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Capricorn Sun–Dedicated to Randall

Capricorn Sun is unique in many ways. It may have the strongest shoulder in the Zodiac. It has an ear and a shoulder for which the weaker signs in the Zodiac can rest. Capricorn Suns may not have been allowed to be children. This Sun Sign may have been forced to grow up early. As such , they may appear serious. However, they have a wit which comes out at times at which you least expect. Capricorn values things which are timeless whether in things like antiques or in the type of person to whom they will associate. They value character, most of all. Capricorn Suns will not settle for someone who does not hold themselves to a high standard. If you want a Capricorn mate, keep that in mind and aspire to the most in yourself. Capricorns are not afraid of hard work. As such,many are very successful, but it has not been handed to them. They will persevere while weaker or lesser signs will have given up long ago. If you want a Capricorn Sun friend, you must be worthy of it, but it is a worthy endeavor.

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