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Can One Change The Outcome of One’s Chart?

girl rainbowMany mothers come to me with the charts of their children. The child may have the hardest aspect which is Dejanira conjunct the Moon, in my opinion. The parent may even bring a Nessus asteroid to the child’s Ascendent. This would show that the mother is very likely to abuse the child. These mothers are very upset and rightfully so. I have not known what to tell them until now when some ideas hit me, as I woke up today.

I will give some personal experiences. I learned about Chiron conj the North Node from a relationship. I was the North Node person. The man was the Chiron. When one first meets, one does not see the pain that is about to come. One does not see the abuse that is about to come. One is in love. When one is in love, one sees with one’s heart. The chart is a function of one’s mind. It is a rational black and white blueprint of what is to come.

In this relationship, it felt familiar. Chiron relationships are nothing else if not feeling  familiar. Nessus relationships are the same way. In the Chiron relationship, you feel as if you found your true soul mate. The reason being that you share pain. One may bring the yin and one may bring the yang but they fit. That is the point. They fit. You have found a home of sorts. The problem is that it is probably your childhood home, repeating. A famous poet said that there is no present and no future, just the past, endlessly repeating. He must have been talking about Chiron relationships.

At any rate, the North Node seems to have a different mechanism for playing out than other aspects. One does not see it until one is well into a relationship. If one is married, one may see it when one is safely ensconced in the marriage, with children and obligations. Hence, when one wakes up to Chiron conj the North Node, it may be too late. In this case, the relationship will have a pain theme. Anything that conjuncts the North Node will be a Theme asteroid. This can be wonderful if you have Juno( devotion and loyalty), Lilith( raw sexuality), Eros( the erotic)Venus( pure love), the Moon( heart), Jupiter( positive feelings and joy)the Child Asteroid( child like love and affection) of Amor( love). I have an article on planets and asteroids conjunct the North Node. I list many there. However, the North Node does not seem to be visible until you are well into a relationship and specifically marriage. There is something very different about marriage than living together. Once that piece of paper is signed, one’s issue seem to flow out like Pandora’s sins. Hence, you may be in a pickle.If one would have a synastry chart done before the marriage, one may not get married. I would not get married with a bad planet or asteroid conjunt the North Node. I would not think I could change it. I simply would not get married.

There are many synastry aspects from which I would run. If I did not run, per se. I would never marry. I will leave synastry for now and go on to the natal charts. In the case of a mother/child synastry, it is not a choice, as is marriage. One loves one’s child, for better or worse. There is no running in this case.  I think the chart will play out, to a degree. However, the mother can lessen the impact with foreknowledge. I don’t think the impact can be extinguished, however. I think if a child has Dejanira conjunct the Moon, there will be severe abuse. If a parent did not do it, then a teacher or a priest may. A mother cannot control all outcomes for her child. However, awareness has to count for something and the chart can bring awareness.

The hardest situation is probably a parent/child with a hard synastry. If one knows Astrology, one can see the chart play our before one’s eyes and one is somewhat helpless to change it. I think the hope is in the word “somewhat”. If one has been given the gift of Astrology, one was given it with a purpose. The purpose is to understand one’s life. Hence, one has the best possible tool for making a bad situation lessen. I wish that for all the parents who have hard charts with their children.

Let’s talk about one’s natal chart before we leave the subject. I don’t think the chart can be changed by natural means. I think only God can change the chart. God is in the realm of the spirit. The chart is in the realm of the material. The spiritual is the father and creator of the material and so can trump the material. My caveat( which you probably know by now) is that I believe the only true power is found in Jesus and God, not any other spiritual discipline or any other religion. I have seen lives changed by Jesus. These have been true, deep down,soul changes. I have not seen that with anything else. I have seen superficial changes only. The heart remains the same.

That is all for now. I am sure I will get comments of disagreement but that is cool. Gemini is all about free discussion 😀



30 thoughts on “Can One Change The Outcome of One’s Chart?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    The two best songs about the proper response to disagreements are
    “We Can Work It Out,” by the Beatles, and “We Just Disagree,” by Dave
    If only people could live according to those songs, then the “Diss” could be
    taken out of disagreement!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok say we become friends and my Psyche conj your Deja/Moon. I will understand you without your needing to speak. I will understand your heart and your pain.

  2. amiannTiff

    That was a perfect analogy, thank you. Now let’s say your Venus is in Taurus and your mars is in Scorpio squaring my moon/deja?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      If my Mars squared your Moon, I would feel contentious with you and maybe pick fights. If it was my venus, I may not like how you expressed your emotions. It would not appeal to me. Maybe, I would think you were whiny or garish etc

  3. amiannTiff

    I thought expression was mercury. I have moon square mercury and my mercury in synastry is conjunct their mars so would it still feel or be expressed the same?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, the moon is one’s core self, like deep emotions. Mercury is the mind. I would think a mars square moon may be the mars person picking at the core of the moon person. With mercury, it may not be as deep and as cutting as to the Moon.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Your Merc conj his Mars may make for fights about more petty things than if it were Mars conj the Moon where the fights may be more cutting and deeply wounding.

