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Blunted Empathy —- A Stressed Jupiter

As I do the charts of some sociopaths whom I know, I see that Jupiter is always stressed. One can see the plethora of red lines running to and from Jupiter. Jupiter is the conscience. If the conscience is blunted, one may be impaired in empathy. This seems to be the case. Other factors must play in to the chart of a sociopath. The moon must be stressed. Pluto/Saturn may be in hard aspect. Nessus/ Delaneria/ Ixion and other “dark” asteroids figure prominently, too. I have much to learn but this line of study opens up possibilities for all of us as we are all human, first of all. I must add that no one is fated to be anything when God is in the picture. Every person can become a totally new person by the new birth, being literally born again by faith in Jesus.

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