demonic spirit behind it? Will they follow Israel and the true God who exists behind it? This is the decision of the present times. Each man will have to make it. That is what the Bible says.

The New Age people seem to be the most deceived. Maybe, that is why God put me in their midst. One must remember that just a handful of people will find Jesus. The road to God is narrow. The road away from God is broad. Hence, most people won’t find Him. However, for those of us who strive to bring the truth of the true God to them, we get hatred, but nothing compared to what He suffered.



5 thoughts on “Bible Prophecy On the Eve of the New Year

  1. amiannLon Spector

    No, do you have some means to contact him? Actually, people can’t lose their salvation
    in the same way that someone loses an item in a crap game. A person’s salvation comes
    via grace and was purchased through the blood of Christ.
    A person, (IF they persist in active sin) could lose a feeling of connectedness to God,
    like the folks mentioned in the book of Jude and Second Peter. The Holy Spirit can’t
    long abide in people who WILLFULLY SIN.
    Sins are either incidental (unplanned) or deliberate (planned.) As an example: God says
    no sex outside marriage. If a man and woman get caught in a blizzard in their car and
    huddle together for body heat and surcome to temptation that was sin, but unplanned sin.
    If the couple takes it upon themselves to ARRAINGE a lization they have PLANNED it.
    That is a premeditated WILLFUL sin. They didn’t have to do it. They CHOSE to do it.
    That’s why if a man discoverd his wife in bed with another man, it was a crime of passion
    and he would get off. The couple that PLANS the assegnation is the gulity party.

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