  4. amiannTiff

    I suppose it would fit for him. For some reason I can’t get passed the feelings I have for him. At times I feel we are telepathically in tune and I can’t help the feelings I have for him. We are divorced and I still love him as if nothing tragic ever happened between us. Not sure why I feel this way. I wish the feelings would just disappear. I hate waking up and thinking about him. Sometimes I wish I could burn the memories that flood my mind.

  5. amiannMimi

    Hey @Amiann 🙂

    What does it mean when the asteroids dejanira and lucifer are tightly conjunct in the same degree and then conjunct to my mars from about 2-3 degrees? My mars is in 13 degrees scorpio and both dejanira and lucifer are in 11 degree. It is in scorpio, 8th house. The aspects these three planets/asteroids make together is:

    Trine with my ascendant, square with my jupiter, and sextile with my sun.

    Thanks xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Mimi

      Well, I would say that you may not feel empowered to go after your goals. Also, you may not want to bend your knee and humble yourself to God. Does these fit?

  6. amiannSarah

    Hello Amiann !

    I loved that article. My former 9 year “love” relationship had a chiron/northnode conjunction. I was the North Node. And I did suffer throughout that relationship experiencing a kind of annihilation of many parts of me. But I can remember a “voice” very gentle that told me few days after our “soulmate” relationship started that it was not meant to last.
    And I thought it was my fears.
    But 9 year later, I finally gave up fighting the fact I needed to save myself and get out of the hell. We didn’t marry but we lived together for 7 years. I started to be the target of “psychic/paranormal attacks” being with him – things I never experienced before, being constantly ill but nothing doctors could find the cause, losing sight of my purpose on earth etc…and our relationship ended badly after I decided to quit. He asked me to marry him, telling me it will be for our best but I refused and he became abusive. I remember a healer told me I dealt with true evil. Then I discovered he had Algol conjunct North Node natally. I was quite devoted as my Juno conjuncted his Moon. Anyway I am with another man who went through hard time with me when my ex didn’t want to let me go. We saw the ugly part of each other and we could have decided to separate but we stayed with each other knowing the challenge it would mean sometimes because we deeply feel that unconditional love for each other. We are not afraid of the dark. What I can tell from my experience is that you can avoid the negative/dark dimension of your chart, if you lead a life in alignment with the Divine ; it will protect you from triggering the bad. It’s something I hope to teach my daughter. I’m not yet 30 but I went through a lot and I learned that even though you cannot change your chart, what is written in the stars are potentials – bad and good – and you can live the best by remaining aware of how you lead your life and where you place your heart. Love

  7. amiannLon Spector

    Why did you not respond to the above posting? Don’t you think she
    would have wanted a sentence or two of affamation? What she wrote
    was very well written, and I think she would have appreciated feedback.
    As for my above statement about “them getting to you,” I was refering to my
    12th house “hidden enemies” who, I am sure are attempting to undermine
    your opinion of me even as we speak, and are encouraging you to drop me
    like a bad cold!

  8. amiannLon Spector

    I don’t go on the forum anymore. I destroyed my password and don’t want to
    go to the trouble of making up a new one.
    The forum is Padre’s domain. He contributes much there. But I can’t handal the
    “sex angle.” I have absolutely nothing to contribute THERE, and also Padre’s
    and my theology differ. No one would respond to me there. With the acception
    of catman, there minds are mostly on who there next bed mates will be!

  9. amiannLon Spector

    I have a great many simulariets to catman, but I think I upset him as
    well on ocassion. It’s very difficult to see how a person can excrecate
    themselves from a deep rut that they get into.
    You’ve got to move fast. The more you linger, the deeper the rut becomes,
    and the more insurmountable it becomes. You get only one life, so you have
    to see how urgent it is to get going. Nothing is more tragic then to come to the end
    of your life and find it was ALL for naught!

  10. amiannLon Spector

    We ARE social beings, and the majority of the people we socialize with are
    not Christian. So, if we want to retain their friendship, we have to compromise
    our integerity.
    Plenty of people act against their better judgement. You have to survive.
    Then we make justifications for our cop outs.
    It’s very difficult to muster the degree of faith that Abraham, who heard the
    voice of God, and left his world or Noah who built his arc when there wasn’t
    a cloud in the sky. That’s why I believe that God had to give them an added

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