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Can You Hate Israel and Be a True Christian?

The politically correct mantra for people who hate Jews is,” I like Jews.I hate Israel” This does not fly, as it is doublespeak for someone who does not want to come out and say he hates Jews, outright. It looks bad. The Bible tells us that Jerusalem will be a point of contention, in the last days, over which each and every person will trip. The Bible holds each person accountable for a choice, in the last days. Are you on the side of Ishmael or Isaac? There is no middle ground. There is no weenie out position, such as you like Jews, but hate Israel. That is a man made deception. That will not fly when you face the God of all power and all wisdom. You may fool your friends, but you don’t fool Him.

At any rate, I have the pleasure (cough) of running into these kinds of so-called Christians who have the above mentioned ideology. The larger issue is the spiritual battle between the sons of Ishmael and the sons of Isaac. The Bible is the owners manual for man. If someone rejects one’s owners manual, it does not mean it is not true. One can reject the notion that there is an engine in one’s car, but it is still there.

I do not think one can be a true Christian and hate Israel. I will explain why. When one gets saved, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside one. God loves Israel as his precious Chosen People. All true Christians will have a heart change, if the Holy Spirit came to live inside them.One such example is Walid Shoebat, an Arab, who used to have a visceral hatred for Jews . His ministry, now, is to show love to Israel and the Jewish people.

The Bible is a Jewish Book written by Jews and is Israel- centric. In other words, all world wide events are talked about, as if one is centered in Israel. Other countries are identified by their geographical relationship to Israel. Russia is described as that that country whose capital is due north of Israel. This extends to all countries.

Hence, one cannot throw away the Jews and love the greatest Jew of all times—Jesus. A man can fool himself into thinking he can do this, but the Bible talks about a false group of people who call themselves Christians. Some may appear as if they have the outer demeanor of a true Christian, but there will not be a true heart change. Some of these people are obvious to spot. Others are not. That is why the parable of the wheat and the tares tells us that Jesus will separate the true from the false, at the day of Judgement.

For us, now, we need to study, watch and stay aware. Most especially, we need to study the Bible for ourselves, as men are sheep. No one likes to think of himself as a sheep, but God likens us to sheep, as sheep cannot think for themselves and are easily led astray. That is why the Bible must be your guidebook for life, not man, any man.






2 thoughts on “Can You Hate Israel and Be a True Christian?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, I am not confusing it. Israel is Israel, to tell the story in one sentence.
      If you would like to discuss it, I have a Bible Forum. One reason I did my Forum was to discuss things like this without Anti Semites coming out of the woodwork 😛

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