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Can a Man’s Venus Overcome His Mars Sign?

I can pick out Mars in Scorpio in a man. Mars in Scorpio vibes sex. It can be under a quiet Virgo Sun. In that case, it is like a woman with a hint of black lace slip. It can be under the warm Saggi Sun. In that case, it is under an outgoing, friendly exterior. At any rate, I can feel it in all it’s combinations and permutations. However, in one guy I could not feel it. He had a Scorpio Sun at 29 degrees and a Libra Venus. Libra Venus is ultra refinement. I do not like this Venus because they do get get a down an dirty sense of humor such as has a Gemini Venus.I can get only so close to a Libra Venus because of this. At any rate, this man had a Libra Venus and it masked the Mars in Scorpio, to me. He was one of those people who are gorgeous but not sexy.

My question is “Can the Venus mask the Mars?SW wolf

19 thoughts on “Can a Man’s Venus Overcome His Mars Sign?

  1. amiannEnaid

    Hi Amiann !

    I tend to to think that when Mars or Venus is in his/her sign, it’s more powerful. As long as I am concerned, my Scorpio Mars has the upper hand over my Capricorn Venus.

    What do you think?

  2. amiannEnaid

    LOL. I mean that when Mars is in Scorpio or Aries it is stronger than a Venus in Virgo, Scorpio or Aries. Is that more understandable? And vice versa: When Venus is in Taurus, Libra, it is stronger that Mars in Cancer, Libra or Taurus.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, Enaid

      One would think that based on an intellectual understanding of Mars and Venus but in my real life experience, the Venus can seem to mute the Mars. This surprised me, too. It has been what I have observed, though.

      1. amiannEnaid

        In my case, Scorpio Mars is in constant battle with my Capricorn Venus, because there are both very strong. Mars conjunct Pluton in Scorpio (pure energy) vs. Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (very sensible aspect).

        Btw, I wish you a very merry Chritmas !

    2. amiannLumi

      Well, it is the traditional opinion that planets operate under less stress if in a sign that naturally syncs with their attributes. As in “exalted,” “detriment,” and “fall.” My view isn’t as bleak as the old school was. One example: Marilyn Monroe had Venus in Aries, which is considered detriment position, and traditionally it would be said that her Venus attributes have impaired expression. Which is simply not true for a person some would say is the most beautiful person ever (or, at least at the time.)

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Welcome Lumi
        I have to beg to differ about Marilyn, in that beauty is not represented by Venus in such a linear way. Also, her love life was very hard so Venus in the detriment would seem to fit,too. However, one would need to look at her whole chart to understand her. One could not draw too many conclusions from just a Venus placement is my point.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Very disturbing picture Ami. One of the most in fact. Bear in mind, in real life that
    young lady would be much more threatened by a two-legged animal then a four-legged

  4. amiannLon Spector

    The real wolves don’t attack right off. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Like the
    song, “Hey There Little Red Riding Hood.”

  5. amiannMimi

    Omg lol. I have Mars in Scorpio, and Venus in Libra too! 😛

    I agree that I am not the sexy type of person, people can call me pretty or something like that but never sexy and I don’t want to be sexy either. I know it’s weird.

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